Tävling hos mig

KUL news hos mig;
Du kan vinna en underbar spa dag för dig och din vän om du deltar i tävlingen som jag har tillsammans med Kusthotellet i Varberg.

Exakt här ligger det, precis vid vattnet. Till höger i bilder ligger bastun, som ej kom med i bild. Men för att du ska få en känsla så ligger den exakt till höger i bilden och jag står på bryggan där du kan ta dig ett uppfriskande dopp! Kalla dopp är det bästa på vintern.

För att delta behöver ni gå till min instagram. & göra följande:

1. dela min bild i er stories och tagga in era vänner i bilden så att så många som möjligt inte missar denna chans att vara med i tävlingen.☝🏻
2. kommentera nedan i denna post vem du vill dela denna natt med.✍🏻
3. Följ mig och @varbergs_kusthotell såklart! 

Upplevelsen innehåller:
•Thalassospa för två personer med produkter.
•Badupplevelse med sköna spaprodukter.
•Kallbadhuset med tre olika sittningar
•gäller söndag–torsdag

Vinnare dras måndagen den 9:december

Finn Jake & jag bodde över här på min födelsedag i september och vi hade så härligt. Underbar frukost – lyxigt med spa – underbart sköna sängar –

& otroligt lyxigt med ett barnrum precis vid lobbyn vilket gjorde att vi kunde ta ett glas vin medans finn fick leka loss, WOW kände vi som fick lite time off medan Finn lekte loss –

Kust är fantastiskt, hoppas ni hakar på tävlingen vore så kul!
Det blir en underbar upplevelse. LYCKA TILL!

( tävlingen är inte sponsrad, organiserad eller administreras av Instagram. Eventuell vinstskatt betalas av vinnaren )

I betalt samarbete med Varbergs Kusthotell.

Christmas gifts

Christmas for me is to help others in need.
I support organizations such as Läkarmissionen and Christmas time I support them extra.
– Like giving a safe birth to a mother.
– Plant trees
– The need for water, donate so more people get the chance to drink clean water.

My heart hurts so much thinking of how many people suffers around this globe. We all can do better to help!

Read this;

”With a rainfall limited to a short rainy season and with only a few water sources, daily search for water is the highest priority for the rural population of Niger. Most often, the heavy responsibility of collecting water for women and girls falls. They have to go very long distances which is not only difficult and sometimes dangerous, it is also time consuming. This means that it becomes difficult to catch up on studies or vocational training. The water that the women collect is often contaminated, sometimes it can even be deadly. In these cases, women face an impossible choice – a safe death without water or possibly dying due to dirty water. When a village in the world’s poorest country Niger receives a well that provides clean, fresh water, it will be a huge change. Especially for the women and their daughters, but in practice for everyone in the village. Including the animals. With your gift, we can ensure that some of those who still lack water get a well drilled.”

This is their reality, their everyday life. HELP OUT IF YOU CAN.

I drink water everyday from the tap, I shower, I water my plants.
We are so privileged. Got damn it, we take it for granted!

”Tree planting improves the climate and you get wood, wood or fruit that the family can use or sell for money. And the trees will be of long-term benefit and enjoyment for future generations as well. In Ethiopia, logging and climate-unsustainable farming practices have long been a problem. Grazing livestock and firewood for households has gradually led to a depletion of the soil and in many places severe soil erosion. Now we are trying to find ways to make sustainable and climate-resistant solutions. In the Awassa region, Läkarmission supports a tree planting project with different kinds of trees, both fruit trees and other varieties that are especially suitable for the region and the climate here. Tree planting means a lot to the people of the area and is an important part of helping vulnerable families cope with their food supply”

The basic cost for 15 plants of a fast growing variety is SEK 50.
I just bought 45 plants – for the cost of ”eating out once” .

The more I read up on Läkarmissionen website the more I question my own lifestyle and the greed we all have who live in countries like Sweden and the rest.

I gave birth to our son Finn last Christmas and had a very long birth experience. Over 16h in labour, and Finn was not coming out. My body was so tired and our baby was stuck. Lucky us, that we have the best hospitals. It was never a danger for us but it would of been for the women in Kongo.

”The infant mortality rate in DR Congo is one of the highest in the world.
At the Panzi Hospital you can also ensure that poor women can give birth to their children in a safe environment. Here is care for premature babies and the opportunity to give caesarean sections when needed. A gift that saves lives. The Medical Mission was involved in building the Panzi Hospital about fifteen years ago – in the midst of a burning civil war. Today, Panzi is a concept throughout the region. Many people walk for days to seek care and help at the hospital.
For only SEK 150, you are involved in helping a woman give birth to her baby in a clean hospital and under the supervision of a doctor, instead of at home.”

As a very privileged mother I feel this is the least I can do for a mother in need.

Few weeks till Christmas peps, perhaps donate money this year instead of buying material things.
Make a change for someone who needs it more than you.
Truly, you can change a lot with just little.

Thanks for reading this far. & thanks to Läkarmissonen who works hard and changes life.

Not so much to report

Hallo team,

How are you this November? To be honest, Im kinda tired.
This darkness is unreal.
I have a lil secret to it though.
It’s basically against the law in Sweden but this is worth it.

START DECORATE in early November to get some extra light since we barely have any day light this time a year.

Outside and inside! Don’t be shy either, and don’t listen if your neighbor seigh about it. haha! I stopped years back.

You got to love a crappy phone picture right!
This is from my Saturday at FGL.
I popped into Jennie next door who made signs for us.

I’ve been thinking of a new business logo for my Miranda Rebecca, and I hope Jennie wanna make it. Ill ask next time I see her.

Have you seen #kollijoxpoetry before? She is to good my Jennie. Always makes me smile.

I need to tell you about my latest finds as well.
Bedside tables, a mirror, bed frame and a cabinet – all made by hand in Varberg in 1700 something. How cool! I LOVE Marketplace in facebook. Lucky me Ive seen the post 1 minute after the lady posted it.

On the Sunday we went to Tjolöholm Christmas market and Finn met Santa for the first time.

Less than a month away till Christmas now.. excited much!


New look over at FGL

It’s the 3rd week in November and we had a shoot outside.
I don’t need to explain how cold it was, but we made it! Mollie was an absolute star who survived in all those photos being barefoot and bare legs.

Kristin just finished all the editing, and right now I’ve been updating our Facebook shop.

FGL has a completely new look, all photos are taken in Varberg, we’ve been using different models and even had a different photographer cause it’s usually Kritin or me.
The newest members in FGL collection are the beige lounge shirt and the bird robe. They are both incredibly gifts for yourself or someone you love this Christmas .

The lounge shirt is lovely with jeans open or closed. Our match it with our blooming pants and feel cozy at home.

Thanks to Mollie, Merry, Johanna, Ellen, Fideli, Kristin, Therese, Jenny and Jake for these days! You guys are great.

Now I’m gonna sort out the winner in the competition we had the other day. 2 lucky couples will be drawn – and get notified latest tomorrow.
Thanks for joining in guys.

Till next time. xx

(payed update with my own company FGL Store.)

it’s not all rainbows and sunshine

It’s been over 10 months since Finn entered our world.
As much as I do love being a mother I find it hard many days as well.

I did’nt know how hard it was to miss out on sleep. From last September I started to have bad nights sleep, and it’s not better now when Finn wanna eat few times each night. Read this the other night and thought it was spot on in every word.

To the new mom – 
I know you’re struggling, things you’ve never considered hard have suddenly become close to impossible- like leaving be house, eating a hot meal, sleeping, taking a shower, finishing a sentence or a thought. .
I know you worry, worry like you never have before, worry if you have time to go to the bathroom, worrying if you can sleep when the baby is sleeping, worrying if you’ve dressed the baby right, worrying about the fact that breastfeeding wasn’t all that easy as people made it seem, worrying if you’re doing motherhood right. .
I know you’re tired, tired of asking yourself all these questions, exhausted from the lack of sleep and alone time you used to have just a minute ago. .
You’re probably in need of rest yourself, in need of love and comfort, giving birth is like getting hit by a car, the hormones that comes after are probably even worse. .
So I want to tell you that it will get easier, you’re doing great, we all ask these questions, we all feel overwhelmed, it’s not all rainbows and sunshine like you might have been lead to believe. .
But in a year or two you’ll have a little person who tells you thank you, thank you for loving me like only you know how, thank you for holding me thank you for putting me first, thank you for everything you’ve done, you did it all right. They will tell you in everything they do, how they look at you, how they tough you and how you are their safe place, forever.

Believe in yourself, it’s supposed to be hard, that only means you care.
Text credit: saracelina.