The FGL Team left Varberg early yesterday morning. Time spent on a train is great, it gives us a chance to get things done. 3.5h on a train equals full work mode.
Kristin and I took a cab straight into Relatable office for a meeting with our contact person Siri, and Martin who is one of the four owners. We got to hear about their story and how it all began, started only two years ago and they accomplished a lot. Impressive. We left with so much energy.

Luckily Sofia was also there. She lead us the way to the next event. (x-stockholmare)
An ‘After Work’ with Kappahl at Nosh & Cow.

Sofia – work mode.

Earlier in the day Kappahl launched their new collection. Here we got the full story about it all.

Meet Hanna S, Hanna and Sania.

After the ‘after work’ we went for dinner, and miss Maren Ingeborgjoined us.

We stayed at Downtown Camper hotel. Breakfast is servered on floor 9 and it was incredible. I can really recommend that you stay there on your next visit to Stockholm.

Kristin ready for breakfast. Always stylish.

Floor 9 was a more relaxed breakfast area, calm music and healthy. Not very busy either. Perfect!

A barber in the lobby why not? Soo cool.

Great to place a table tennis table by the elevators.

I do love a messy bed, rather than one that’s perfectly made…

We surely left Stockholm with big smiles. Thank you for making it so special!
See you soon again,





Yesterday was something else.
Kristin and I were going to meet at 10 o’clock at FGL Store. But!
I got delayed because of PostNord. As I was going towards Varberg I met the van and I knew it had a very important parcel of mine. I turned around and collected the package (thanks for waiting Kristin ) It was a parcel full with clothes for a collaboration that was over a week delayed.

In Varberg we began ticking off a very long to-do list in a ‘fast mode’
Calls to India, many Whatsapp texts and emails later, finally we were getting there.
Finalising the last details for a few summer products.
Our schedule is almost ready up until the end of June.

There were two meetings planned for yesterday so we had to work rather quick. With NO distractions what so ever.  (Accept for snapping couple of photos of me ) We’re both pretty good getting lost with IG stories, snapchat and so on.

Even had a visit from our neighbour Mattias who talked about the plans for the area around FGL this summer. Very exciting. Mattias is such a doer! I think it’s his third restaurant he has renovated/or started up within two years. Varberg is very lucky to have him.

Marcus behind the Land of trees came to see us and we went through the upcoming concert with him at FGL Store, make sure to buy your tickets for this. Marcus is some song bird. His music is beautiful and we can promise you, you’ll leave with a big smile on your face and a happier heart.
The gig is the 21st of April and you can buy tickets here.

At 3.30 Frida came to the store and The Store was ready to be open by 4pm.

It was easy to tell we restocked two of our robes earlier in the day. Soon as the orders came in, we were shipping them out. Top team work! What else is new to report is the Varberg short duster  has landed
…and soon the pants and shorts will arrive to! Love wearing the full set, so cool.

Kappahls limited collection is only available in a few stores around Sweden. The collection is inspired of Asia, you can tell by the patterns in the clothes in many of the products.
Really like the dress I’m wearing. It’s in Viscose and have lots of cranes on it. You know cranes stands for good luck?

The collection ‘Big in Japan’ were realeased today at 10!

‘This update contains payed collaboration with Kappahl. & advertising for my own buisness FGL Store