South of Sweden

Tuesday morning Jake and I left Bua to head down to south Sweden.

Our first stop… Solhaga Bakery. A must for anyone passing by.

This is the third year running going to Mölle. Such a peaceful little village which has place in our hearts.
Please, let me share a couple of photos from the past four days.

The cosiest fishing village in Sweden according to us. It’s so charming, never too busy when we’ve been here. All Mölles houses are mind blowing, with beautiful flowers everywhere. Unfortunately, not this year, we haven’t had rain since start of May.

Sleeping in the back of our Volvo, so comfy and cosy. Killer views too.

Höganäs Saluhall.
Can we please have this place in Varberg too?
Make sure you visit and be sure to enjoy their breakfast. So fresh, and lots of yummy stuff from their collection in the ”Saluhall”.

We bought Musli and their orange jam. Best one ever.

Fresh juice, berries and fruit. The breads still warm from being freshly made..

In Mölle we just relax in the sun, use the outdoor shower. Hike, swim, eat, repeat.

Hotell Kullaberg. Dinner time – I enjoyed  the best fish soup & Jake had Moules Marinere. So much food it was hard to finish, this place is located just by the water front and it’s very nice. Last year we had their breakfast buffet to . We highly recommend their food!

On Wednesday morning we drove down to Hyllie, parked up and took the train over to Copenhagen.

Copenhagen is a city you can walk around for hours and hours, eat drink and great for shopping as well. We were thinking to rent bikes but never did, can highly recommend that though because our feet were so sore come the end.

We only stayed 24h and got back to Mölle for one more night . We went to Höganäs again for some dinner. Garage bar. Pretty cool and vibrant place. I had their fish tacos!
Fun place to drink beers and hang around good vibes.

Morning swims for the win!

The village along from Mölle is Kullaberg. You can hike different tracks in the forest, we followed the blue one because it took us to : Nimis.

Felt like the weirdest place, lots of  drift wood that was made as a path down to the beach. 160.000 nails has gotten in to this ‘piece’

Someone obviously had to little to do in order to come up with something like this. Apperently it’s about 40.000 visitors a year and this is an illegale art piece, cause the artist never applied for any  building allowence. Still it’s here like +30 years later.

A 90 min walk in 30 degrees certainly made us sweet.
Our last day was spent in the village Arild. +24 degrees in the water and even I was swimming around without complaints.

South of Sweden is so nice, you should visit!