Nu på Fredag

Hej käraste ni,

Nu börjar det närma sig öppning av Farfars Lycka och vi är i full gång med förberedelserna.

Jag har hittills bakat 9 kladdkakor, 150 st morotskaka, 50 st snickers och närmare 100 chokladbollar. Nästan alla ingredienser är ekologiska, bra eller hur!
På morsdag tänkte jag ev göra tårta, Vad tror ni om det?
Alt att det räcker med allt annat göttigt som bakats, vi får se vad jag hinner med.

På fredag öppnar vi kl 11.00 då finns det lunch och mycket annat.
Klockan 16.30 blir det premiär för Yogan och passet är donationsbaserat denna eftermiddag. Pengarna går direkt mot Läkarmissionen –



”Spädbarnsdödligheten i DR Kongo är en av de högsta i världen. På Panzisjukhusets förlossningsavdelning kan du se till att även fattiga kvinnor får föda sina barn i en säker miljö” 

Nu yogar vi för alla mammor tillsammans, hoppas vi ses på fredag! Tagga din vän, tack snälla! Sprid ordet, vore så fint om vi kan vara många.

Kram mir

Farfars Lycka Vår foodtruck

Nu är vi i full gång med att fixa med våra underbara foodtruck.
Vädret verkar vara fint en tid och nästa vecka serverar vi våra första juice kaffe med dopp och förhoppning om Lunch.
Jag tänker att jag ska lösa Soppa nu i Juni. Fre-Sön. De är de tänkte dagarna det skall vara öppet, om vädret är ok.
Eller kommer ni ändå?
Nu i coronatimer kanske allt blir annorlunda, och man är sugen på tur och kommer till parken oavsett.

Vilken (farfars) Lycka att får hänga i denna underbara park i Sommar! Nyp oss i armen. Det är alltså jag miranda som kommer styra skeppet i sommar, Jake går på pappaledigt och kommer mest jaga runt på Finn i parken och bada tänker jag.

Jag längtar extremt mycket efter yogan. Det är något visst att yoga under träden och samtidigt höra havets brus.

Alla pass avslutas altid med te.

Du kan även köpa frukost. Start från tio och den finns hela dagen. Det gillade jag så mycket i Australien att deras frukostar fanns tillgänglig hela dagen på många cafe. Så även på farfars såklart.

Hoppas ni följer oss på instagram FARFARS LYCKA, där finns updates om tiderna, yogan, osv! Häng på!

Ses den 29e Maj kl11. Då blir det kaffe med dopp och mycket annat.



We made it! We are open.

Jake now has a cafe in Kärleksparken.
We’ve been working night and day lately in order to be ready in time.
Yesterday we sold our first coffee at 14:55.
Just like we said, ready for the 3-o’clock fika!


Finn has truly been a champion. He loves being out and about meeting new people. The more the merrier. He always amazes me. A happy boy all the time.
Thank god for that!

First guests. Willerstrand + Lagerqvist. Thanks for helping out with the last minute fix.

First smoothies out, made small ones for getting the approval.

Kristin came with a bike full of roses, a lovely tomato plant, fresh mint and salad.
Thank you darling. Not long after this photo was taken she had a long shopping list in her hand. How lucky are we to helping friends!

I just have a feeling this photo could be the winner for this year already. Honestly, how nice? #goals …. right?

Kristin. Lisa. Diba.

We can’t thank Sofia enough who has been helping out each day now, you are such a gem!
You and Bernie are not aloud to go back to LA, stay in Varberg please.

Kärleksparken is a magical spot.

Hope to see you this summer. We are gonna be in the park unless the weather is not to crazy, hope for sunny days.

Open today between 11-18. Welcome.


in between all

Weather has been so good lately I barely believe we’re in Sweden anymore. But after all it’s summer!

Finkel is enjoying him self in the pool. His smile says it all.

This has surely been a busy week so far. A LOT has been accomplished already.
I’ve made 13 brownies, 40 pieces of snickers bars, 3 batches of granola – so we can serve breakfast all day in the van .

snickerbars coming up

I have prepped so I can make chocolate bolls tomorrow morning first thing.
Ordered all the fruit & veg we need for this weekend.

There is so much to do in order to get the van ready. All good fun, we are forever grateful for Jakes dad helping us out every day. Thank you!

Since we renovate our own house to, it’s all a crazy mess. Busy heads and full focus, and non stop work!
Got a bit upset when our painter didn’t show up in 3 days. High stress levels then, but now it seems we are back on track .. fingers crossed! cause we are suppose to move into the house by next week you see.

Everything is truly possible.

I’ll update again tomorrow, lots to share from our house and all the happenings this upcoming weekend.


Kärleksparken in Varberg

hey hey hey!
I need to share a small secret with you. It’s about my better half
Jake. My amazing multi talented man.

There’s not much he can’t do. From building a house to cooking our food.
Sometimes he watches Youtube to learn a new skill or find inspiration for ideas he’s thought of.
For example, towards the end of last summer we bought a bee hive.

A bee community is something Jacob has always dreamt of having, so many hours spent researching on youtube and a day later we had hives placed in the garden.
Jake has always keep pretty busy and I love that.
Different projects here and there, one after another. No dreams are too big.

Talking about dreams, when we lived in Australia a few years ago we spoke about buying a van to drive around Australia…
Make a mobile coffee shop and work where we wanted too.
Since I have been a chef for 15 years and Jake is a great builder and electrician it didn’t feel so far out of reach.

But we moved back to Sweden, and have been here for 6 years now.
With this dream still lurking in the back of our minds, and the lovely location in Varberg called Kärleksparken being free this year (since dear Malin has chose not to keep her Juice & yoga there) Jake felt he wanted to give the Café dream a go.
Said and done.
Caravan found on Blocket. Few calls to the council, police and anyone interested. Papers signed. DONE.

Now it’s the part of getting the van ready within two weeks. EEEEEEEKK.
Tomorrow the renovation will begin and we hope to keep you up to date on our journey, every step of the way. Everything is going to be changed inside, outside.

This is such a fun project and I’m so proud of my Jake!
He always says in Sweden you can barely buy any good milkshakes. In Australia & in England you can get them everywhere. So Milkshakes will definitely be on the menu.

Juices, smoothies, soup and panini, oh & Fika obviously.
Hope you will join us on this journey. We will update daily, before and after how the renovation goes.
We will start the transformation on Friday the 14th of June.

So please say hi to the new, or oldie from 1966.

Farfars Lycka in Kärleksparken.
Instagram: @farfarslycka

For you who havn’t visited the park in Varberg before it’s located just by the water front.