Hello & welcome to me!

I love my Monday mornings cause I start my day with updating my Instagram saying
-Hello & welcome to me, I’m Mir. What’s your name? & where are you from?
Comment below.

All the hello’s from all over the world makes my so happy and excited. Some days I’m so fed up with the shallow side of social media. This is just the opposite though, a smile and a hello. I truly love it. I need to feel and be inpired and this really puts a smile on my face, Thanks for effort !

What’s happening this week is:

  • two collaborations needs to be approved before Wednesday night.
  • Decide the autumn collection for FGL Store.

Thursday: Flying to England for a wedding, next stop after that: Spain.

A holiday has never felt so welcome as now. Time for time out.




I can’t say anything bad when regarding my week. It has been perfect.
Like a sweet mix of everything.
– Time spent with dear friends over long cups of coffee.

– Kristin and I have been busy working with FGL this week as we have so much news and those orders are coming in like crazy! Even managed time for an extra photo shoot for a very exciting collaboration which is coming this June. Fun!

Besides all this I have been cleaning like a mad women (according to me, because I never have time to clean usually). But this week has been so good, rinsing every corner of our house, some old favourites are up for sale on Tradera actually. Recently sold my peacock chair and our blue velvet sofa! Happy days.

– Spent every night in the garden too.
Thursday night our boat came alive, after 25 years being on dry land, that made us super excited for this summer. Time spent on the ocean is never a waste!

What makes this week extra special is the sunshine and the heat. I love it so much.

Spending my Saturday in FGL Store, so come and visit me please. Store is open between 11-15 but we might have to shut down a bit earlier due to our workshop that starts at 15 o’clock.


Thanks! Enjoy your weekend.


Lemon Ice Tea

I wanted to share my friends recipe on a great Lemon Ice Tea.
No sugar addded. That’s great is’nt!?

Everyone has a lot of Mint in their gardens right now so it’s perfect.

Lemon Mint Ice Tea. 1 liter

2x tablespoons solved  any taste Earl Gray or Green Tea. Tea bags works fine.
1x liter hot water
2x lemons, juice from 1 and slices from 1
2x tablespoons honey

Like this:
Let tea leaves / bags drain into the water for a maximum of 5 minutes. Swipe off (never squeeze the tea bag – please give a nice taste)
Taste it. Maybe it needs more honey? Up to you.

Let cool and serve with ice, mint and lemon slices.

Voila’ I added frozen rasberries..




A while ago I teamed up with the brand Holdit.

Holdit, according to me, offer the best iPhone cases on the market. Their office is located here, in Varberg, it has one of the best ‘work balconies’ in Varberg. With such a beautiful view. I’ll show you next time I’m in there.

From our first meeting I felt really inspired by all the work that it is behind a single product – like a case. The design team are in the same office and the designs are created here, thats cool. One of my favourite products is the 2M charging cable, robust for everyday use and very handy!

”In 2007 Apple launched the iPhone and completely changed our relationship to smartphones, the Internet and how we interact with others. The standard mobile phone became smart and a natural part of daily life. This is what gave birth to Holdit – to simplify our digital life and introduce a touch of personality. Thanks to carefully selected suppliers and designers and relying on efficient logistic solutions, Holdit offers a range with continuous product updates that respect the user requirements on design and function”

True, Smartphones are here to stay and people will always need a case for protection but also like  ”jewellery” to their phone . It’s always fun to style your phone with a nice looking case isn’t?

Right now I use the Paris Tropicat.

This update is a payed collaboration between Holdit & Miranda Rebecca.


Thanks M x


Food and boats

Sweden havn’t been this warm since the spring in 1977 someone said. We have been spending our days in the garden, at the sea and finally finishing our deck at the front. It’s incredible such energy you get from days like these.

We went to my favourite island north of Bua – Nordsten. It was full in bloom. So beautiful!
The birds were busy laying on their eggs, so we were not alone.

My first veggie sausage. Not to bad.

And old friend of mine so texted the other day and was asking me to share my recipes here on the blog . I can surely do that but for your notice I might not have the correct measurements of everything. Hope it will give you an idea anyway.

Zucchini patties.

1-2 carrots
1 zucchini
1 halloumi cheese
Grate these – roughly size.

1/3 of an leek
1 red pepper – chop these up.
1 dl boiled quinoa

In a bowl: 2 eggs with 0.75 dl flour whisk this together.
Put everything in the bowl let it sit for 10 minutes.
Salt + Pepper.

I served this with a kale salad.

Apple chunks
Thinly cut red onion.

Think you should make a Cole slow with this as well ! Good luck.



The summer has arrived

Let me share some photos from our day yesterday. We spent most of it out in the sun.
Family Inglund took us out for a trip to one of the islands near by. Such a perfect day.

Life with a boat is so much better. This is how I spent my summers when I was a child to. We were always out on the islands. Fishing crabs, collecting wood for the bon fire, catching some mackerel for the dinner etc etc.

Talk about a relaxed body and mind after a day out on the sea!
Can’t wait to get our boat fixed now. A part needs to be changed and hopefully we’ll be out and about as much as we can this summer.

Måns wanna visit England now since he found out that in England you eat sandwiches with chips inside – Jake don’t teach him your naughty food habits. (Very wierd for a Swede to mix Chips with your lunch, big nono ! Sounds dreamy in Måns ears thou )

Lollo cooked us lunch and afters, 2 course meal on an island is not the baddest. A day to save in the heart for a long long time.

Thank you so much for sharing your day with us.



Hello and good morning!

Talk about boiling hot days in Sweden right now. +25 and more I’d say. Everyone walks around with big smiles. Such a change. Some sunshine is what we all needed.

What I wanted to share today was little bit regarding our website FGL Store. Have you visited before? If no, you should.

It’s a little more than just a shop accually. We share our FGL happenings under Stories.  You can read updates with recipes or see ‘behind the scenes’ pictures while shooting new products to mention few..

The latest update were about our events we had these past months.
Next one up is Workshop with Lisa Burenius.  This will be the last event before summer comes.  It has been very popular and it’s only few spots left. If you would like to join in make sure to book a ticket here. Come alone or bring a friend.

Looking forward to the 19th of May. Hope to see you there.



This update contains commercial for FGL Store.



The other week I met up with my friend Jennie, aka Kollijox the artist.
I think many of you might know of her.
The most colourful person I know. And so talented. And lovely. Always get very inspired by her.

They live in the city center of Varberg and. It´s a ‘funkis’ vila. Like a box shaped house. Now I wonder why I ddn’t thought of taking any photos of the exterior.. next time!

She just painted her kitchen mint green and livingroom dusty pink. Just what we swedes need, some colour! Be bold it’s fun.

Creative people always inspires me the most. Things in every corner. Like small little things.
Like an extra spice is to your food basically.


Here is the other side of her kitchen.

A livingroom in pink is never boring is it?!

The Hulk asks if you have a bad eye sight since you ‘piss next to the toilet’ maybe its not the eye, it could be your bent knob too.. I mean WHY NOT! this makes me so happy.

Jills bed room. Also by Kollijox art.

Zeke the dog joined us for a walk in the forest later on. It’s not a secret, Zeke is her little baby boy.

Jennie is not only a skilled artist, she is a master of creating gardens too.
She said she will have an exhibition in her green house: 10-11th of May. Between 11-17 o’clock.Don’t miss out!
A lot of great things will be for sale.

I need to come back again to take many more photos.. this was only few % of their house..

Thanks Jennie, you are awesome in every way possible!


The start of a new week

A new week started and my day has been rather productive. Full with fun things!
Me & Kristin started with a phone meeting with a potential partner. Very exciting.

We recieved new dresses in four new colours.

Right now you can help to pick a name for the new design – Right here!
If you leave a suggestion you have the chance to win a dress, well worth it!
Do it before tomorrow night.


I think this Monday has been the hottest in Sweden this year, +22 degress. Wowza!
The whole week is looking mighty fine for a lot of sunshine. I like!

Tuesday: Will be spent in Bua. I’m gonna prepare few updates here on the blog. Shooting some pictures for collaborations I’m doing this month. That’s really one of the best things with being your own – When you can use your home as your office.

Wednesday: I’m working in FGL Store 16-18 o’clock. After closing time me and Kristin will have a sunset shoot – Lots of products coming in every week now so we better be productive, especially when weather is like this!

Thursday: Fingers crossed that our boat is ready for it’s first adventure! It’s public holiday so we thought we could spend the day out on the sea.

Friday: Not sure yet how my day will look like. Depends on how productive I am in the start of the week.

Saturday: Working at FGL Store. Yay!

Sunday: All day off. 

I will end this day with a power walk and tea in my green house.

Good luck with pick a name for the dress! Looking forward to see your suggestions..









What a lovely Sunday. Started my morning in Gothenburg with my hair dresser, Ida, in her saloon Bonbon.
They had a lecture in colours and I was invited to be the model. How lucky!

Ida co-owns two saloons in Gothenburg, called Bonbon.
Eleven hair dressers work across the two places. I always leave with the biggest of smiles and the blondest of hair.
Scwarzkopf products = miracles. I use the ‘Blondme’ products.

This is the before picture.

Rebecca & Ida are working together and talking through the whole process. That’s why I really enjoy being a model on days like these, hair dresser language is hard, fast, but very interesting. They always speak in numbers …
8-11.6 together 6.46 yadaayada.
(This is not the correct mix, I made that up, but it really is like Greek!)

I always take a full bleach as a start.

This is my favourite part – rinse out massage. T R E A T.
After this they put a toner in – I always go for a cold colour.

2.5h later my hair looked like this.

Thank you very much. My hair is alive again after a looong dark winter.