Went to see my friend Marie on my day off.

You seen lots of photos from her home on my blog before.

Lots of fine little corners here and there. She’s like me, a collector.

Her garden is full in bloom now as well.

I showed Mary one of our new samples, she tried it on straight away.
It’s soo good to see our clothes and other people than just me and Kristin, also to get another point of view.
But how nice is this raspberry red dress? I love it already.

Their greenhouse is full of grapes.

Her studio was full of news and just made stuff. I think you can put an order in before she goes away for a holiday.

These blue cups sell fast. You find them here. Thanks for the coffee Mary, see you soon again.


What’s coming up

Our FGL store & our lovely neighbours Clart Studio.
Whats new for this week are extended opening hours for both shops.
Wednesdays & Thursdays 14.00-18.00, Fridays & Saturdays 10.00-14.00.
This Friday we’re having a wardrobe cleanse between friends. FGL offers good prices on samples and lots of other things to.

The other day when I was working the shop was very busy.

Marlene was stoping by with her mom. They were going to Strömma Farmlodge for the weekend to sell her coffee. You gotta try it if you havn’t already.
Always lovely to see Marlene she’s so sweet.

Clart Studio. Colourful, playful and very arty.
Love it.

Make sure you visit Lisa Jennie & Fridas place when at Brukstorget this summer. I love that we are neighbours to Röda korset second hand shop as well. Talk about a busy shop, long ques outside before they open their doors every week. There’s an interview with Jennie on Kristins blog right now, I just read it all and I cried. Life huh, sometimes bloody shiet. and most of the times bloody nice. We all carry on a story and it’s fine sharing, both the good and the bad things.

Before I forget to mention, there’s a deal going on at FGL Store,
ends on Saturday so visit before it sell out.

Much love.



We made it! We are open.

Jake now has a cafe in Kärleksparken.
We’ve been working night and day lately in order to be ready in time.
Yesterday we sold our first coffee at 14:55.
Just like we said, ready for the 3-o’clock fika!


Finn has truly been a champion. He loves being out and about meeting new people. The more the merrier. He always amazes me. A happy boy all the time.
Thank god for that!

First guests. Willerstrand + Lagerqvist. Thanks for helping out with the last minute fix.

First smoothies out, made small ones for getting the approval.

Kristin came with a bike full of roses, a lovely tomato plant, fresh mint and salad.
Thank you darling. Not long after this photo was taken she had a long shopping list in her hand. How lucky are we to helping friends!

I just have a feeling this photo could be the winner for this year already. Honestly, how nice? #goals …. right?

Kristin. Lisa. Diba.

We can’t thank Sofia enough who has been helping out each day now, you are such a gem!
You and Bernie are not aloud to go back to LA, stay in Varberg please.

Kärleksparken is a magical spot.

Hope to see you this summer. We are gonna be in the park unless the weather is not to crazy, hope for sunny days.

Open today between 11-18. Welcome.


in between all

Weather has been so good lately I barely believe we’re in Sweden anymore. But after all it’s summer!

Finkel is enjoying him self in the pool. His smile says it all.

This has surely been a busy week so far. A LOT has been accomplished already.
I’ve made 13 brownies, 40 pieces of snickers bars, 3 batches of granola – so we can serve breakfast all day in the van .

snickerbars coming up

I have prepped so I can make chocolate bolls tomorrow morning first thing.
Ordered all the fruit & veg we need for this weekend.

There is so much to do in order to get the van ready. All good fun, we are forever grateful for Jakes dad helping us out every day. Thank you!

Since we renovate our own house to, it’s all a crazy mess. Busy heads and full focus, and non stop work!
Got a bit upset when our painter didn’t show up in 3 days. High stress levels then, but now it seems we are back on track .. fingers crossed! cause we are suppose to move into the house by next week you see.

Everything is truly possible.

I’ll update again tomorrow, lots to share from our house and all the happenings this upcoming weekend.


Our midsummer

Here it is. Our caravan.

Weather has been kind lately and that really makes things much easier for us. Jake is such a champion, he can do anything! Look at this for a transformation.

Farfars Lycka…. is now…. pink and beige.

Whilst all this has been happening, Marc, Jakes dad is helping renovate our new house. Can’t wait to show you guys how far we’ve come.

Midsummer weekend crept up and we spent the evening at Mia & Olof’s place. We had all sorts of weather last night, rain, sun, rain and strong winds all at one stage, 10 people had to hold the tent in down!

Midsummer is not midsummer without the bad weather in my opinion.

We played games and a music quiz, enjoyed a bbq and lots of delicious cake!

Today I opened a midsummer present, Finn received a whole box full of porridge from Alex&Phil. What a pleasant surprise! I have been thinking of these for a while and there they were. He had his first taste this afternoon and it was a huge success.
He loved holding onto the tube, just like that our little boy is not so little anymore.

Midsummer day has been fun due to the big changes on the van.

Dad came just in time for the first cup of coffee.

see how happy he is! 100% approved. Puhu!

Luckily we had some old fine wallpaper left over, just what the caravan needed.
Jake said earlier, everything about this caravan is recycled accept for the paint.
Pretty good right?

This project is probably the most crazy one we’ve ever done. With timing and other projects going it has certainly tested us. It’s all in the mind, say you can do it and give it everything you got.

That was all for now, thank you for the support so far, can’t wait to open this lil’ beauty and welcome you all…

Say yes and figure out how to do it later