Right now

Let me give you a tour of our project(s) right now…

Welcome to us, the super busy family on Mossvägen.
It’s rather full-on these days, just how we like it. House has to be liveable within the next two weeks as we are moving in! At the same time the caravan must be ready, as we will be opening soon after Swedish midsummer.

But all is possible, once you put your mind to it. Trust me.

Jake spent his Friday spray painting our beautiful skirtings, luckily the sun was shinning.

Today he started his new project…the 1966 caravan.

We are so happy and grateful Jake’s dad is here to lend us a hand for two weeks.
Couldn’t be a better timing, hopefully the first floor of our house will be ready for the three of us. So thank you so much for helping, can’t thank you enough Marc!

Very pleased with the ‘grey/beige’ colour on the panel, feels spot on already. Eeeeeeeks! Super excited for all that’s coming, feels like home already.

The original interior and walls were ripped out just before I left so things are moving forward that’s for sure.

Here is a sneak peak of the paint…
Looks ready for milkshakes already. Perfect for the van, indeed.



Kärleksparken in Varberg

hey hey hey!
I need to share a small secret with you. It’s about my better half
Jake. My amazing multi talented man.

There’s not much he can’t do. From building a house to cooking our food.
Sometimes he watches Youtube to learn a new skill or find inspiration for ideas he’s thought of.
For example, towards the end of last summer we bought a bee hive.

A bee community is something Jacob has always dreamt of having, so many hours spent researching on youtube and a day later we had hives placed in the garden.
Jake has always keep pretty busy and I love that.
Different projects here and there, one after another. No dreams are too big.

Talking about dreams, when we lived in Australia a few years ago we spoke about buying a van to drive around Australia…
Make a mobile coffee shop and work where we wanted too.
Since I have been a chef for 15 years and Jake is a great builder and electrician it didn’t feel so far out of reach.

But we moved back to Sweden, and have been here for 6 years now.
With this dream still lurking in the back of our minds, and the lovely location in Varberg called Kärleksparken being free this year (since dear Malin has chose not to keep her Juice & yoga there) Jake felt he wanted to give the Café dream a go.
Said and done.
Caravan found on Blocket. Few calls to the council, police and anyone interested. Papers signed. DONE.

Now it’s the part of getting the van ready within two weeks. EEEEEEEKK.
Tomorrow the renovation will begin and we hope to keep you up to date on our journey, every step of the way. Everything is going to be changed inside, outside.

This is such a fun project and I’m so proud of my Jake!
He always says in Sweden you can barely buy any good milkshakes. In Australia & in England you can get them everywhere. So Milkshakes will definitely be on the menu.

Juices, smoothies, soup and panini, oh & Fika obviously.
Hope you will join us on this journey. We will update daily, before and after how the renovation goes.
We will start the transformation on Friday the 14th of June.

So please say hi to the new, or oldie from 1966.

Farfars Lycka in Kärleksparken.
Instagram: @farfarslycka

For you who havn’t visited the park in Varberg before it’s located just by the water front.


Summer house lovin’

Mr Finn is loving a bath nowadays. In Bristol we went twice for baby swims and after those times Finn is rather confident being in the water.

It’s very easy to have a bath in the kitchen sink.
He likes that much better than the thing we bought for him to go in the bath.
Our little boy is growing fast. 5.5 months already! stop the time please!

This picture though, he is so pleased being in there. Such a little munchkin.

He was so cuddly after last nights swim, usually he have 200 % energy.

In the photo above you can see my new tattoo. Tiny one, I just had to add this to my collection!

It’s not the best focus on this photo but I liked it anyway.
Baby feet can be the cutest.

We lived in our summer house for 5 weeks already and we really enjoys it out here. We have a fox that comes for a visit every night
( I give him left overs ). Don’t know if that’s good or not, hopefully we save a cat or two cause this fella seems hungry.

Few times a day the fasan comes for a visit as well. A very proud and pretty male, he’s looking for a misses but no luck just yet. He surely let us know he’s around, jieses he’s loud!

Sanddamm is a beautiful place indeed.

far between..

It’s far between the updates nowadays. I feel I don’t have enough time, being a mom, working with my two buisnesses, organizing stuff for the on going renovation & life. Little bit too much going on perhaps. So the blog is not updated as much as I would like too.
In a couple of weeks time it will be less on my todo list for sure.

Just got back from a week in Bristol, England. OMG, we soo needed a getaway. Finn met friends and family for the first time too, I only wish we had a few weeks more.

For every time we go over to Bristol I like it more and more. The city reminds me about Berlin in so many ways .
I just wish my camera had battery more than the first day over there.. hahaha!
So I have to share some photos from my phone.

Jake & I had a night out just the two of us, he surprised me with tickets to Matilda the musical. Lovely night! Well needed.

I treated myself with some new ink, very long time ago I had a tattoo done so that was fun!
Everyday it was lots of time with the family and friends.
Not spoilt with having so much quality time with loved ones.

more of that please!

English country side. Houses are so beautiful.

Our week went by so quick and it’s always sad to say good bye but already next week Jakes dad is coming to Sweden for 14 days.

More updates on my instagram right now so if you don’t follow me there you find me at mirandarebecca.


Getting there

We left Sweden when the lilacs where in full bloom.
And when the tiles in the bathroom where up on the walls.

Kitchen is going up by this week as we speak.

When we get back home we’ll order the bench top. Small steps each day, by midsummer we’re planing to move in. (Upstairs will still be a mess)

For the entrence we’re thinking the wallpaper Nocturne from Boråstapeter and to paint the window & lists dark grey.

Our hens always gets upset when we go away for a while. Especially now as they have a new place to get used to.

The day before we left I did a job for Lindemans non alcoholic wines.
Mary & I had a lovely lunch together sat in the green house.

Like always when we go somewhere, the days before gets rather hectic. So much to do in order to go away. I think both Jake and I are kinda optimistic as well. But! we were packed and ready the night before. Puh!

You see our latest project in the picture above, but more about that next time.
Till then –
Enjoy your days.