Right now

Let me give you a tour of our project(s) right now…

Welcome to us, the super busy family on Mossvägen.
It’s rather full-on these days, just how we like it. House has to be liveable within the next two weeks as we are moving in! At the same time the caravan must be ready, as we will be opening soon after Swedish midsummer.

But all is possible, once you put your mind to it. Trust me.

Jake spent his Friday spray painting our beautiful skirtings, luckily the sun was shinning.

Today he started his new project…the 1966 caravan.

We are so happy and grateful Jake’s dad is here to lend us a hand for two weeks.
Couldn’t be a better timing, hopefully the first floor of our house will be ready for the three of us. So thank you so much for helping, can’t thank you enough Marc!

Very pleased with the ‘grey/beige’ colour on the panel, feels spot on already. Eeeeeeeks! Super excited for all that’s coming, feels like home already.

The original interior and walls were ripped out just before I left so things are moving forward that’s for sure.

Here is a sneak peak of the paint…
Looks ready for milkshakes already. Perfect for the van, indeed.