Ok guys, this will be an update from Kristins house and her workshop last night.
Prepare for bloom bonanza!

Yesterday we were invited for a workshop in her lovely home, together with Borås tapeter. They just released their new collection In bloom.
Every single piece of wall paper in there, stunning!
Jenny Hahne the illustrator behind some of the patterns were with us all night and she shared her story when creating these lovely prints.

This is the book you should look for when in the store.
( Sofia Jansson just re done her office with the print you see on the book cover. Check it out here )

Kristin chosen the Thistle in bloom, such a magical piece that as well. Perfect for their kitchen.

Chestnut blossom totally took me by storm. It’s not even funny how you can fall in love with a pattern this much,
I had a very simular years ago from Borås tapeter. Since we renovated the whole house it’s now long gone. The one in blue is made for our bedroom upstairs, for both walls and ceiling I think. Go big right?

We got to see some of the original pieces from long back..

Dinner was served in the green house, food from Verket! – Varbergs best restaurant.
Kristin also ordered sunshine and +16 degress for last night. Could’nt get any better than this accually.

Hanging out with creative, inspirational girls a whole night is always a pleasure. I’m so grateful.
Here’s to strong women: may we know them & may we be them!

Natahlie & Matilda – Babes in Boyland.
Nanna – Nannakerstin
Catarina –Annacate

A funny thing with meetings likes this, is that the camera always eats first.

Kristin in action.

Nanna & to the right Diana – Diadonna.

Creative dinners as it’s best. I tried my hardest to create a new pattern for next years collection, let me just say I’m not an artist ! hahaha! Creating is good for your soul thou..

I’m very sure the whole of Sweden will be ‘in bloom’ all year around..

Thanks Kristin & Boråstapeter for a magical night,
….and thanks to all the girls who made it so special.

that this is not a sponsored post.




My week has passed by like crazy. Sitting here thinking of everything that has happened over the past few days… time flies when you’re enjoying it.

Monday – Meetings and FGL Store.

Tuesday – Organizing for my grans funeral.

Wednesday – FGL Store.

Thursday – Started my morning at Oken’s Hotel. Met up with Finnvedens säljkraft and we started our morning with a nice breakfast. Then onto a day full of inspiration! Varberg City joins forces with the local businesses in hope to motivate and encourage it’s people with everything from politics, health and general being. So we spent most of the day there soaking up knowledge, very nice! Kristin and I also met up with Emma Knyckare a women we both admire greatly. Looking forward to our future collabs..

Friday– time for another early social breakfast, Handelsbanken invited their costumers to breakfast, with guest speaker Johanna. Johanna gave us coaching regarding health and living.

Verket made us a very delicius breakfast.

Full of inspiration we continued to the beach for a shoot.

A very important one too, We wanted to speak up and show our support reagarding Sara Danius. This had to be done in a hurry, but it’s how we usually work anyway — 200% speed.
Luckily the sun came for a visit and gave us 18 degrees. I had three dips, and I loved it.
+8 in the water. F R E S H .

Come 3 o’clock I had my final meeting – great fun to plan the future with great people.

Back to our store by 4.30 to meet up with Jake who was doing some work there. So that’s where I ended my work week. Love my job.

ps. I also done a rinse in my wardrobe, check out my sales here. 






Welcome to our house, Lyckan.
20 minutes north of Varberg, located in Bua harbour.
Stones throw from the water front. Summer brings with it her long days and warm swims in the ocean. Very lucky to have beautiful bathing spots so close to home.

This is our new entrance which we built ourselves last summer, an extension of the original house.

The kitchen is mine and my IG followers ‘favourite place’ of the house. It’s spacious and open.

The kitchen comes from Ikea. Really easy to design it yourself. With a black kitchen you will see if it’s dusty! I can assure you, but I still like it a lot.

We’ve also chosen Ikea’s oven with a gas top. Cooking with gas is so handy… instant heat!

Table and chairs are vintage. The ladies below were found in Fair Fax market couple of weeks ago back in LA. Tiny vases from the 1930. I thought they were cute.

Frames and pictures are old vintage finds too, and the ‘byrå’ was a gift from the lady who owned this house before us.

The stairs lead to the loft and our second bedroom. So happy how the loft space, which wasn’t used before the renovation, turned out. Building and designing around an old 1850’s house has its head aches but also comes with its rewards, through its unique details.