The pink caravan

The pink caravan named Farfars Lycka.
Let me tell you why we named it Farfars Lycka.
All Grandads I know love coffee and cake.
Farfar is Swedish for Grandad and Lycka means happiness.
At the end of last year we were lucky enough to became parents, so Farfars Lycka felt right as Finn is our Farfars happiness.

We are open today between 11-18. I hope you follow us on Instagram to get the latest news regarding on opening times and whats going on.
Friday, mummy group and baby date at 11 o’clock.
Saturday, there will be Yoga and Tea at 14 o’clock.
Tuesday, next week Baby massage under the trees 14.00 followed by Yoga and Tea at 16.30.

Finn & Michelle.

It would be so much fun to be in the park this summer. Not just coffee and cakes, activities too.
If you know anyone who would be interested to do anything with us – let us know.

Kärleksparken is surely a special place. Nice and quiet. Finn loves it under the trees and sleeps so well outdoors. I’m glad this is our living room this summer.

This weekend we will have buns from Limabacka bakery. I love how it’s all made locally and the flour they use is taken from the local farmers and even the flour is made in the mill just 2km from us.

Greetings from the owner Therese.

As you noticed, Finn is always with me wherever I go. Our happy boy.
Now I’m going to taste the elderflower cordial I made few days ago, it’s finally ready. I thought it could be nice in a juice.

Strawberries, apple, elderflower, lemon & grapes perhaps. We’ll see what we make with it. Any suggestions?

See you in the park!

Open today from 11 and how long the weather let us.. hoping for sunshine.

Friday 11-18 o’clock
Saturday 11-18 o’clock Yoga&Tea under the trees at 14.00 Bring your own mat.

Sunday 11-18.00

and the rest of the summer as long it’s not to much rain or wind.

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