My today

My monday started early with making loads of granola for Jakes café.
Then me & Finn got ready to leave to FGL. Shop is busy now before midsummer and we sold out on the Rose duster already.

On our desk Kristin left me a card. She’s travelling Europe for the next couple of weeks, so jealous. Europe at this time a year is magical.
The card said Super mom – it made me so happy! Thank you so much mama, right back at yaa! Enjoy your travels to the fullest. I’ll be sending you few pictures from your garden so you don’t miss out on too much.

Imagine how a card could make you feel so happy. 

Our kitchen was extremely beautiful with flowers that was in perfect bloom according to me. I like when they are a bit over bloomed like above. So much to give still you know.

Have you seen our latest addtion in our jewellery collection? 
Swallows. You cannot have to many. 

Michelles was looking cute as always. She truly makes our FGL extra special, you should join in on Michelles next breath work class.
Read more here. Just in time to get in the right mode before ‘semestern’ ..
” Semester ” is almost like a holy word in swedish.
In the summer almost all swedes have their semester all of July.

Finn was such a good boy today again, he loves being in the store. A guess it’s all the space and everything there is to look at. Now when he’s crawling it’s a new game indeed. I tried make a den with some pillows but that little man climbed right over.

Madde moved back from Stockholm. Now she’s busy with looking after her field of flowers, that soon are ready for self picking out in Stamnared.
She also have courses now and then. This Thursday you can sign up to a flower wreath course just in time for midsummer – perfect if you ask me. Today she said there where a few spots left.
Between all this Madelene will help us in the store as well, so happy for that!

My favourite piece – the two swallow necklace. You can wear this necklace double as above or make it long. Such a fine piece.

Alright team, hope your monday was a good one. I need to sleep, 11 o’clock already.