Sustainable choices

Let me tell you about an old addiction of mine, Tradera. It started in 2008, when I was crazy about vintage porcelain. All I wanted was available at Tradera, it’s a goldmine when it comes to vintage design.
Such a great way of shopping, to buy something no one need anymore.
I don’t really shop a lot of clothes nowadays, but if I treat myself it’s usually from winning a bid..

Lately I’ve been selling many of my things at Tradera myself, it was time for a rinse.
It’s easy and fun, the process is simple and the buyer gets happy when winning the bid!
Like winning the lottery in a way.

Here is two of my favourites. A black maxi dress from Acne. + a Rodebjer dress.

This update is a sponsored post by Tradera.

Right now there is a deal at Tradera when selling 10 items. Maybe it’s time for you to clean out your closet too. I have my eyes on this special piece