My week has passed by like crazy. Sitting here thinking of everything that has happened over the past few days… time flies when you’re enjoying it.

Monday – Meetings and FGL Store.

Tuesday – Organizing for my grans funeral.

Wednesday – FGL Store.

Thursday – Started my morning at Oken’s Hotel. Met up with Finnvedens säljkraft and we started our morning with a nice breakfast. Then onto a day full of inspiration! Varberg City joins forces with the local businesses in hope to motivate and encourage it’s people with everything from politics, health and general being. So we spent most of the day there soaking up knowledge, very nice! Kristin and I also met up with Emma Knyckare a women we both admire greatly. Looking forward to our future collabs..

Friday– time for another early social breakfast, Handelsbanken invited their costumers to breakfast, with guest speaker Johanna. Johanna gave us coaching regarding health and living.

Verket made us a very delicius breakfast.

Full of inspiration we continued to the beach for a shoot.

A very important one too, We wanted to speak up and show our support reagarding Sara Danius. This had to be done in a hurry, but it’s how we usually work anyway — 200% speed.
Luckily the sun came for a visit and gave us 18 degrees. I had three dips, and I loved it.
+8 in the water. F R E S H .

Come 3 o’clock I had my final meeting – great fun to plan the future with great people.

Back to our store by 4.30 to meet up with Jake who was doing some work there. So that’s where I ended my work week. Love my job.

ps. I also done a rinse in my wardrobe, check out my sales here.