My week in Pictures

7 days ago I turned 35 years old. Lots of love, wishes, gifts and donations – all to me.

Kristin gifted me a necklace and a night away at Håkesgård with Jennie & Lisa. I felt so spoilt. Stomach is still sore after all the laughter.

On my birthday we drove to Småland to pick up six Indian Peacock Doves. Right now they live up in our girls old coop.

I’ve done a collaboration with wonderwall this week too.

Dear Lizette came by the FGL Store one day and hopefully she will help us with our website. SEO optimise and the rest…

Zero waste project is a success, this kinda thing makes me so happy.

We had time for a selfie.

Wednesday afternoon Kristin & I hosted long distance guests – all the way from Japan. Yes you read right, Japan!

Say ‘hej’ to Mr & Mrs Maruo.

We’re so honoured. Social media is fantastic. Owners of a wallpaper shop and work a lot with Sandbergs and Boråstapeter.  Lots of pictures covering their walls, pictures of Kristin alongside her wallpapers, even some of me to. They told us that the Swedish interior is really popular in Japan.

So excited for the future.

Another day we worked away with new samples..

The Spring & summer collection 2019.

The view from Varbergs best balcony. Holdit.
I met up up with Karin, and discussed our future collaborations. From today up until Monday I have picked my favourites, and able to offer you all 25% discount! Use the code: Mir25 and click here.

6 items for 25% off – Cases, powerbanks, cables. Don’t miss out.
All the photos you see in Holdits magazine are actually taken here in Bua. Where I live! Nice!!

This Thursday our baby is already in week 30.
Celebrated that with washing mini stinks clothes.
How cute!?

Lisa Burenius invited us for a super healthy breakfast on Thursday morning. Like, can she please open a café ?
Lisa is not only an artist, but a very good cook to.
Honoured and grateful know all these ladies – they are all entrepenuaers, dreamers, doers – who simply follow their dreams.

Without them I wouldn’t of been able to resign from my previous job last January.
They encouraged me so much.

You are great all of you, thank you for the inspiration!

Soon to update more about our breakfast, recipes etc..
Heaps more photos to share.

Friday morning started with a radio interview with Radio Halland.
Regarding Världens barn.

After that the sun came for a visit in my kitchen.
My dahlias still going strong from last weekends visit to Marie.
She’s open on Sunday, you must pay her a visit.
It’s such a treat for your mind. Nature is pure magic.

The week has been very busy – full with fun stuff every hour.
Spending my Friday afternoon at  FGL Store with Kristin for some more decisions regarding our summer collection and we’re going to count all of our stock.

Happy Friday indeed!

& today you’ll find me at FGL. Lisa Burenius is there all day with art and T-shirts .
After closing time, we’ll having a workshop together. Today the class is full but there is till chance to join in for next Wednesday.

3rd of October 6pm-9pm. Book here.  Bring a friend !

That’s all for today.



This post contains collaboration with Hold



This fall


We’ve been working on different events at FGL Store lately.
Two workshops booked in with Lisa Burenius already this coming Saturday and the next one is on the 3rd of October. Join in with friends from work or your bestie! It’s such a nice event.

The one we just released is a social dinner at FGL with me and Kristin.
We are excited !

Meeting friendly faces over a dinner is fun and exciting.
I promise there will be many conversations over some delicious food. Such a great way bonding with new people.
Read more here.

Another great thing is our project Zero Waste. Kristin and I want to use the off cuts- for less waste. When making clothes there will be some waste fabric.
And we decided to make something out of that to.

”Zero Waste – We aim to create clothing that leave less fabric on the cutting room floor. Given that about 15 to 20 percent of the fabric used to produce clothing winds up as waste, that’s no easy feat, but with a bit of creativity and innovation we allow our creators to reduce their textile waste.

Of course, what is left over should also be recycled into small items like head bands and scarves. We also use left over fabric to wrap around gifts and packages in our store”

Now we have two more products in our store – Hair bands & Scarfs.

More pieces it’s in the making too.

Love when you can create good stuff out of something that should of been wasted.In November these shirts will arrive..

This update is a payed collaboration with FGL Store.




Prego mama

These last months have passed by so quickly. Already in week 27, soon 28.
I’m getting ‘bigger’ each week that passes and in total I have gained 7kg.

Yesterday Jake and I visited the midwife and she measured my stomache,
then listened to the baby’s heart beats,  bless our little stinky it’s growing big.
Such a magical journey this.

Walking around with a ball of a stomach, crazy curiosity, sometimes  wonder how it’s even possible? but more than anything, an overwhelming excitement to meet this glorious little person you’re about to cherish for the rest of our lives. It’s a wild thought to think we all start from the same place






Feeling stronger than ever and I’m so excited for all there is to come.
Feels like our whole autumn is booked for different appointments, breast feeding courses, mama groups, blood tests and measuring this stomache!

Yesterday my stomache measured 25cm for my pelvic bone to the top of the bump?
Blood results was perfect, weight good… All good. Happy mama! I stopped drinking coffee as it gives me too much pain . No cravings from what I know.

There have been some of you who asked what clothes I prefer to wear now when I’m pregnant.
Here’s few tips from my shop, comfy is always nice.

LA Shirt comes in blue & black. One size.
So comfy, nice with jeans, leggings, boots whatever. A knitted sweater on top can be cozy.

10pm dress – comes in different colours. One size.

Varberg Duster & Pant. Perfect set.
Duster is one size and pants come in the sizes s/m & m/l.

This update is a payed update with FGL Store



The Norrmans part 2

We sat the alarm for 6.30am to check the sun rise. But unfortuantly, it was too many clouds this monday morning. Warm thou.

Every inch of this place is just stunning.

After a long breakfast we made our clothes ready – even brought our steamer.
Could you believe how orangized we become? the only thing that happend was that I brought the wrong sample of a shirt.  Noticed that after 50+ photos. Nevermind.
…and my hair had the biggest knot (trassel ever)  my daily struggle or look I guess.
Wonder if we one day will have a stylist with us?

These adorable highland cattles gave us a stare when stopping the car, we took the wrong turn.
Worth it thou, I would never pass such beauties without giving them some loving.

We said to photo some old favourites and some new samples, we did pretty good.
Little did I know that this place, Stevns Klint is in the Unescos list of world heritage sites in Denmark .

The cliff reveals sections from 66 million years back in time. Once upon a time it got hit by the asteroid who whiped out 3/4 of our planets animals and plants.

This set will be released Friday this week. Excited much!

LA- Shirt is popular by many.

Maroon polka dress – good choice this fall. Wear it with a knitted sweater when days are colder, always fun to use leggings in the same colour too.

We have been laughing a lot these day, because of happiness but also of being tired.
It’s just after a super busy period with FGL. Our summer has surely been great, far better than we could ask for, so it’s not strange we feel a bit run down. But also excited at the same time. These two days in Denmark has been great.

The Norrmans is such a amazing place. Full with love, inspiration,  tons of dedication and soul is put into every detail. I love creative people who live their dreams. DOERS!

We just had a sneak peak on their next project. The renovation will start this winter for a lounge area and a boutique upstairs.

This is my new found friend, the whippet Helium, she’s lush!  always on the hunt for food .

Having a dog among guests are the best. Many places in England have that – makes it all extra special.
If you’re looking for a cozy getaway this winter, you should definetly book yourself in.

Read more about Anna & Lars right here. 

Thank you so much for everything,




few days away..


We left at lunch today, Kristin and I .
Whilst Kristin were driving I made our  todo-list ready.
First  coffee stop: Solhaga Stenugnsbageri.

A getaway Sunday till Tuesday. A conference in Denmark to the Norrmans.
Owned by just The norrmans, Anna & Lars. You might have seen this place in Husdrömmar, SVT . Or even been here yourself already. They have been fully booked all summer long.

Anna just made sure the bath was warm enough – we just spent 40 min in there.
Such an amazing way to get relaxed.

Today has been all about slowing down. Pretty exhausted from a hectic summer to be honest.

These two days we’ll sum up this year and our coming year.
What has been good, what can we do better. How is our future looking ?
High and lows.

With stunning locations like this we’ll snap a few photos for coming collection and on old favourites.

I’m pretty sure we will get enough inspiration from here. Such an amazing place.

Lars was experimenting with a pizza dough tonight and we were lucky enough to get a bite,
SO nice!

I can’t really understand we’re in Denmark . It feels more like Italy.

This was our view whilst having our bath, mesmerizing right?

This was just a tiny update, more to come. Off to bed now due to an early start tomorrow.