What I changed in my life lately is the ‘bad habbits’. Or I should accually say changing, cause I’m still working on getting better.
Running your own buisnesses it’s really easy to work all the time. The weirdest part is that I’m the one doing it to myself, even if I have the power to not to.

All the years I’ve been working in places, it’s been within certain hours. 7-16 or 15-24, the boss I had back then didn’t tell me to do -a little bit more work just before bedtime did he! Why do I do it now when I can decide for myself. It’s not healthy at all.

Schedule. Schedule. Schedule. The key. So is long lists, if I’m not done with my todo’s in the  afternoon I can do it the following day… not till late in the evenings.

Bad habbits:

  • To check your phone first thing in the morning, like 6am.  Like why?  no thanks.
  • To read Emails/Questions just before getting in bed. Great to give your brain More to think of just before sleeping. NOT REALLY.
  • To always recieve whatsapps/msgs/or to check IG 100 times a day. Check them within certain hours.
  • To choose work over exercising and taking care of your body.

New habbits:

  • Create office hours. To give yourself the respect you deserve.
  • Book in time for training in your calender so you can’t blame ‘work’ .
  • Follow your todo list.
  • Don’t feel bad for not working as much as you used to do.


I’m working everyday to get better, be smarter, be healthier, and not feeling guilty over Not working as much as before, (full time job + 2 buisnesses) old bad lifestyle I guess.
If you have any tips, advices just hit me up! Always happy to hear your story.

Much love to you,