Getting there

We left Sweden when the lilacs where in full bloom.
And when the tiles in the bathroom where up on the walls.

Kitchen is going up by this week as we speak.

When we get back home we’ll order the bench top. Small steps each day, by midsummer we’re planing to move in. (Upstairs will still be a mess)

For the entrence we’re thinking the wallpaper Nocturne from Boråstapeter and to paint the window & lists dark grey.

Our hens always gets upset when we go away for a while. Especially now as they have a new place to get used to.

The day before we left I did a job for Lindemans non alcoholic wines.
Mary & I had a lovely lunch together sat in the green house.

Like always when we go somewhere, the days before gets rather hectic. So much to do in order to go away. I think both Jake and I are kinda optimistic as well. But! we were packed and ready the night before. Puh!

You see our latest project in the picture above, but more about that next time.
Till then –
Enjoy your days.


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