Crashcourse with Martin

Me & Finn took the train to Gothenburg and met up with
Johanna Jennie & Marlene. We were going to Martins course later in the afternoon so we decieded to meet up earlier in the day.

Palmhuset i GBG. such a beautiful place. A must visit ! Right now lots of flowers were in bloom to.

It was 23 degrees and very hot for the first time.
Jennie travelled all the way from Örnsköldsvik and I think they just got rid of their snow!
Always inspiring meeting up with collegues since we all work ‘alone’ – Behind a screen everyday.
But like always there’s not enough time, it’s to much to talk about.
All of a sudden the clock was almost 4 so we had to leave.

Martin invited us couple weeks ago and I felt straight away I needed to join in. Learning more about social media are always good! I feel lost sometimes when it comes to Instagram, right and wrongs, likes, no likes and so on. Puhu!

3 hours of inspiration. Lots of new inputs and do’s and don’ts. If you work with social media I really think you should book yourself in on a course.

To grow your social media, be active, like & comment always and use your platform everyday.

Thank you so much for our afternoon together!

Off course, there’s always time for a 3selfie!

Finn was so happy through the event. Made me so happy!
He’s so curious and stayed awake almost the whole time.
Not so quiet in the car home tho..

When at home the sky was on fire and I think we might see some sun tomorrow as well.

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