Summer house lovin’

Mr Finn is loving a bath nowadays. In Bristol we went twice for baby swims and after those times Finn is rather confident being in the water.

It’s very easy to have a bath in the kitchen sink.
He likes that much better than the thing we bought for him to go in the bath.
Our little boy is growing fast. 5.5 months already! stop the time please!

This picture though, he is so pleased being in there. Such a little munchkin.

He was so cuddly after last nights swim, usually he have 200 % energy.

In the photo above you can see my new tattoo. Tiny one, I just had to add this to my collection!

It’s not the best focus on this photo but I liked it anyway.
Baby feet can be the cutest.

We lived in our summer house for 5 weeks already and we really enjoys it out here. We have a fox that comes for a visit every night
( I give him left overs ). Don’t know if that’s good or not, hopefully we save a cat or two cause this fella seems hungry.

Few times a day the fasan comes for a visit as well. A very proud and pretty male, he’s looking for a misses but no luck just yet. He surely let us know he’s around, jieses he’s loud!

Sanddamm is a beautiful place indeed.

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