This fall


We’ve been working on different events at FGL Store lately.
Two workshops booked in with Lisa Burenius already this coming Saturday and the next one is on the 3rd of October. Join in with friends from work or your bestie! It’s such a nice event.

The one we just released is a social dinner at FGL with me and Kristin.
We are excited !

Meeting friendly faces over a dinner is fun and exciting.
I promise there will be many conversations over some delicious food. Such a great way bonding with new people.
Read more here.

Another great thing is our project Zero Waste. Kristin and I want to use the off cuts- for less waste. When making clothes there will be some waste fabric.
And we decided to make something out of that to.

”Zero Waste – We aim to create clothing that leave less fabric on the cutting room floor. Given that about 15 to 20 percent of the fabric used to produce clothing winds up as waste, that’s no easy feat, but with a bit of creativity and innovation we allow our creators to reduce their textile waste.

Of course, what is left over should also be recycled into small items like head bands and scarves. We also use left over fabric to wrap around gifts and packages in our store”

Now we have two more products in our store – Hair bands & Scarfs.

More pieces it’s in the making too.

Love when you can create good stuff out of something that should of been wasted.In November these shirts will arrive..

This update is a payed collaboration with FGL Store.




Ett mjukare Varberg

The 5th of September you can take part of a free lecture regarding kids behavior with digital presence.
My friends, Kristin, Jonas & Anna started this idea early spring.
Now it’s happening.
Thanks to the financial support of Vagabond Shoemakers, it is possible for all kids in year five, teachers and parents in the municipality of Varberg to take part in this lecture.
The hope is that the dialogue should continue at the kitchen table. Together with our children. –For a softer Varberg-

This is aimed at everyone who is close to children and adolescents. Teachers, grandparents, adults in general.
Everyone has contact with children more or less, and everyone has their own opinion shone digital presence for children and are interested in their well-being.
Let’s gather and listen, see everything from a new perspective and get wise and good tools to navigate forwards as well as we can.

How can we meet our children in their self-esteem?
Do our children know that the school is for them?
How do we handle situations when we feel confused when it comes to the internet and all technology?
How do we support the children of today?

Help us spread this in Varberg so that we can fill all 1000 chairs at 19:00 on 5 September in the Event Hall.

Heaps of news


Wanted to share my monday with an update.
Kristin and I have decided to meet up every Monday morning  to go through all that is needed for the week. It could be about sales, what we need to high light, new orders, events, stock etc etc.

This Monday was all about the sea. Our old favourite spot.
The nude place in our home town. ‘ Damernas ‘

We had lunch with a fantastic view. Off course coffee and a bun was included.

I’m dressed in an old favourite 10 pm in the colour teal.
We have had these dresses for few years now, but always a variation of  different colours.

What I think could be a new favourite is this knitted sweater.

Kristin really wanted a swim so she went in. I don’t know if she knows but after a dip her eyes becomes even bluer.

I was there with the camera, going through the photos afterwards was really funny. We were laughing till we cried! too nude on some to share.

This afternoon we snapped 270 photos, 12 dresses, striped pants, knitted sweater and this LA shirt with polka dots! A popular piece.

The majority of our collection is one size. We try to meet all sizes, but it’s hard as a small buisness. The stock you need to keep when you have  XS to XL is massive. Meaning a lot of money. Also a bigger range of many sizes is a risk.

We’re growing – many new costumers each day – which we’re forever grateful for. Working with ‘slow fashion’ and a more sustainable wardrobe makes me so proud.

On our way home from the sea I said, who made us rose hip soup last year?
It was so yummy. Malin I need your recipe please.

We will make that tomorrow at FGL store. You won’t miss out.
Probably will be seen in 3 channels, FGL store, mine & Kristins.



This update is a payed collaboration with my own buisness. FGL Store.



100 hands at FGL

This is my job. FGL Store. Let me tell you a bit about the process.

How amazing to work with so many talented souls. I’m beyond grateful that these people come into our lives over 3 years ago.

I was browsing around on Instagram, seeing a post I thought was rather beautiful. Wrote a little email asking about a collaboration was possible, told some about our FGL store and how we work.

Few emails later, We received our first garments.
Years later we now workes daily together to get a stunning collection.

Dafu Devi. The mom of printing. She’s been printing for 45 years. Talk about dedication, and perfection.

The print you see on my shirt is exaclty the same as you see on the table, the print is made of clay.

Each family have their own reciepe.

After it’s been dried, the garments next step is colouring. We use mostly indigo flower since our shop is almost 90% blue products ..

Indigo flower, a powerful blue natural colour.

About 100 hands creating our products.
What they breathe, touch and absorb during our production matters . Sustainable fashion is not only about ethical wages and the environment ~ it’s about individual health.
From farmers cutters sewers ~ using natural dyes and working in a traditional way makes a huge difference to many.
Even for you ~ the buyer.
Thanks for choosing FGL clothing.


This is a payed update with my own buisness FGL Store.