Another throw back

Our first years as parents needs to be presented by a picture bonanza.
OUR FINN HUH, he is the best.


Here we are, so fresh as parents. We barely knew nothing about sleepless night, and the rest. ( thank god you don’t ) hahah!


Finn baby met his grand parents for the first time. We had a fun lovely weekend together. I remember Finn was smiling a lot, and giggled with the toy crab. We were out walking in a snow blizzard …

The baby björn team came with their crew and Finn & I was their models.
7 weeks old, you did amazing baby boy!


Finn were always with me at FGL Store, looking back I kinda feel bad bringing him with me. But he always loved being in the store, it’s very big and love all the cuddles he gets from the girls around me. ( the guilt you feel as a mom is weird, you feel guilty for anything almost)

He’s damn cute!


We started to renovate our new house but living in our summer house.

My sis Karro came home from OZ! LOVE


Liz my cousin helped out on a day whilst doing a job.

I was lucky one day – met up with the girls in Gothenburg and Finn came along for a crash course, here he is with amazing Marlene. Gosh she is one magical woman!

Thank you May, you were pretty special.


We went back to England. Finn’s first flight. Went so well, he made it very easy for us sleeping.

Loves a bath outside. And look who’s with us.

Pops came for a week he first planned, he stayed for 3 weeks. In June we opened Farfars Lycka, we were soooo lucky with the weather the opening weekend.

gosh I miss those sunny days early summer. We were spending so much time in the park under the trees in the sunshine by the ocean..

I think I’ll pause this post and continue tonight.

Please share you best memories from the year 2019 in my comments.