from one sister to another

Yesterday I recieved a gift sent by post.
The weekend we had our Kustfolk market I saw this girl wearing a very cool jacket.
Not only the jacket was cool, her whole look was amazing.
So I asked her if she was the one making those jackets, cause I seen this print before and I really like it.
– no no, I only do this for fun. I buy vintage jackets and then I add the text myself.
Few days later I received the finest mail, it was AK.
She said that she wanted to give me a jacket!
-FOR REAL ? I felt no way, you can’t give away your jacket !

But she said she had another one and it would be the perfect fit for me.
OMG, so much kindness from a girl I met 5 min. I cannot believe I got given a jacket. But with the very special note on the back,
it says it all really.

Few days later I got my jacket. Wow! It was the perfect fit.
Thank you so much lovely AK.
Support your local girl gang . I will live by it.

Right at this spot Kristin & I have been taking some photos lately.
Last night was not so cold as the first shoot the other day.
But it’s not as warm as it looks let me tell you that.

Our beige wrap dress in linen, already popular on instagram. Can’t wait to release it online.

Bua light house. Rather stunning out here.
It’s a purple field of flowers everywhere you go now.

We did half of what we planned from the start. It started to get cold. It’s so hard to stay focused when you get cold. They say it will get warmer on Friday so we give it another go then.
Lots of new photos coming up and we’re excited to share it all.

Dad said he had fish and some crayfish to give us so we hurried down to the boat before dad was off for another night fishing.

Dad started fishing when he was 14 and soon he is 71.
Talk about dedication. Hat off dad. I never think he’s gonna stop to be honest.

Fun going down to the harbour. Always busy down here. They always wanna chat as well.

Dads cousin Ante . Always up to no good (haha), biggest bloke in Bua. Everyone knows Ante I promise you that.

& there they go..
12 hours of work through the night.


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