East London

Continuing our Saturday, Jake and I strolled through the East of London, stumbling across the cutest of places, A Portuguese Love Affair.

My love for porcelain is huge. Hand made things always inspire me the most. I wanted the shoal of sardines, a big fish pot, a cabbage head made as a big bowl and lots more. If only my bag was three times bigger, I wanted everything.
The lady who owned and ran this store came from Portugal. I’ve always wanted to visit Lisbon, so stopping by this store took us there for a brief moment.

These swallows I bought for me and my dear friend. Plus the bowl below.

Columbia Road felt like a scene from Peaky Blinders, in my mind  anyway.

Happy with my purchases, we walked further on and stopped in a pub on the corner for one.

Meet Honey. Another cute pub dog. Gosh I love London now. Dogs everywhere. Think we fell for each other.

Passing through Columbia Rd took us up to Ace Hotel, and luckily it was comedy night .
The night got late as we met up with an old friend. After a few stops here and there and we ended our night in a Sky bar over watching Tower Bridge and the rest of London.

You gotta make the most of it whilst you can.



Broadway Market

Saturday markets are always special. I took the bus from Liverpool street over to Broadway market. You should go on an empty stomach for sure, so much choice to eat. Almost every stand.

We were strolling around and loved the big city vibe.
People watching is always fun. In England it seems like every person has a dog, so it even makes it more exciting to stroll around.

On Broadway market you can buy food, locally grown veggies, bread, flowers, juice, vintage clothes, cakes, a bit of everything.

Of course a chick meringue is a must when it’s easter!

This is my bread and butter for sure, love exploring big cities.
Jake was on the other side of town trying to get ticket to a Liverpool game so I was in the pub for a while. A very nice one to, full with dogs. Lovely atmosphere in The cat & Mutton. Est 1729.

I might of been the creepy lady who literally asked everyone if I could pet their dog and take a photo.

Even though we were meant to go back home on Friday night I think we were pretty lucky to get few days in London.
It was lovely to walk around and take it all in.
Shoreditch is a must if you’re in London! Our Saturday was so much fun!

Couldn’t beat Jake at all, usually I’m the winner when we play Yatzy. Might of been because I was just focusing on all the dogs I had to pet. We we’re both drinking ‘Cat and Mutton’s’ Cloudy Apple cider, so tasty, not sweet at all.

The English styling is beautiful. This place really had me, everything was spot on. Till next time.