Baby björn

This is a payed collaboration with Baby Björn.
I can’t believe it has been over 6 months since we started our collaboration together.

Here, let me tell you how it all started.
One day I received an email regarding the collaboration. The amazing Baby Björn team were thinking it could be the perfect timing, as I was pregnant and they where hoping for pictures to be taken before our little boy was born.
I read this email 8 days past my due date… I was very happy for the email and replied straight away, basically wrote back saying ”if you think the bed could be here by tomorrow, it would be great, because I may give birth any second now!”.
Said and done, Finn’s bed was boxed and in our hallway by Friday afternoon, and luckily I was home to receive it.
It was the weekend before Christmas and it was possibly the darkest day of the year. Felt anxious that I wouldn’t be able to deliver the photos they asked for.

Saturday morning surprised us with it’s bright and warming rays so we were able to take the photos, with me still pregnant.

I loved every step of my pregnancy. Began to struggle with the lack of sleep.
Seeing these photos makes me so happy and emotional, that feeling just before having your baby is like no other.

and so little did I know here, what was about to come.

Great to get the final piece of the baby puzzle for Finn.
A bed for him to grow up with.
The excitement here was truly unexplainable.

Time flew by and spring was here, welcoming our baby boy. Already growing too fast. Finn is a happy, happy chappy, which we are so grateful for.

In the beginning we moved this bed into our livingroom and used it in the afternoon when he slept for a bit longer during the days.
It’s lite weight so very easy to move around and change its location.

It’s a lot to think of at the start of becoming a parent. The list is rather long.
A good and safe bed is near the top of the list for sure.

This bed is adjustable so when Finn starting to stand up we can lower the ‘floor’ so he can’t climb out. The fabric that covers the bed is made of a breathable mesh so you can have peace of mind if your baby starts to roll over.

Having a bed that lasts for a long time feels good.
Finn can use his until around two years of age.

Good luck with your purchase to your special baby, we got both the bed, their bouncer and Baby carrier from Babybjörn.
Good quality that last long and are safe is the key for sure.