Nu på Fredag

Hej käraste ni,

Nu börjar det närma sig öppning av Farfars Lycka och vi är i full gång med förberedelserna.

Jag har hittills bakat 9 kladdkakor, 150 st morotskaka, 50 st snickers och närmare 100 chokladbollar. Nästan alla ingredienser är ekologiska, bra eller hur!
På morsdag tänkte jag ev göra tårta, Vad tror ni om det?
Alt att det räcker med allt annat göttigt som bakats, vi får se vad jag hinner med.

På fredag öppnar vi kl 11.00 då finns det lunch och mycket annat.
Klockan 16.30 blir det premiär för Yogan och passet är donationsbaserat denna eftermiddag. Pengarna går direkt mot Läkarmissionen –



”Spädbarnsdödligheten i DR Kongo är en av de högsta i världen. På Panzisjukhusets förlossningsavdelning kan du se till att även fattiga kvinnor får föda sina barn i en säker miljö” 

Nu yogar vi för alla mammor tillsammans, hoppas vi ses på fredag! Tagga din vän, tack snälla! Sprid ordet, vore så fint om vi kan vara många.

Kram mir

This week

(this update contains collaboration with Holditbrand)

We’re on the last day of February already, can’t believe it. Time goes by so quickly. The hardest months of the year is done. Puh!
The week has been warm and sunny. We’ve been out walking more than before. So nice. The light outside gives us much energy.

Kristin and I released a new Jumper in FGL. It’s very nice and already very popular.

Finn was the cutest. Lots of smiles in the day. Had to steal Kristin photos cause I forgot my camera at work – how silly!
The sale in our shop is going strong still – ending this Sunday morning 8am. Check it out if you havn’t already.

Got updates from my friend Olof who’s in Japan working away with Holdit. They are very popular over there which is so cool I think. A company based in Varberg who’s popular in Japan.
Holdit’s new collection of cases Tokyo is inspired from just Tokyo.

I’ve been an ambassador for them since may last year. Right now on my instagram stories you can buy the cases I’ve been working with . I thought I can sell them and give money to charity. Helping others in need should we all do a bit more often – very important.

These are two of my favourites – if you would like to buy a case you help me raise money to children in Kongo to get a whole days treatment in the hospital for only 60sek. Thank you läkarmissionen for making a change in the world.

I’m hoping to raise enough money for at least 20 children.
Check my instagram for more pictures and information.

Lucca the wireless charger is my new favourite. I just put my phone on the Qi charger and it’s very quick to charge up, what’s really good as well it’s when the phone is 100% charged it stops giving your phone power which means – you save energy.

Thank you and good bye February – I’m very excited for what’s waiting in March.

reaction to all this consumption madness

Isn’t time to say I have enough?
I find it so strange that we still have ‘black friday’ ‘summer sales’  ‘christmas sales’ ‘singles day’ ‘mid season sale’
Vulgar shopping days – which trick us to overuse – resolve each other. After this Black Friday we all shop like crazy in order to give away stuff for Christmas and the day after christmas eve:
Christmas trade begins – which is expected to hit new record in Sweden with 79.7 billion kronor spent.
79.7 billion!

I’ve gotten texts and emails regarding the ‘black friday sale’ for days.
I can scroll by and delete, which I do.
But wanted to share how I feel about it all. It certainly makes me sick.

It’s time to re think. This week I’m gonna focus on giving more than usual, I wanna help others in need. Gonna go through my wardrobe and rinse out once again. Even thou I’ve done that for the past 6 months, sure there’s more to give. Food wise, we have enough to make meals for each day without ‘buying’ lots more.

If you have the need to spend money, please invest in planting a tree, that truly makes a change.
Here’s a link to Läkarmissionen. 50 sek will last to plant 10 trees. Amazing right!?