Our midsummer

Here it is. Our caravan.

Weather has been kind lately and that really makes things much easier for us. Jake is such a champion, he can do anything! Look at this for a transformation.

Farfars Lycka…. is now…. pink and beige.

Whilst all this has been happening, Marc, Jakes dad is helping renovate our new house. Can’t wait to show you guys how far we’ve come.

Midsummer weekend crept up and we spent the evening at Mia & Olof’s place. We had all sorts of weather last night, rain, sun, rain and strong winds all at one stage, 10 people had to hold the tent in down!

Midsummer is not midsummer without the bad weather in my opinion.

We played games and a music quiz, enjoyed a bbq and lots of delicious cake!

Today I opened a midsummer present, Finn received a whole box full of porridge from Alex&Phil. What a pleasant surprise! I have been thinking of these for a while and there they were. He had his first taste this afternoon and it was a huge success.
He loved holding onto the tube, just like that our little boy is not so little anymore.

Midsummer day has been fun due to the big changes on the van.

Dad came just in time for the first cup of coffee.

see how happy he is! 100% approved. Puhu!

Luckily we had some old fine wallpaper left over, just what the caravan needed.
Jake said earlier, everything about this caravan is recycled accept for the paint.
Pretty good right?

This project is probably the most crazy one we’ve ever done. With timing and other projects going it has certainly tested us. It’s all in the mind, say you can do it and give it everything you got.

That was all for now, thank you for the support so far, can’t wait to open this lil’ beauty and welcome you all…

Say yes and figure out how to do it later


from one sister to another

Yesterday I recieved a gift sent by post.
The weekend we had our Kustfolk market I saw this girl wearing a very cool jacket.
Not only the jacket was cool, her whole look was amazing.
So I asked her if she was the one making those jackets, cause I seen this print before and I really like it.
– no no, I only do this for fun. I buy vintage jackets and then I add the text myself.
Few days later I received the finest mail, it was AK.
She said that she wanted to give me a jacket!
-FOR REAL ? I felt no way, you can’t give away your jacket !

But she said she had another one and it would be the perfect fit for me.
OMG, so much kindness from a girl I met 5 min. I cannot believe I got given a jacket. But with the very special note on the back,
it says it all really.

Few days later I got my jacket. Wow! It was the perfect fit.
Thank you so much lovely AK.
Support your local girl gang . I will live by it.

Right at this spot Kristin & I have been taking some photos lately.
Last night was not so cold as the first shoot the other day.
But it’s not as warm as it looks let me tell you that.

Our beige wrap dress in linen, already popular on instagram. Can’t wait to release it online.

Bua light house. Rather stunning out here.
It’s a purple field of flowers everywhere you go now.

We did half of what we planned from the start. It started to get cold. It’s so hard to stay focused when you get cold. They say it will get warmer on Friday so we give it another go then.
Lots of new photos coming up and we’re excited to share it all.

Dad said he had fish and some crayfish to give us so we hurried down to the boat before dad was off for another night fishing.

Dad started fishing when he was 14 and soon he is 71.
Talk about dedication. Hat off dad. I never think he’s gonna stop to be honest.

Fun going down to the harbour. Always busy down here. They always wanna chat as well.

Dads cousin Ante . Always up to no good (haha), biggest bloke in Bua. Everyone knows Ante I promise you that.

& there they go..
12 hours of work through the night.


the house

Our summer house

Let me show you are cabin by the forest and just by the sea.

We moved here couple of weeks ago and we’re gonna stay here till July.

We love it out here. It’s a small place and it feels like we’re on a holiday.
Right now 5 apple trees are in bloom and the plum tree just lost their flowers.

We bought this place 3 years ago now and Jake has truly been a champion who renovated this house on his own. ( I helped with a lot as well ) 
It was hard work. 
But hard work pays off in the end!

The kitchen area.

Lately I’ve been drinking my 11 o’clock coffee exactly here.

Very pleased with our bathroom. 
Going 3/4 with tiles and have wallpaper is something I highly recommend.

Finn’s all toys takes up the whole livingroom. ha! 45 m2 is not very big, but it’s enough.

We got two bedrooms livingroom, kitchen, toilet upstairs.

15m2 downstairs – laundry room and a spare bed.

Jake is renovating the shed now. It will be ready just in time for the summer. 
Gonna be nice with a big bedroom for our visitors.

A mess right now.

Every night the fox comes to visit.

& the fasan, it’s been feed by the neighbours since he was born so this fella is tame.

Thinking if we should rent this house out for the weekends just after the holidays ends, like from mid august and on wards, many of you love Varberg so I thought our house could be perfect stay if anyone wanna do a weekend in Varberg.
Let me know if you are keen.

This was all for now. Wishing you a lovely week.


Linne’as house

13 months has gone by since my dear gran passed away.
It still feels unreal that she’s not with us anymore.
She was like an extra mum and a best friend for almost 35 years.

Always super positive strong minded and wise. For being almost 100 years old I must say she was pretty modern too.

I’m so happy I visited with my camera one day last march for our 3 o’clock coffee.

Linne’a was always very interested of what was happening in my life and curious to hear the latest.

I wanted to share some pictures from the house since we bought her house from dad and we’ve been renovating for few weeks and it’s pretty full on to be honest.
Now we are moving out from our house in Bua into the cottage in Sanddamm for 2 months as well.

Thank god for easter = many days off work.

All pictures and most of the furnitures we saved. Linne’a was a collector of all sorts, it took weeks to go through and clean out. I had Finn on my arms whilst cleaning as well.
Everything is truly possible. Never thought I was going to clean out a full house and starting a renovation with a toddler that’s for sure.

I’m gonna create a whole wall with just family photos the day we’re done.

All the plates that was up on the walls I saved cause I thought it could be a fun mix to use for the daily usage.

Home sweet home.
Linne’as house were built in 1944 and she lived there all her life.

As long as I remember she’s been saying, -I refuse to end up in a care home, and if I would get sick or something please make sure I’m not going there. Her wish was her demand, her very last sleep was in her home just as she wanted.
With a strong mind you get what you want.
I miss you everyday Linne’as that’s for sure.
The house stays in the family and I’m very grateful and excited cause I basically grow up in this house so it means a lot.

You can follow the renovation on my instagram.
Now I have to clean a bit more.

8 days till moving out…yiikees!


Mary’s place

My dear friend Mary lives in Bua’s finest house.
Honestly, love everything about it.
The other day I payed her a visit and brought my camera with, at the right time as well, 3 o’clock – the coffee was ready when I showed.
Here she is with her whole family, minus her husband Simon, who is away skiing.
Finn is her ”extra grandson” – lucky me!

This house was built by Mary’s grand parents. You can tell the house has an old soul, just how I like it! 


There they are, Mr & Mrs.
She keeps a wedding photo of her grandparents on the shelf.
Nice detail actually, why always put the pictures on the walls?

Everything in Mary’s home has that ”soft feeling”. Not a lot of clutter, small carefully selected things found in vintage shops or that she has made herself.
I wish I was an artist too, nothing seems to be very hard when it comes to Mary, she just says: ”I made that long time ago” like it was the easiest thing in the world.
Some of you may of seen her work before, Axkonstochkeramik, is its name. I do think she should start making more of her linen lantern lamps, nude fat ladies in clay and lots more. She’s so talented.

Our hens are related, cousins accually. Wyandotte chickens are the best, each hen has their own personality.

the cutest.

After seeing the hens we went into her studio.

this looks like our rooster, Heyhey.

That’s her recipes hanging up there… perhaps Mary, you can teach me your tricks one day? Sadly I don’t think I have the patience when it comes to pottery!

the cups above is going to become blue when finished

Blue and white ceramics are always lovely I think.

Before I came to Mary I said that she could be the FGL model for the day, wearing her favourite pieces.

Luckily we found a pair of sunnies under a bench in her garden, perfect for Finn to wear whilst we where outside in the greenhouse.

”There will only be tomatoes, physalis and grapes growing in our green house this year” she said. ”There is not time enough looking after more greens this year”. Sounds like a good plan to me!

Thanks for the visit. I’ll be back with my camera when your garden is full in bloom.

Mary was wearing :
Apelviken Jumper
Be strong Tee
Indigo shirt
Lounge shirt
Kåsa blouse