Turning 35

I got a text from Kristin saying:

Bring following:
– a warm scarf
– night gown
– passport
– rain jacket
– a warm sweater

We met up 3 o’clock yesterday afternoon. Kristin palnned a surprise for me. She was trying to trick me by saying it was something with heights at first. (I’m seriously scared of heights) But luckily it was not.

20 minutes car ride from the city is Håkesgård. Marie’s magical garden & B&B. Kristin rented the cabin there for the night. So no heights involved.

We started with a walk in the forest. All of a sudden the wind stopped sun came out and it was so nice and warm. We sat there for an hours time enjoying tea and cardamon buns.  With no signal on our phones either we couldn’t get disturbed with wifi. How sweet.
This was such a treat, spending time in nature is the best.
We went back, had a shower and jumped into the bath barrel just outside our cabin.

Lately I’ve been kinda tired, lots of work on our summer house and being pregnant is a bit to much , so spending 45 min in a bath in the forest – unreal. Thanks K! so thoughtful. Just what I needed.

6.15pm Jennie & Lisa showed up too – SURPRISE! my ladies at the same place. We all agreed to, to treat ouselves more often.
Talk about luxury and self care.

7pm the dinner was served in the green house. Marie cooked us a delicious mushroom soup followed by a garden salad with smoked salmon.
It was unbelievable!

Next up: Facial masks, massage, games, more tea and so much laughters that ddn’t stopped through the night.

Thank you so much Kristin for organising such a treat for me. Thank you Lisa, Jennie for joining in- Much love to you all .

Since I ddn’t take any photos yesterday these are all from this morning.

24th of September. First morning with some frost.
This is were we had our breakfast.

Marie planted 350 dahlias this spring and now you are able to pick them your self, so before we head back home we went crazy picking ourselves a lovely bunch.

Marie & Victoria has Trip2garden once a month and next weekend is the last chance to view Marie’s garden.
Please do it’s such a stunning place, and pick your bouquet before leaving.

All my love to you girls. So inspiring each one of you. Thankful for having you in my life.