Lyckan Home

Hello & welcome to us.
Jake & the girls house in Bua. ( Girls meaning 6 hens and 3 doves and I )

Soon a new family member joining us. December 12th I believe, somewhere around that date anyway.
Trying to get our house sorted in time before our lil’ boy is born.
Hall way got new curtains and we moved our wardrobe as well.
Due to the baby’s crib in our bedroom.

At least there’s a bed, but I think baby will be between us right? Lights and a whale mobile will come up soon. Perhaps a grey canopy .

Hanna Wendelbo’s print sisterhood mandala on the left  and Lisa Burenius art work is next to Hanna’s piece .
It looks like it’s a pink horizon with a pink whale in the water – can you see it what I see ?

The octopus was a gift from three girls up north – Thank you so much – a pressie when FGL celebrated 1 year. So thoughtful.

Our pink love seat is the favourite in this house. A big print by Lisalove will soon go up on this wall to.
Always hard to snap a photo from this corner – there’s so much light..

I think our kitchen could be our top spot. 5 meters height to the ceiling it gives a spaceious feel.

I’m wearing our polka dot duster it’s from our newest collection .
Did you read my update about the whole process? If not, you find it here.

Many people always ask where we bought our kitchen table.
It’s a blocket find since years back. My best tip to find lovely old things is to visit blocket daily.

Blocket is good for finding prints and cabinets too.

The two ladies in the picture above is made by talented

I havn’t open my little gift from Hanna Wendelbo, the box was so beautiful so I kept on my drawer.

The bedroom upstairs with the flower wallpaper – carnation garden from Boråstapeter. We covered our ceiling and walls with it. So nice.

On the other end of the loft is a bed covered in baby clothes. Think I bought two bodies out of all ..

My gran knitted pieces are the cutest of them .

Jake & I spent few days to clay these walls in here. Not the most exciting job – good result. Looks like concrete. I can highly recommend clay walls in a bathroom, gives it a complete different feel compared to tiles top to toe.

this was all for now I think.
A little glimpsie from our home.




Yesterday it was +16 degrees. Hallelelua moment! (for us Swedes)
Working away in the garden with only t-shirts on. I planted some seeds. Mostly sun flowers and climbing plants which I forgot the name of now… I’ll update you when they are in bloom.

It’s been such a cold spring up till now,  yesterday was perfect. Weathers looking great for the next couple of days too. Happy and grateful. I think the whole of Sweden is doing the ‘happy dance’ thanks to this sunshine right now.

Mini our lovely hen is always around, basically on our feet in hope to find food from the old plants being ripped out. The most beautiful, hungry and cuddliest hen ever.

I really appriciate this time a year when everything is ‘ahead’ of you.
Yesterday Jake and I spent some time getting the boat ready in time before summer starts. Very exciting. First wash is done, now onto the rest… paint, polish, paint, make curtains, fix the holes in the cushions, the electrics, get a key for the ignition? Fingers crossed we have it ready by June.
I want it to be our summer home in July. Couldn’t think of a better way to enjoy the summer to the fullest.

You know when it’s Spring alright as our ladies refuse to go to bed, to many bugs to eat, dust baths to be had and make sure their favourite spots are still there from last year. Nice to see them so busy. They’re the best pets you can have!

All the best