far between..

It’s far between the updates nowadays. I feel I don’t have enough time, being a mom, working with my two buisnesses, organizing stuff for the on going renovation & life. Little bit too much going on perhaps. So the blog is not updated as much as I would like too.
In a couple of weeks time it will be less on my todo list for sure.

Just got back from a week in Bristol, England. OMG, we soo needed a getaway. Finn met friends and family for the first time too, I only wish we had a few weeks more.

For every time we go over to Bristol I like it more and more. The city reminds me about Berlin in so many ways .
I just wish my camera had battery more than the first day over there.. hahaha!
So I have to share some photos from my phone.

Jake & I had a night out just the two of us, he surprised me with tickets to Matilda the musical. Lovely night! Well needed.

I treated myself with some new ink, very long time ago I had a tattoo done so that was fun!
Everyday it was lots of time with the family and friends.
Not spoilt with having so much quality time with loved ones.

more of that please!

English country side. Houses are so beautiful.

Our week went by so quick and it’s always sad to say good bye but already next week Jakes dad is coming to Sweden for 14 days.

More updates on my instagram right now so if you don’t follow me there you find me at mirandarebecca.


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