My week in Pictures

7 days ago I turned 35 years old. Lots of love, wishes, gifts and donations – all to me.

Kristin gifted me a necklace and a night away at Håkesgård with Jennie & Lisa. I felt so spoilt. Stomach is still sore after all the laughter.

On my birthday we drove to Småland to pick up six Indian Peacock Doves. Right now they live up in our girls old coop.

I’ve done a collaboration with wonderwall this week too.

Dear Lizette came by the FGL Store one day and hopefully she will help us with our website. SEO optimise and the rest…

Zero waste project is a success, this kinda thing makes me so happy.

We had time for a selfie.

Wednesday afternoon Kristin & I hosted long distance guests – all the way from Japan. Yes you read right, Japan!

Say ‘hej’ to Mr & Mrs Maruo.

We’re so honoured. Social media is fantastic. Owners of a wallpaper shop and work a lot with Sandbergs and Boråstapeter.  Lots of pictures covering their walls, pictures of Kristin alongside her wallpapers, even some of me to. They told us that the Swedish interior is really popular in Japan.

So excited for the future.

Another day we worked away with new samples..

The Spring & summer collection 2019.

The view from Varbergs best balcony. Holdit.
I met up up with Karin, and discussed our future collaborations. From today up until Monday I have picked my favourites, and able to offer you all 25% discount! Use the code: Mir25 and click here.

6 items for 25% off – Cases, powerbanks, cables. Don’t miss out.
All the photos you see in Holdits magazine are actually taken here in Bua. Where I live! Nice!!

This Thursday our baby is already in week 30.
Celebrated that with washing mini stinks clothes.
How cute!?

Lisa Burenius invited us for a super healthy breakfast on Thursday morning. Like, can she please open a café ?
Lisa is not only an artist, but a very good cook to.
Honoured and grateful know all these ladies – they are all entrepenuaers, dreamers, doers – who simply follow their dreams.

Without them I wouldn’t of been able to resign from my previous job last January.
They encouraged me so much.

You are great all of you, thank you for the inspiration!

Soon to update more about our breakfast, recipes etc..
Heaps more photos to share.

Friday morning started with a radio interview with Radio Halland.
Regarding Världens barn.

After that the sun came for a visit in my kitchen.
My dahlias still going strong from last weekends visit to Marie.
She’s open on Sunday, you must pay her a visit.
It’s such a treat for your mind. Nature is pure magic.

The week has been very busy – full with fun stuff every hour.
Spending my Friday afternoon at  FGL Store with Kristin for some more decisions regarding our summer collection and we’re going to count all of our stock.

Happy Friday indeed!

& today you’ll find me at FGL. Lisa Burenius is there all day with art and T-shirts .
After closing time, we’ll having a workshop together. Today the class is full but there is till chance to join in for next Wednesday.

3rd of October 6pm-9pm. Book here.  Bring a friend !

That’s all for today.



This post contains collaboration with Hold



Turning 35

I got a text from Kristin saying:

Bring following:
– a warm scarf
– night gown
– passport
– rain jacket
– a warm sweater

We met up 3 o’clock yesterday afternoon. Kristin palnned a surprise for me. She was trying to trick me by saying it was something with heights at first. (I’m seriously scared of heights) But luckily it was not.

20 minutes car ride from the city is Håkesgård. Marie’s magical garden & B&B. Kristin rented the cabin there for the night. So no heights involved.

We started with a walk in the forest. All of a sudden the wind stopped sun came out and it was so nice and warm. We sat there for an hours time enjoying tea and cardamon buns.  With no signal on our phones either we couldn’t get disturbed with wifi. How sweet.
This was such a treat, spending time in nature is the best.
We went back, had a shower and jumped into the bath barrel just outside our cabin.

Lately I’ve been kinda tired, lots of work on our summer house and being pregnant is a bit to much , so spending 45 min in a bath in the forest – unreal. Thanks K! so thoughtful. Just what I needed.

6.15pm Jennie & Lisa showed up too – SURPRISE! my ladies at the same place. We all agreed to, to treat ouselves more often.
Talk about luxury and self care.

7pm the dinner was served in the green house. Marie cooked us a delicious mushroom soup followed by a garden salad with smoked salmon.
It was unbelievable!

Next up: Facial masks, massage, games, more tea and so much laughters that ddn’t stopped through the night.

Thank you so much Kristin for organising such a treat for me. Thank you Lisa, Jennie for joining in- Much love to you all .

Since I ddn’t take any photos yesterday these are all from this morning.

24th of September. First morning with some frost.
This is were we had our breakfast.

Marie planted 350 dahlias this spring and now you are able to pick them your self, so before we head back home we went crazy picking ourselves a lovely bunch.

Marie & Victoria has Trip2garden once a month and next weekend is the last chance to view Marie’s garden.
Please do it’s such a stunning place, and pick your bouquet before leaving.

All my love to you girls. So inspiring each one of you. Thankful for having you in my life.




Dreamy place

Welcome to Marie.
She lives at Håkesgård in Stamnared. It’s about 20 min ride from Varberg.
Once a month she has ‘an open garden’ for people to come and visit and get inspired by her talent.
Everything here is a dream.
Hens, ducks, Indian peacock doves, sheep. + a garden to die for.

These doves is on our wish list too – so cute and super friendly.
Just been in contact with man who sell these birds so fingers crossed we might have our own soon. Perfect for my 35th birthday.

A while ago we were planning for ducks to, but they need a pond, so we have to wait.

Marie had a self pick section where you were able to make your own bouquet of flowers and her barn is open for coffee and home made cakes. If you go tomorrow I highly recommend the pear cake!
Jake said it was the best vanilla cake he ever had.


This is surely a beautiful time of the year – all the colors and the change in the air. September has always been my favourite could it because I’m a Virgo I wonder?

Kristin is a champion when it comes to making bouquets with dahlias. Look here.

Marie is open tomorrow between 11-16 – perfect sunday excursion. Enjoy.
If you don’t follow Marie already on instagram, follow here.