Ett mjukare Varberg

Ett mjukare Varberg – which is about highlighting and talking about the challenges of today’s youngsters in our digital society and how we – adults and young people – can help create a softer Varberg to live and grow up in. You will gain new knowledge and inspiration and our goal is a full Arena Varberg.

Lucky us in Varberg area that Kristin Anna & Jonas wanna highlight some of the problems we got in the society. They invite us for a free night to take part of valuable information, book your ticket here. It’s free of charge so it’s available for everyone. Great initiative. So proud of them! Below you can see the program for the night.

Programs – during the evening you can listen to:
Hampus Nessvold – program manager, actor and artist – and one of Sweden’s foremost lecturers and current with the show “Take it as a man”, directed by Mia Skäringer. Hampus blends seriously with boundless humor and talks about macho culture, questioning gender norms and the importance of letting boys grow up to be gentle men.

Ungdomsjouren Tigerlilja – tells about the challenges they face in Varberg, how they support young people on a daily basis through their on-call activities and about the different needs of girls and boys.
Anna Rask Sanchez,psychotherapist.
Based on the latest research combined with a solid experience of practical work with individuals and organizations, Anna takes us on a quick visit into our brain and gives us important knowledge about how our brain is doing in the digital world – about opportunities and challenges with our constant digital presence.

Mikael Bergman, a surfing life coach who loves to create softer men. Mikael has solid experience of working with young people who hare lost in the sociaety, young people with diagnoses and drug problems. Mikael will share practical tools about motivation and drive, about stress, anxiety and joy and how we reach out to young people.

– Music from Mollie Minott and Land of Trees.
A favorite duo in reprise from “A softer Varberg” at Brukstorget this spring. The magical duet they lake together, “Shallow”, we will never forget. Mollie Minnot and Land of Trees put tones on the evening’s theme and drill straight into the heart.

We’re moving out

So it’s happening. Another move.
Let’s just say it’s rather busy days this weekend.
We’re moving out and we’re renovating Linne’as house at the same time.
A lot to remember right now!
Gonna feel so nice once we’re out.

Doves felt rather brave yesterday and visited our neighbours.

We’ve been so lucky with the weather the past week. But on Saturday morning it poured down.

The hallway is the only corner that’s not messy right now.

I try between naps to pack as much as I can. To be honest I’ve been doing this for weeks just because I knew it would take a millions years to get done.

Another amazing thing is that Karro been home for few weeks. She’s been living with us for a while. Nice to hang out she’s been away for a year in Australia.

The other day Mollie Minott was at FGL Store all day due to the event
Ett mjukare Varberg.
Mollie said as soon as she walked into our shop she felt – This is my style of clothing. Was very happy to hear that, such a nice feeling knowing people appriecte your work.
She loved the Varberg set’ so she was wearing that for the gig later in the evening.

Kristin touched everyone with her story. She is so brave and strong! A real role model! I’m speech less.
It was a great evening, and probarly Varbergs most important evening this year!

Markus & Mollie warming up.

A soon to be kitchen.

Karro was impressed by the hatch Jake done in the floor.
A laundry hatch straight down to the washing machine.

Can’t wait for the result when the floors are sanded.

Old radiators all over the house. The plan is to go with different colours in each room. Lists and radiators will match the wall papers or the paint. So many decisions right now!

The girls house.
Did you see my storie today when Mini was in the front seat of our car? She’s the best hen in the whole world.

We’ve been packing stuff all day, it’s a lot to empty one barn, a garage and a house. 6 hens and 4 doves! HA!

Everything is possible thought, you can’t being lazy that’s all.
Next time when I’m updating here I’m living in our summer house.
So excited for this.


My friend Kristin & her story.

I would like to share something my friend Kristin wrote last Friday.
Something she’s been through and how that scared her for life.
You can’t see the scars on the outside though.
You could never tell she’s one of many.
Her story is horrible.

She was 16 when she met her first boyfriend and this is where it all started. Read below:

” I met Him one evening at the bar.
I was too young for that environment of course.
I knew who he was – five years older with a ”messy” story.
It was said that the parents couldn’t handle him, nor the teachers and he ended up in a youth home and later on he moved to my city.
I somehow knew how “bad” he was. But that didn’t scare me off.

That night he stood there in front of me with the world’s cutest smile and he saw ME.
‘I wanted to save him’ ‘I wanted to make him whole again’ He had just ended up on the wrong path in life …
He became my first real boyfriend.

It was intense and passionate in the beginning.
I can remember those butterflies in my stomach.
I let go of everything and quickly became completely immersed in him and his life.

Violence came stealthily.
I don’t know exactly when but I know he got the control over med pretty early on.
He knew who I talked to, he decided what I was wearing and he always knew where I was.
It was as if I was sucked into a pararell reality where his truth was the law.

In the beginning I showed resistance but it just got worse and I capitulated completely after a while. I was ashamed and was incredibly confused. I could wake up at night because he kicked me out of bed and accused me of lying and dreaming about other men.
Then, such “trouble” could escalate and pull out for several hours.
I was completely exhausted by all these conflicts and I surrended early on.
I was nothing worth and I was a bad person.

This is taken from Kristin 16 years old.

Next week Kristin Anna & Jonas organize a ” Ett mjukare Varberg ” with focus on ‘ Unga relationer’ Young relationships.
They want to contribute how we all can support our children to navigate in a digital world & feel good.
They arrange lectures and meeting places to create a ”Ett mjukt Varberg”

This evening we want to make room for many conversations and create a wonderful experience at Brukstorget.
It will be live music with short lectures and personal stories on the theme “Young relations”.

In contact with the Youth Service in Varberg and, we see how great the need is for knowledge and a good dialogue.
Let us help get ”a softer Varberg” where our youngsters are safe and know how to receive support if needed.

Together we are stronger. If you hear or see something, interact, help out! ask if everything is alright and if you could do something to help.
A helping hand can change someones life.
It’s better to be that ‘annoying friend who ask too much rather to keep quiet.

Few years ago everyone in my hometown was talking about the woman who got beaten up by her husband. How mean he was when he drank to much. Everyone knew but no one wanted to be interrupt ‘as you do’ if you ask or knock on the door. But! You should! knock on the door! help that someone, just do it.

Join in for the event – click here.
Ask your friends to join in!

Kristin is the bravest & strongest person I know.
She’s chosen to share her story with many both online and in person.
Next week she will share her story live at the event.
It can’t be easy bring up such horrible memories and I know she does it in order to help others knowing she was alone and vulnerable.

Bildresultat för kristin lagerqvist

All my love to you my dear friend. Thank you for being you.

Don’t miss out .


Ett mjukare Varberg

The 5th of September you can take part of a free lecture regarding kids behavior with digital presence.
My friends, Kristin, Jonas & Anna started this idea early spring.
Now it’s happening.
Thanks to the financial support of Vagabond Shoemakers, it is possible for all kids in year five, teachers and parents in the municipality of Varberg to take part in this lecture.
The hope is that the dialogue should continue at the kitchen table. Together with our children. –For a softer Varberg-

This is aimed at everyone who is close to children and adolescents. Teachers, grandparents, adults in general.
Everyone has contact with children more or less, and everyone has their own opinion shone digital presence for children and are interested in their well-being.
Let’s gather and listen, see everything from a new perspective and get wise and good tools to navigate forwards as well as we can.

How can we meet our children in their self-esteem?
Do our children know that the school is for them?
How do we handle situations when we feel confused when it comes to the internet and all technology?
How do we support the children of today?

Help us spread this in Varberg so that we can fill all 1000 chairs at 19:00 on 5 September in the Event Hall.