The very last day of 2018 Jake and I wandered out the hospital with our baby boy, Finn.
What an ending to an amazing year. 2018 has been so good to me in many ways. Work wise…unbelievably fun and free. Privately…travelling, friends and family, weddings and the rest of it have all made for a special year.
42 weeks of pregnancy has been the best thing though, I was feeling so strong throughout. As Christmas was drawing closer, I felt ready to meet our boy.

Here they are, the two people I love the most. Jake & Finn.
Leaving Varberg hospital, midday Monday, was an unreal feeling for sure.
Came here as two and left here as three. ONE OF LIFES WONDERS.

Super dad already.
Finn outside for the first time.

Jake bought me the most amazing bouquet of flowers, and he gave me a white gold ring encrusted with a black diamond. 

Haven’t had the chance to photo it yet, but it’s stunning, I’ll share photos when everything has settled in a little bit more at home.
I’ve been dreaming of a ring from Mumbai Stockholm for years now.



Everyday has it’s own pace. We are taking everything very slowly. Trying to learn how Finn wants it and must have it. Eat, sleep, poop, repeat basically.
Right now we have such an amazing time together, we are both so in love.
Starring at Finn for hours and showering him in kisses is not hard, he melts our hearts. Can’t believe he’s one week old already!

This time last week he was laying on my chest for the first time.

It was a bit chaotic around us cause I was loosing a bit a blood from the c-section few hours earlier. Thinking of it, the whole day was pure happiness, a lot of strenght, power and (pain off and on) . Breath work really helped me through the day.
Thinking of how great Jake was to support me makes me wheep. Life is so amazing. Giving birth to Finn is the best thing I ever done. Thank you baby for choosing us.

I will write the whole brith story when I feel I have more time on my hands, right now we live in the famous baby bubble of love.

Till next time.