Crashcourse with Martin

Me & Finn took the train to Gothenburg and met up with
Johanna Jennie & Marlene. We were going to Martins course later in the afternoon so we decieded to meet up earlier in the day.

Palmhuset i GBG. such a beautiful place. A must visit ! Right now lots of flowers were in bloom to.

It was 23 degrees and very hot for the first time.
Jennie travelled all the way from Örnsköldsvik and I think they just got rid of their snow!
Always inspiring meeting up with collegues since we all work ‘alone’ – Behind a screen everyday.
But like always there’s not enough time, it’s to much to talk about.
All of a sudden the clock was almost 4 so we had to leave.

Martin invited us couple weeks ago and I felt straight away I needed to join in. Learning more about social media are always good! I feel lost sometimes when it comes to Instagram, right and wrongs, likes, no likes and so on. Puhu!

3 hours of inspiration. Lots of new inputs and do’s and don’ts. If you work with social media I really think you should book yourself in on a course.

To grow your social media, be active, like & comment always and use your platform everyday.

Thank you so much for our afternoon together!

Off course, there’s always time for a 3selfie!

Finn was so happy through the event. Made me so happy!
He’s so curious and stayed awake almost the whole time.
Not so quiet in the car home tho..

When at home the sky was on fire and I think we might see some sun tomorrow as well.

the start and the reason why.


Yesterday Kristin & I had a lecture with many many talented woman at FGL Store.
There was a lot of questions and great topics that we talked about all day.
All of us shared our own stories, our reasons why.

In this post I would like to share my reason and how it all began. – My start with my Instagram and slowly growing an idea into a  buisness.

2011 – I moved to Australia Sydney on my own. My biggest adventure ever.
I did it all on my own. One day I had enough, so I booked a one way ticket,
5 weeks later I lived on Fletcher street in Bondi. Best decision ever acually.

I had a blog back then and I shared my thoughts and things from my everyday life. As many people did in 2008.

I always enjoyed speaking my truth and just to get things out my chest. Hopefully I could inspired some with something,  but I mostly done it as a journal.
2011 I started with a thing called Instagram.
My personal photo album, it was great. I could save my photos as a memory from my adventures. Back then I was loving Hipstamatic too, anyone remember that?
you could add great frames and make the photos look a bit old etc etc… hahaha!

My instagram account grow slowly, it was fun to share my pictures from Australia, due to the most beautiful country ever.
I was travelling a lot to Asia, especially Phi Phi island in Thailand and Bangkok.

Night markets has always been my absolute favourite. Finding bits and bobs here and there.
I think with my life style and travelling the world I started to inspire people in a way. Got more and more questions about my clothes, sharing tips of places I’ve been.

This interest became bigger and bigger and all of a sudden I was sending Harem pants back home to Sweden, it was so much fun to hand pick beautiful pants and share some of my experiences from my favourite city Bangkok.
I even had my own # back then #mirandasinstabyxor.  And this is how it all began.

When moving back home to Sweden I shipped home 300 pants.
People thought I was insane.
I sat outside my apartment on Sunday afternoons selling pants in the grass,
I wrote on my Instagram that if anyone wanted to come by I’m there.

This is 2012.
I was in Sweden for a few months working as a chef at Stadshotellet, Varberg.
A spa hotel. Full with Yoga teachers.
The interest of the pants were popular!
Lots of my colleagues bought my pants. And a very special lady Kristin was one of them. 

We never met in real life – but we shortly did just after this.
I shared our story before how it all started between us, read here.

The pants sold out – luckily I had friends who where in Bangkok and I gave them my contact to buy me so more pants.

I remember the surfer shop in Varberg wanted to buy all my pants and sell them in their shop, but I held on to my idea that I could do it through my Instagram. I enjoyed being in contact with the people who bought the pants.

Back to my thing working with social media, I started it cause I wanted to save my photos in one place. I always loved taking photos.
Since I ddn’t blog so much anymore I found IG much easier to use.
My red thread through it all have always been to inspire and share my journey.
I do like to be private even if I do it as my full time job now, that’s me.
I try to have a balance with some work, some private thoughts, my everyday life.
You can read a lot about FGL store, take part of all we do really.
The beauty with being an influencer is that it’s no rules.
You could do it your own way I believe. – Do what’s right for you.

What I wanna say as well that meeting people is incredible, where it can take you – you never know.
Working with Kristin in the hotel, started out as a fun creative friendship. She asked to take photos of me and we had fun that whole summer.

From my old blog. It’s a dialog between me and Kristin above.

We both were inspired each other & we lived very different lives.
I was free as a bird travelling the world – she was a mother of 3 kids and married. She had the security I was longing for sometimes, and I know Kristin wanted to travel and explore more too..

I left that fall for another adventure down in Australia Sydney.  Because of Love. Earlier that year I met this wonderful guy I couldn’t stop thinking about.
So I bought a one way ticket.
In fact on this very day it’s exactly 6 years ago I landed in Sydney.

and right now Jake and I expecting our first baby in December.

Life is truly special. Believe in your dreams, do what makes you happy.
Be scared and do it anyway.