The summer house

Welcome to our little cabin in Sanddamm.
Few years ago we renovated this house from the 1960’s.
Jake spent every night after work renovating this house. Within 6 months it was almost finished. Here is a little sneak peak how it looks today.

The hallway – I wish we had this wallpaper on more than just the hallway, all over the livingroom would of been nice. Will 100% go with this design on our next project. Love it!

Left off the entrance we have our small but functional bathroom with a shower and toilet.
I found the cabinet second hand. We chosen to go with tiles 2/3 and a wallpaper which I’m very pleased with. Gives a soft look and it’s easy to change the feel of the room.

Anna who lives here now is an interior designer. I love her style.
She also run the boutiqe Decolective in Spinneriet Lindome, make sure you visit!

We have two small bedrooms an open livingroom/kitchen.

In the bedroom to the right we have Harriet the wallpaper in green.

The house is 65 m2 in total. 50 m2 upstairs and 15 m2 downstairs.
There’s a utility room and spare room, perfect for storage.

Five minutes walk through the forest and you’re on the beach.
I love our little house. We’re moving in for a while in May.

Living here makes me feel like we’re on a holiday.
Glad Jake spotted it on the market that one sunny day back in August 2016.

Boråstapeter x Newbie

In proud collaboration with Boråstapeter.
Let me show you little Finn’s new room.
He has the finest of wallpapers from Borås tapeter.
From their latest collection Newbie Limited edition.
We’ve chosen the blue – forest & friends.

The series consists of four Easy Up wallpapers in limited edition, hand-drawn by Newbie’s own design team. Made in a sustainable and completely non-toxic production environment. Boråstapeter’s factory is based in the textile town of Borås, Sweden. Their wallpapers are completely free of dangerous substances and therefore a good choice in considering our little ones and the world they grow up in.

I’ve chosen to decorate with vintage frames and our cot we bought in a second hand shop in September. The ship you see in the photo above is my grand fathers first ship. He was a sailor all his life. 

This collection above is gifts from friends and family.
Jake bough the elephant and the pink rhino early in the summer last year as our first gift to little Finn.

In this collection you’ll also find bed covers, pyjama sets and accessories. Everything is limited edition. As usual, their entire collection is durable and all cotton is organic. You will find it online and in newbie stores .

The collection is available from today, a very beautiful collaboration between two conscious and strong companies. I’m very honoured working with both of them.


Today Jake and I moved out from our house in Bua, to our summer house up the road. The last couple of days have been very busy. Cleaning out drawers, getting everything ready for our summer guests. In between all this we decided on giving our walk in closet an upgrade. A total make over from boring white, to chestnut blossom.

For a while now, I’ve been looking for a desk on ‘Blocket’ (Sweden’s equivalent to gumtree), I almost drove down to the south of Sweden to buy one vintage because it was getting rather tight with time.
But one morning before opening FGL Store, I quickly stopped by a second hand shop in Varberg.

There it was…
The perfect size, the perfect everything. Love finding treasures like this, vintage shopping is so much fun. That same morning we also found a sofa, a cabinet, a table. Everything gathered under 10 minutes the final missing pieces to get a fully furnished house.

The space is long and narrow. When building this room it was meant to be a closet. We don’t really need all that space right now so I thought I wanted to make an office for myself. So much paper work nowadays so couldn’t be more perfect.

Green is such a relaxing colour and it’s stands for positivity. Like I mentioned in my previous update about wall paper, my love for Boråstapeters collection ‘In Bloom’ is just spot on. Here you see Chestnut blossom . This particular design also comes in a blue base for those of you who prefer a darker choice. Both are absolutely stunning.

The mint green cabinet once belonged to my nan, she painted it mint green back in the 1950’s. The inside is covered with yellow and green stripe paper. So cool.

Few hats from different countries.
I always seem to forget my sun hat when travelling, so the collection has grown. Nice to decorate your wall with to.

Our house has now gone through 2.5 years of renovation, finally it’s come to an end. Yay!

I think celebration is in order.

This is a payed collaboration between me and Boråstapeter.

Carnation Garden

Earlier this spring I went to Kristins event with Boråstapeter, it was a release of their new collection  In bloom.

Right there I fell in love with many of their new prints. We got to hear  the story behind each pattern and that was very inspiring,  said from the start that Carnation Garden was my  big favourite.

Welcome to the new bedroom.

Jake helped me get it ready just in time.

Said and done – our bedroom is now in bloom .

All walls and our ceiling is covered. I’m really pleased how it turned out. I wanted to cover the whole room with this wallpaper since it’s so beautiful. But also to make the room bigger.

You can see more photos on my instagram.

This is a payed collaboration between me & Boråstapeter.

Thanks for visiting,


yesterdays delivery

I received the most beautiful delivery yesterday.

– A bouquet with the finest of all flowers.

Kristin held a workshop on Monday night together with Boråstapeter, the whole night was a ‘full in bloom’ kinda a thing, if you didn’t read my previous update it’s here.
The evening was stunning, and now this bouquet! My heart burst with joy.

If you only knew how much this means for me, especially on a day like this. So Thank you, Thank you and Thank you again.

Flowers truly do have healing vibes..