the start and the reason why.


Yesterday Kristin & I had a lecture with many many talented woman at FGL Store.
There was a lot of questions and great topics that we talked about all day.
All of us shared our own stories, our reasons why.

In this post I would like to share my reason and how it all began. – My start with my Instagram and slowly growing an idea into a  buisness.

2011 – I moved to Australia Sydney on my own. My biggest adventure ever.
I did it all on my own. One day I had enough, so I booked a one way ticket,
5 weeks later I lived on Fletcher street in Bondi. Best decision ever acually.

I had a blog back then and I shared my thoughts and things from my everyday life. As many people did in 2008.

I always enjoyed speaking my truth and just to get things out my chest. Hopefully I could inspired some with something,  but I mostly done it as a journal.
2011 I started with a thing called Instagram.
My personal photo album, it was great. I could save my photos as a memory from my adventures. Back then I was loving Hipstamatic too, anyone remember that?
you could add great frames and make the photos look a bit old etc etc… hahaha!

My instagram account grow slowly, it was fun to share my pictures from Australia, due to the most beautiful country ever.
I was travelling a lot to Asia, especially Phi Phi island in Thailand and Bangkok.

Night markets has always been my absolute favourite. Finding bits and bobs here and there.
I think with my life style and travelling the world I started to inspire people in a way. Got more and more questions about my clothes, sharing tips of places I’ve been.

This interest became bigger and bigger and all of a sudden I was sending Harem pants back home to Sweden, it was so much fun to hand pick beautiful pants and share some of my experiences from my favourite city Bangkok.
I even had my own # back then #mirandasinstabyxor.  And this is how it all began.

When moving back home to Sweden I shipped home 300 pants.
People thought I was insane.
I sat outside my apartment on Sunday afternoons selling pants in the grass,
I wrote on my Instagram that if anyone wanted to come by I’m there.

This is 2012.
I was in Sweden for a few months working as a chef at Stadshotellet, Varberg.
A spa hotel. Full with Yoga teachers.
The interest of the pants were popular!
Lots of my colleagues bought my pants. And a very special lady Kristin was one of them. 

We never met in real life – but we shortly did just after this.
I shared our story before how it all started between us, read here.

The pants sold out – luckily I had friends who where in Bangkok and I gave them my contact to buy me so more pants.

I remember the surfer shop in Varberg wanted to buy all my pants and sell them in their shop, but I held on to my idea that I could do it through my Instagram. I enjoyed being in contact with the people who bought the pants.

Back to my thing working with social media, I started it cause I wanted to save my photos in one place. I always loved taking photos.
Since I ddn’t blog so much anymore I found IG much easier to use.
My red thread through it all have always been to inspire and share my journey.
I do like to be private even if I do it as my full time job now, that’s me.
I try to have a balance with some work, some private thoughts, my everyday life.
You can read a lot about FGL store, take part of all we do really.
The beauty with being an influencer is that it’s no rules.
You could do it your own way I believe. – Do what’s right for you.

What I wanna say as well that meeting people is incredible, where it can take you – you never know.
Working with Kristin in the hotel, started out as a fun creative friendship. She asked to take photos of me and we had fun that whole summer.

From my old blog. It’s a dialog between me and Kristin above.

We both were inspired each other & we lived very different lives.
I was free as a bird travelling the world – she was a mother of 3 kids and married. She had the security I was longing for sometimes, and I know Kristin wanted to travel and explore more too..

I left that fall for another adventure down in Australia Sydney.  Because of Love. Earlier that year I met this wonderful guy I couldn’t stop thinking about.
So I bought a one way ticket.
In fact on this very day it’s exactly 6 years ago I landed in Sydney.

and right now Jake and I expecting our first baby in December.

Life is truly special. Believe in your dreams, do what makes you happy.
Be scared and do it anyway.