Food and boats

Sweden havn’t been this warm since the spring in 1977 someone said. We have been spending our days in the garden, at the sea and finally finishing our deck at the front. It’s incredible such energy you get from days like these.

We went to my favourite island north of Bua – Nordsten. It was full in bloom. So beautiful!
The birds were busy laying on their eggs, so we were not alone.

My first veggie sausage. Not to bad.

And old friend of mine so texted the other day and was asking me to share my recipes here on the blog . I can surely do that but for your notice I might not have the correct measurements of everything. Hope it will give you an idea anyway.

Zucchini patties.

1-2 carrots
1 zucchini
1 halloumi cheese
Grate these – roughly size.

1/3 of an leek
1 red pepper – chop these up.
1 dl boiled quinoa

In a bowl: 2 eggs with 0.75 dl flour whisk this together.
Put everything in the bowl let it sit for 10 minutes.
Salt + Pepper.

I served this with a kale salad.

Apple chunks
Thinly cut red onion.

Think you should make a Cole slow with this as well ! Good luck.