Visit Varberg

Yesterday when I was working at FGL Store, we had a visit from a gang who’s been enjoying Halland for 48h. They travelled to the west coast with the MTR train. I followed their journey on stories, well jell from their visit at
stedsans in the woods. We really live in a nice county, Halland. Time to enjoy the places next door.

But anyway, back to the visit. This is how it look when influencers are at work. Snap!

& Smile.
It was nice seeing you all, but it was to short. Hope to meet again soon, Marlene, Jasmina, Sebastian, Anna, Anja, Alexandra!

Alexandra looking cute in our polkadot dress.

When others wear our clothing it always makes me so happy. Almost like I seeing it for the first time again.
Blooming blue dress suits you well Anja.

I got few messages during the wednesday when Kristin and her son Otto were fixing with the fridge. They made a little cafe’ corner. Varbergs smallest café. So next time in FGL you can have a fika if you feel like it.
So cute.

Madelene & I was lucky cause Jake popped in with a Park juice for us both.
As per usual Finn was a sweetheart. My little man, he surely loves being out and about. No one is a stranger and it’s more fun if it’s alot going on.

Starting to be a bit hard having him at work cause he crawls everywhere. Not the best with concrete floor.

A little reminder about our sale on Bua dress. 20% off ends today 23:59
& the whole of July we are open Wednesdays to Saturdays at FGL store! Hope to see you in the store peeps!

also. Farfars Lycka is closed today Saturday due to snoring boring weather. It’s gonna rain all day. We save our energy for the sunny busy days ahead, which means: We could keep open much longer if we are closed on days there’s no people around. Enjoy your Saturday.



We made it! We are open.

Jake now has a cafe in Kärleksparken.
We’ve been working night and day lately in order to be ready in time.
Yesterday we sold our first coffee at 14:55.
Just like we said, ready for the 3-o’clock fika!


Finn has truly been a champion. He loves being out and about meeting new people. The more the merrier. He always amazes me. A happy boy all the time.
Thank god for that!

First guests. Willerstrand + Lagerqvist. Thanks for helping out with the last minute fix.

First smoothies out, made small ones for getting the approval.

Kristin came with a bike full of roses, a lovely tomato plant, fresh mint and salad.
Thank you darling. Not long after this photo was taken she had a long shopping list in her hand. How lucky are we to helping friends!

I just have a feeling this photo could be the winner for this year already. Honestly, how nice? #goals …. right?

Kristin. Lisa. Diba.

We can’t thank Sofia enough who has been helping out each day now, you are such a gem!
You and Bernie are not aloud to go back to LA, stay in Varberg please.

Kärleksparken is a magical spot.

Hope to see you this summer. We are gonna be in the park unless the weather is not to crazy, hope for sunny days.

Open today between 11-18. Welcome.


Our midsummer

Here it is. Our caravan.

Weather has been kind lately and that really makes things much easier for us. Jake is such a champion, he can do anything! Look at this for a transformation.

Farfars Lycka…. is now…. pink and beige.

Whilst all this has been happening, Marc, Jakes dad is helping renovate our new house. Can’t wait to show you guys how far we’ve come.

Midsummer weekend crept up and we spent the evening at Mia & Olof’s place. We had all sorts of weather last night, rain, sun, rain and strong winds all at one stage, 10 people had to hold the tent in down!

Midsummer is not midsummer without the bad weather in my opinion.

We played games and a music quiz, enjoyed a bbq and lots of delicious cake!

Today I opened a midsummer present, Finn received a whole box full of porridge from Alex&Phil. What a pleasant surprise! I have been thinking of these for a while and there they were. He had his first taste this afternoon and it was a huge success.
He loved holding onto the tube, just like that our little boy is not so little anymore.

Midsummer day has been fun due to the big changes on the van.

Dad came just in time for the first cup of coffee.

see how happy he is! 100% approved. Puhu!

Luckily we had some old fine wallpaper left over, just what the caravan needed.
Jake said earlier, everything about this caravan is recycled accept for the paint.
Pretty good right?

This project is probably the most crazy one we’ve ever done. With timing and other projects going it has certainly tested us. It’s all in the mind, say you can do it and give it everything you got.

That was all for now, thank you for the support so far, can’t wait to open this lil’ beauty and welcome you all…

Say yes and figure out how to do it later


My today

My monday started early with making loads of granola for Jakes café.
Then me & Finn got ready to leave to FGL. Shop is busy now before midsummer and we sold out on the Rose duster already.

On our desk Kristin left me a card. She’s travelling Europe for the next couple of weeks, so jealous. Europe at this time a year is magical.
The card said Super mom – it made me so happy! Thank you so much mama, right back at yaa! Enjoy your travels to the fullest. I’ll be sending you few pictures from your garden so you don’t miss out on too much.

Imagine how a card could make you feel so happy. 

Our kitchen was extremely beautiful with flowers that was in perfect bloom according to me. I like when they are a bit over bloomed like above. So much to give still you know.

Have you seen our latest addtion in our jewellery collection? 
Swallows. You cannot have to many. 

Michelles was looking cute as always. She truly makes our FGL extra special, you should join in on Michelles next breath work class.
Read more here. Just in time to get in the right mode before ‘semestern’ ..
” Semester ” is almost like a holy word in swedish.
In the summer almost all swedes have their semester all of July.

Finn was such a good boy today again, he loves being in the store. A guess it’s all the space and everything there is to look at. Now when he’s crawling it’s a new game indeed. I tried make a den with some pillows but that little man climbed right over.

Madde moved back from Stockholm. Now she’s busy with looking after her field of flowers, that soon are ready for self picking out in Stamnared.
She also have courses now and then. This Thursday you can sign up to a flower wreath course just in time for midsummer – perfect if you ask me. Today she said there where a few spots left.
Between all this Madelene will help us in the store as well, so happy for that!

My favourite piece – the two swallow necklace. You can wear this necklace double as above or make it long. Such a fine piece.

Alright team, hope your monday was a good one. I need to sleep, 11 o’clock already.

Right now

Let me give you a tour of our project(s) right now…

Welcome to us, the super busy family on Mossvägen.
It’s rather full-on these days, just how we like it. House has to be liveable within the next two weeks as we are moving in! At the same time the caravan must be ready, as we will be opening soon after Swedish midsummer.

But all is possible, once you put your mind to it. Trust me.

Jake spent his Friday spray painting our beautiful skirtings, luckily the sun was shinning.

Today he started his new project…the 1966 caravan.

We are so happy and grateful Jake’s dad is here to lend us a hand for two weeks.
Couldn’t be a better timing, hopefully the first floor of our house will be ready for the three of us. So thank you so much for helping, can’t thank you enough Marc!

Very pleased with the ‘grey/beige’ colour on the panel, feels spot on already. Eeeeeeeks! Super excited for all that’s coming, feels like home already.

The original interior and walls were ripped out just before I left so things are moving forward that’s for sure.

Here is a sneak peak of the paint…
Looks ready for milkshakes already. Perfect for the van, indeed.