8 years together

3rd of feb is my mans birthday.
We met a week before his birthday 8 years ago. Let me share how it happened.

I remember it clearly cause I said to my friend look at him!
– Who? The blonde guy?
– No the one to the right with a nose ring and blue eyes.
Then he went to the pool bar and I was led alongside the pool.
I said to my friend I’m gonna swim over and talk to him.
So I did, but got so bloody nervous when I came to the bar, ordered myself a beer and swam back.

Amanda asked what happened! You’re back.
I got so freaking nervous I lost my words. Literally shit me pants. hahaha
I remembered this clearly, even writing it 8 years later makes me laugh! I’m never nervous.
Best thing was that my friend snapped this photo just before I swam over as well.
Great memorie to see this photo since we actually still together, after meeting this day in January 2012. Cool that is caught on camera.

Silly me being led sun bathing the blue eyed man swam over to me and asked about my tattoos . Never loved my tats so much as I did then, he asked why I’ve chosen some of them and why the spider web was on my elbow. We talked for a bit and Jake asked me to join in for a boat trip, you know those banna rides. I said no, I didn’t have any money to spend on like touristy stuff since I was a back packer, lived on like 400baht a day including food drinks and our room. But I said to him see you tonight.

Think we had 6 days together and then Jake left for Sydney again.
8 months went by and I moved back to Oz, to see him and here we are.

Sydney. You magical city. It was amazing moving to Jake.
We lived 3 min from Bondi beach.
Our last month this van was our home.
Our Sydney days gave us few festivals together.
In Aug 2013 Jake moved to Sweden and we’ve been here since then.

8 years has gone by so quickly and we’ve done so much together already.
Our best thing accomplished must be little Finn Fletcher.
Thank you Jake.
Happiest of birthday to you! I hope you will enjoy Malta when we go in May.
Love you xx

Save the dates

A lot is happening this spring over at FGL and I can finally share some of it.
Not long ago I posted on Instagram how a Saturday in Varberg can look if you come for a vist.

Varberg is a beautiful city located just by the ocean so come for a visit if you get the chance.
Here’s some tips.

  1. Okens BnB in the city center. Owned by my friend Diba and her husband. Such a cute place, with the yummiest of breakfasts! Located right by the train station. Right now there is an offer for February bookings 15% off the price!
  2. Kusthotellet. One of the biggest hotels in Varberg and this is located right by the ocean guys. Perfect for long walks, Spa and dips in the sea.
  3. The market is open Saturdays so the city center is more lively then, flowers local farmers food etc etc.
  4. Kallbadhuset. You can not visit Varberg and miss out on the famous skinny dip’ and sauna. Varbergs finest building for sure. Guaranteed to feel fresh after this visit.
  5. Brukstorget . A MUST visit obviously. FGL Store and many other shops are open between 10-15. There is a big play area for kids. Great restaurant for lunch or ”fika” cause we got two bakery’s.

The reason why I make this list is because I would like you to enjoy Varberg as the typical ”Varberg bo”

On the 15th of Feb FGL invite you to a YOGA & BREAKFAST event.

.Yoga in FGL is so special. It’s an unique experience for sure. I’ll make us a tasty breakfast afterwards as well so it’s a very nice morning together.
Tickets here.

That’s the first weekend I can recommend to visit Varberg.

& if the date doesn’t suite you above – there is another date in March.
Gong concert. A 2 hour gong concert with Bea.
14th of March at this 14.30 -16.00 – come around 14.00 to enjoy some tea before the show starts.

The gong creates a concert of various sound waves that help the body reach a deeper relaxation. The vibrations are curative and neutralize any imbalances at the cellular level.
Cannot wait.

Just love happenings that’s good for your soul.

Next up is: KUSTFOLK.

The past week we’ve been working with our Kustfolk Design Market.
4-5th of April so it’s a while till then but! Save the date.

Make sure you follow us at Kustfolk_Varberg to take part of what’s going on along the way till we meet in April.

All the best,


( this is a payed update with my business FGL Store.) 

An update

My heart is overwhelmed, by all your loving over my update through insta stories yesterday, with Finn being very ill . For weeks he’s been struggling. Nasty flu, ear infections, diarrhea and a fever which won’t go away. It’s been on and off since before New Years.

Many visits to the doctor and the 4th visit was to A&E (IR) yesterday morning because it was all too much.

Finn had an aggressive rash all over his body, blisters inside and outside his mouth and it felt like it only was getting worse every hour that passed.

When we arrived at hospital, Finn & Jake stayed outside in the car as he was covered in that rash – the hospitals are always cautious when it comes to dealing with a rash incase its contagious .
It took 40 minutes until a nurse came and we spoke outside the waiting room to be on the safe side.
At first glance she said it was 3 or 5 day fever because a rash often follows with that, however, this has been over 5 days so it all felt wrong.

We were placed in a room for 3 hours until the doctor came and then it started, the doctor came in and out a few times. It was all dealt with caution, and finally they suspected measles.
There may be a chance he can have measles, two specialists came from Halmstad to have a look at him since the doctors in Varberg weren’t experts on this. For safety reasons and uncertainty the hospital wing (where we were) was sectioned off in fear of it being measles. It’s dangerous for elderly, young and very sick people.
Many check ups later and we were finally on our way home.
The most stressful day as parents that’s for sure. Finn was so good the whole time in the hospital, I wonder how he still can smile due to so much pain.

We had a long night with night mares and crying, bless him.
Got such a sweet text from a friend who wanted to come by with lunch for us. We went out for a ride with the car to get Finn sleeping faster, when we got back there was a bag with home made fish soup two chocolate cakes and some quail eggs. Quail eggs are so so good for you, Camilla wrote us a note that said boil these in 3min and give Finn.

Camilla, you are the sweetest soul that drove 20km to give us all this. Thank you so much.
At 3pm the doctor called to let us know it was NOT measles. Thank bloody god for this.
But with ear infection, super high fever for weeks off and on, blisters inside and outside his mouth – which was a herpes infection. The rash all over his body is probably a reaction to the antibiotics he’s been given. So all this together at the same time made it all look like measles .
For now we can only give him comfort, and painkillers till he’s better.

I wanted to write this post cause you were so many that reached out via my instagram and I haven’t had time to reply to all of you. With a community Instagram are when it comes to support. All our love to you guys, thanks for all the love and wishes.



hey hey hey,

You are probably wondering why I haven’t updated anything in a while well its because we’re battling the FLU at home.
ALL three of us have been so ill, it’s been a hard period.
Finn is still very poorly, bless him.
In between the illness, there’s work to do.

I can share some of what I’ve been up to lately .

  • Met the girls for a Kustfolk meeting last Wednesday and we announced the market online on Thursday. So exciting! Save the dates folks! 24-25th of April.
  • I created #fglreuse for all of you to use if you want to buy something from our FGL collection that’s sold out or just sell what you no longer use, I love REUSE! Best thing ever. Clothes should be used, not forgotten in someone’s closet. SO, post a picture and use the tag! PLEASE.
  • I also started ”Last chance” … pieces that are low in stock. Before I can order anything new or restock old favorites to FGL, I need to sell out of pieces first. Thats a new rule and that feels amazing. The collection can’t be any bigger as keeping stock and lots variety cost too much for a small business like FGL.
  • Got in contact with a hotel, who would like to sell FGL pieces.
  • That’s one of my dreams… that FGL is available in other places than my store.

Looking forward to waking up tomorrow and starting fresh.

This week I might go to Stockholm, got invited to the Newbie & Boråstapeter event in Stockholm on Thursday.

Also I’m hoping to hug an old friend of mine… soon as we’re 100% healthy again.
On Wednesday there’s gonna be a shoot for Kustfolk and FGL pieces with Jenny Brandt, she’s is the coolest cat I tell you.
I do hope the final days of January are 1000% better than the previous weeks.
Fingers crossed me lovers, before I end this update I want to say thank you for following. You are the best!



Just checking in quickly to share the news

FGL STORE has free shipping world wide till tomorrow night.

Finn Jake & I has had the flu over a week now. We’ve been so ill.
Still struggling to be honest, that’s why it has been no updates here.

Let me show you my latest pictures from work the past few days.

Love our grey polka dot dress especially with a tee.
After this photo was taken it sold out!
Let me tell you a secret; The Blue Polka dress is coming back this spring.

Dandelion dress is a life savior on the grey days, you feel like a summers day wearing it!

This photo was from Wednesday night. The shoes stole the attention, probably 40 dm’s about : WHERE did you buy them? I need.
If you wonder the same. They are from Zara.

Realizing when seeing these pictures I’ve been hot on the dresses lately.
Blooming dress is also sold out – but the white Kåsa blouse is still in stock.

Karro popped in for a visit. I asked to pick few pieces. Her she is dressed in Varberg Shirt & Läjet Blouse. Cool combo I thought.

Wherever you are in the world right now, it’s free to order! I’ll be packing away all day tomorrow. So keep me busy please.
You find me in the store between 10-14, Welcome!


This update is a payed update with FGL Store.