reaction to all this consummation madness

Isn’t time to say I have enough?
I find it so strange that we still have ‘black friday’ ‘summer sales’  ‘christmas sales’ ‘singles day’ ‘mid season sale’
Vulgar shopping days – which trick us to overuse – resolve each other. After this Black Friday we all shop like crazy in order to give away stuff for Christmas and the day after christmas eve:
Christmas trade begins – which is expected to hit new record in Sweden with 79.7 billion kronor spent.
79.7 billion!

I’ve gotten texts and emails regarding the ‘black friday sale’ for days.
I can scroll by and delete, which I do.
But wanted to share how I feel about it all. It certainly makes me sick.

It’s time to re think. This week I’m gonna focus on giving more than usual, I wanna help others in need. Gonna go through my wardrobe and rinse out once again. Even thou I’ve done that for the past 6 months, sure there’s more to give. Food wise, we have enough to make meals for each day without ‘buying’ lots more.

If you have the need to spend money, please invest in planting a tree, that truly makes a change.
Here’s a link to Läkarmissionen. 50 sek will last to plant 10 trees. Amazing right!?





Throwback 13 weeks


When I thought I was getting a ‘bump’ in August it was just a tiny one, if you compare to now.

It’s a little bit harder to come up from the sofa, or in the mornings when I wake up.

This photo is taken 10th of August. I’m in week 23.

Just after the way out west festival, I remember how much the baby was kicking during the shows.
Music seems to create a lot of movements.

The picture below is the last day of week 36.
Mama bear is feeling heavy, not so flexible doing my yoga anymore but I’m gonna continue cause it’s so good, gives me a strong mind.

Now I’m off to see the accountant, just finished all paperwork. Some more is coming for december but feeling so relieved now when I’m all done up till now. YAY!

15th of November I’ll be spending all afternoon at FGL Store.
Hope to see you.




Hi peeps,

12th of November meaning 1 month till due date.
I’m slowing down for sure, had to say no to few jobs.
It’s  enough to focus on FGL and the things we have going around that, these weeks before christmas is usually our busiest.

The freedom you have while working online is that you could be in your pyjama from home, if you want to!
Emails, whats app, social media could be run from anywhere.
Which could also mean you could work while being in the car going somewhere, if someone is driving.
My boyfriend thinks I’m the most anti social person ever in the car, agreed.
To sort out emails, answering dm’s reading updates from India or whatever that could,
It feels like you are on step ahead if you get that done. Like a reward, atleast it is for me. Feels like I’m saving some time.

But if you really think of it, that’s time taken from my social life,  I could talk about life with my man! Bloody hell mate, when did I become like this?
The more I think of it, – is this really to have a ‘free life’

I can work whilst being on my holiday.
I can even answer email or comments on IG whilst being in the bathroom. The list could go on.

It’s important to separate private time and work hours.
Time spent on the phone easily becomes hours.

Lately I felt a need to get more structure around it all.

Don’t get me wrong I love what I do, perhaps a bit too much.
That’s why it’s so easy to work away as well.
With some structure built up around it, freedom awaits as the reward.
I use my email to save up the pictures with belonging content.

But today downloaded an app that I can buffer posts, chose time for posting and in that way
I think you get more time left over.
It’s very easy to get ‘caught’  due to all the fun inspiration, talking to people and so on.

You can set a timer on your phone when it comes to usage, the amount of time you think you want to spend on each app . You can also lock all apps between certain time.
My phone is locked 19-07.
The struggle is real.

Watch this ted talk, I found that very interesting.

Let me know how you feel about ‘screen time’ maybe you have some tips regarding it, hit me up!




Week 35 preggers.

  • Hormones are high and low. jes!
    It’s easy to feel a bit lonely, don’t know why but thoughts and emotions come at me at as snow boll, straight in my stomache. Boom, here you go lady! Oh sweet thanks. ;/
    Sometimes I wonder why Jake don’t ask more about it all?
    But how can he know of all the emotions I’m going through.There is like a million thoughts a minute.
    If you are a ”soon to be dad”  there can never be to many hugs. Just be extra freaking amazing ok?
    Emotions are like the worst roller coaster ride for your lady  so just check in every minute ok? hahah!
    – I know I speak for all ladies out there with a bump.

  • Over all I’m still going strong. I can’t do to 8h work days no more, 4h is enough.
    My head and body gets pretty tired. I was at FGL Store on Saturday and luckily I had Lizette by my side, it was very busy. Talking to a lot of people and running around on concrete floor isn’t great. We did 6.5h and I felt tired..but it’s so much fun.
    Slept like a baby in the sofa on my Sunday ..
    Less work,  more rest from now on.

  • I gained 10kg which isn’t much at all, feel ‘big’ enough when getting up in the mornings. Especially after yoga too. Stiff like a fridge, (weird saying in Sweden)
  • I love fruit more than ever before. Glad that’s my craving.
  • I bought one pair of mama jeans, I guess my wardrobe is a bit ‘oversized’ so that’s good.
  •  I do yoga and breath work daily . I hope this will help me a lot through birth. Strong mind so far,
    will see how I will react during labour, but hopefully with deep breathing  I manage to control some of the pain.
    I’m excited for the next step – to enjoy my super strenght and bring a baby to this world.
    Will be the most powerful thing ever.
  • Have never been so excited for christmas before, baby brain delux. Time to decorate, it’s november so it’s not toooo early. (says only me)
  • We bought a pram and the rest.I did a Q&A on my instagram yesterday and I’m overwhelmed by the response, so many of you got involved. That is so much fun.



Things to look forward to

Hi team,

Just thought I make a quick update about what’s going on in Lovely FGL Store right now.

-Today our campaign ends – on our most sold dresses. Worth checking out. 

If you thinking about christmas gifts already I know a workshop with Lisa Burenius would be a great experience to give someone you love. That includes yourself as well!
A creative afternoon together with us in FGL, you get to paint without no rules. If you think of it, we as grown ups never do stuff where it’s ok to just let go of all expectasions.

Lisa guides you through how to become a artist. It’s something special when you can be creative,
just be yourself and go with the flow. Such an inspiring afternoon together.

We have had this work shop for four occassions and it has given me so much joy each time.


Another thing I want to share with you is our Utbildningsdag, a day full of insights.

Kristin and I share our story on how we built our buisness together. 5 years as we speak.
We started out as a pop up shop just before christmas in 2013. But it sure has been more than a pop up.

We have invited lecturer Emma Gunnarsson from Finnveden Säljkraft,
Emma Gunnarsson is an inspiring and great lecturer who will tell you about the different personality types found in society.
She gives knowledge and lots of energy and makes you  think about how you can handle different personality types. Emma also works as a moderator throughout the day.

Hanna Wendelbo is a designer with special expertise in pattern design, she will share how she works and she has a lot of experience from years back, “high and lows” and how to became better in what you do.

We will have plenty of time for smaller and larger discussion groups, work around specific topics and by the end of the day we will have a dinner together. I’ll promise you won’t regret this day, it’s so for filling, many of us in this industry work mostly on our own – get together with likeminded souls is so good.

If you work with social media today and want to join us for this day – press here. Few spots left!

Now it’s time for a Sunday in the sunshine. Enjoy!