Födelsedag & Staycation

Hi team,

Last week or it could be two weeks ago I said I was back here, but been so busy the last couple of days and it’s hard to find time to sit down for myself .
Will give it try tonight to share about my birthday weekend.

Really wanted to go away for the night so we were booked into Kusthotellet in Varberg. Like the best gift to yourself to be honest.

”Staycation” is truly magical. No travel time, it’s quick and easy to get to when you spend time in your own city.
Varberg is beautiful place indeed and sometimes it’s easy to forget that the beauty is right in front of you.

Let me share some photos of our day and night.

Kusthotellet is a spa hotel located in Varberg only 52 steps from the water front.

Finn was very pleased checking into this hotel . Never seen him soo excited being away from home before.

There where no stop’in him.
Happy baby – very happy parents.

Just after this photo was taken I took my robe and went down to the beach for a dip.

It was 15 degrees in the water . Felt very fresh and ready for a massage shortly after.

Havn’t been this spoilt since my last birthday. Well deserved, cause mama feel rather tired. ( haha, parenthood. )

It got dark during our dinner so I didn’t take any more photos more than these two.
A Lovely 3 course dinner was served and Finn was fast a sleep just before the mains came out.

Treating yourself for a night in your home town hotel is very nice. We said to do this more often. It was very nice to see Finn so satisfied as well.
Made it all so easy. Kusthotellet has a big playroom so Finn was in paradise. New toys to play with is the best!

The next morning I woke 36 years young. We had a yummy breakfast to start with, followed by spa for the 3 of us.

In the mornings kids are aloud in the spa between 8-10. Perfect, cause Finn loves water.

All 3 of us had so much fun and we could relax even with a 9 months old, since the hotel offered things to do for Finn as well it made it all so easy.

Playing in the pool makes you tired, indeed – Finn past out when we were back in the room.

I wouldn’t mind staying here for a couple of days more to really stress down. The walks around Kust is the best in Varberg. Between the walks you can have a dip in the sea and enjoy the sauna afterwards.
Or perhaps an hour in the gym. Options there.
It’s a beautiful walk into the city center and close to a few restaurants by the water front as well which makes it to the perfect location.

With this I would like to say, treat yourself with a staycation! So easy and fun to explore your own city as a ”visitor” .

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Thanks Kusthotellet, we see you soon again! xx