Baby things.

Parental life is starting to feel more easy going, becoming parents has surely been a game changer beyond belief. So fantastic and so challenging at the same time.

Many of you have been asking me if we bought much before Finn arrived. Answer… not really, just the ‘basics’. But we did buy non-essentials not knowing that they’d be useless in the newborn stage. At the beginning it all felt like a big blur, you need this, you need that, honestly there is so much choice. But I have listed below what I deem to be my ‘newborn essentials’.

The Pram. Good idea to do you research and buy one a month or so before your due date. Where will you be using your pram the most (trekking, city streets), frame shapes, tyre types… prams that are eco, prams that have storage, prams that are lightweight and easily transportable. Just ask yourself a few questions before you hand over your money. Jake an I were looking through different sites for second hand prams, which is a very good idea as you don’t have them for so long. One Sunday we were out driving and passed a baby store that happened to have a big sale on so it turned out to be cheaper than a second hand one.

Here is a list for what I found useful the first few weeks.

  1. carry sling – for the first few weeks when baby is tiny.
  2. breast pump if you get sore nipples the pump is a life saver.
  3. A flask to keep warm or cold water in. During our days in hospital I used it as my water bottle since it kept it cold. Now we give Finn formula at night we keep the boiled water in it. I bought our one from Twist and shake.
  4. Fat cream for sore nipples, you will need it!
  5. Nipple covers, yes! saved my life, best thing ever.

6. Dummies – buy tiny ones, for newborns.
7. Bottles – in case your baby doesn’t latch and you need to feed with formula from the start.
8. Covers for your nipples, they leak!
9. Cotton blankets, all sorts can’t have to many. They quickly get dirty. We’ve found polyester makes Finn sweat.
10. Car seat – Besafe izi go
11. A good quality baby carrier – Baby björn.
12. Baby bouncer – Baby björn.
13. Perfume free washing powders and stain remover
14. A soft night light, so you can see your baby but also able to sleep
15. Ear plugs!

The breast pump I had to borrow from my friend one night (in an emergency), when I couldn’t feed Finn due to the pain. It was horrible, so buy one just in case. Breast feeding at the start does hurt and so many get very sore nipples. Can recommend a decent pump.

Number 6,7,9,10,11 we bought before hand, the rest has been picked up along the way. If we have baby number two, I would have all these ready! 😉

Regarding clothes, I would recommend organic cotton. It’s the best for their skin. Newbie and Polarn & pyret is two Swedish brands that make all their clothes from organic fabric. You don’t need a lot in the start. Finn was 4.1kg when he was born and could wear size 50. I think 4 sets of pyjamas and 4 sets of pants + body vests is enough to use for the first weeks. Wrap bodies are the best since you don’t have to pull it over their heads, and its much easier to get them dressed.

This body Finn had in the hospital. Seeing it makes me so nostalgic even if it’s only 9 weeks ago.. such a magical time.

Don’t buy many clothes – hopefully you will get a lot of pressies for your baby, and those kind people tend to buy you clothes (because they’re so damn cute!).

It would be great if you found this little insight helpful, its not too scary.
Please leave a comment if you found it useful, likewise comment what essentials you would add to this list. Happy shopping.

m xx