Ett mjukare Varberg

The 5th of September you can take part of a free lecture regarding kids behavior with digital presence.
My friends, Kristin, Jonas & Anna started this idea early spring.
Now it’s happening.
Thanks to the financial support of Vagabond Shoemakers, it is possible for all kids in year five, teachers and parents in the municipality of Varberg to take part in this lecture.
The hope is that the dialogue should continue at the kitchen table. Together with our children. –For a softer Varberg-

This is aimed at everyone who is close to children and adolescents. Teachers, grandparents, adults in general.
Everyone has contact with children more or less, and everyone has their own opinion shone digital presence for children and are interested in their well-being.
Let’s gather and listen, see everything from a new perspective and get wise and good tools to navigate forwards as well as we can.

How can we meet our children in their self-esteem?
Do our children know that the school is for them?
How do we handle situations when we feel confused when it comes to the internet and all technology?
How do we support the children of today?

Help us spread this in Varberg so that we can fill all 1000 chairs at 19:00 on 5 September in the Event Hall.