Mary’s place

My dear friend Mary lives in Bua’s finest house.
Honestly, love everything about it.
The other day I payed her a visit and brought my camera with, at the right time as well, 3 o’clock – the coffee was ready when I showed.
Here she is with her whole family, minus her husband Simon, who is away skiing.
Finn is her ”extra grandson” – lucky me!

This house was built by Mary’s grand parents. You can tell the house has an old soul, just how I like it! 


There they are, Mr & Mrs.
She keeps a wedding photo of her grandparents on the shelf.
Nice detail actually, why always put the pictures on the walls?

Everything in Mary’s home has that ”soft feeling”. Not a lot of clutter, small carefully selected things found in vintage shops or that she has made herself.
I wish I was an artist too, nothing seems to be very hard when it comes to Mary, she just says: ”I made that long time ago” like it was the easiest thing in the world.
Some of you may of seen her work before, Axkonstochkeramik, is its name. I do think she should start making more of her linen lantern lamps, nude fat ladies in clay and lots more. She’s so talented.

Our hens are related, cousins accually. Wyandotte chickens are the best, each hen has their own personality.

the cutest.

After seeing the hens we went into her studio.

this looks like our rooster, Heyhey.

That’s her recipes hanging up there… perhaps Mary, you can teach me your tricks one day? Sadly I don’t think I have the patience when it comes to pottery!

the cups above is going to become blue when finished

Blue and white ceramics are always lovely I think.

Before I came to Mary I said that she could be the FGL model for the day, wearing her favourite pieces.

Luckily we found a pair of sunnies under a bench in her garden, perfect for Finn to wear whilst we where outside in the greenhouse.

”There will only be tomatoes, physalis and grapes growing in our green house this year” she said. ”There is not time enough looking after more greens this year”. Sounds like a good plan to me!

Thanks for the visit. I’ll be back with my camera when your garden is full in bloom.

Mary was wearing :
Apelviken Jumper
Be strong Tee
Indigo shirt
Lounge shirt
Kåsa blouse