This fall


We’ve been working on different events at FGL Store lately.
Two workshops booked in with Lisa Burenius already this coming Saturday and the next one is on the 3rd of October. Join in with friends from work or your bestie! It’s such a nice event.

The one we just released is a social dinner at FGL with me and Kristin.
We are excited !

Meeting friendly faces over a dinner is fun and exciting.
I promise there will be many conversations over some delicious food. Such a great way bonding with new people.
Read more here.

Another great thing is our project Zero Waste. Kristin and I want to use the off cuts- for less waste. When making clothes there will be some waste fabric.
And we decided to make something out of that to.

”Zero Waste – We aim to create clothing that leave less fabric on the cutting room floor. Given that about 15 to 20 percent of the fabric used to produce clothing winds up as waste, that’s no easy feat, but with a bit of creativity and innovation we allow our creators to reduce their textile waste.

Of course, what is left over should also be recycled into small items like head bands and scarves. We also use left over fabric to wrap around gifts and packages in our store”

Now we have two more products in our store – Hair bands & Scarfs.

More pieces it’s in the making too.

Love when you can create good stuff out of something that should of been wasted.In November these shirts will arrive..

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Turning 35

I got a text from Kristin saying:

Bring following:
– a warm scarf
– night gown
– passport
– rain jacket
– a warm sweater

We met up 3 o’clock yesterday afternoon. Kristin palnned a surprise for me. She was trying to trick me by saying it was something with heights at first. (I’m seriously scared of heights) But luckily it was not.

20 minutes car ride from the city is Håkesgård. Marie’s magical garden & B&B. Kristin rented the cabin there for the night. So no heights involved.

We started with a walk in the forest. All of a sudden the wind stopped sun came out and it was so nice and warm. We sat there for an hours time enjoying tea and cardamon buns.  With no signal on our phones either we couldn’t get disturbed with wifi. How sweet.
This was such a treat, spending time in nature is the best.
We went back, had a shower and jumped into the bath barrel just outside our cabin.

Lately I’ve been kinda tired, lots of work on our summer house and being pregnant is a bit to much , so spending 45 min in a bath in the forest – unreal. Thanks K! so thoughtful. Just what I needed.

6.15pm Jennie & Lisa showed up too – SURPRISE! my ladies at the same place. We all agreed to, to treat ouselves more often.
Talk about luxury and self care.

7pm the dinner was served in the green house. Marie cooked us a delicious mushroom soup followed by a garden salad with smoked salmon.
It was unbelievable!

Next up: Facial masks, massage, games, more tea and so much laughters that ddn’t stopped through the night.

Thank you so much Kristin for organising such a treat for me. Thank you Lisa, Jennie for joining in- Much love to you all .

Since I ddn’t take any photos yesterday these are all from this morning.

24th of September. First morning with some frost.
This is were we had our breakfast.

Marie planted 350 dahlias this spring and now you are able to pick them your self, so before we head back home we went crazy picking ourselves a lovely bunch.

Marie & Victoria has Trip2garden once a month and next weekend is the last chance to view Marie’s garden.
Please do it’s such a stunning place, and pick your bouquet before leaving.

All my love to you girls. So inspiring each one of you. Thankful for having you in my life.




growing big

The bump happend over night, basically.
Welcome week 29 + 1 day today.

Wonder if I gained close to 10kg now? It says baby is around 1,3kg and 32 cm long now.

Every night I wake up just after 3am. Zero chance to go back to sleep until 6am.. if I’m lucky I get another hour sleep or my day starts then.

Last weekend we went to a friends wedding in France. Long days, lots of people. I got absolute exhausted by all the impressions, people, and being out and about. But tried my best to join in as much I could.
But on the Sunday I couldn’t do anything more then to rest. I stayed in bed all day.
Monday felt like a big hang over. I think I felt more tired due to the 35 degrees and a growing bump; A lot of pain in my ribs. Little bit better now.

Oh ! and  this morning I had my first dream about giving birth. Apparently I woke up and I felt that my water broke, me and Jake went to the hospital and the lady came out with the biggest of syringe saying:

-Spread your legs so I can give you this.
-Oh no I said and walk away. No chance you will do that. ( hate syringes ) so I decided to walk in the forrest till our baby came out.

Luckily that was a dream, cause there is no chance of syringes down in you know what?? I’ll die if soooo…

Happy Friday! I’m off work this weekend. It’s my birthday tomorrow!

by the way, Kristin shared her birth story yesterday so visit her. Like a little saga.

love m



-Världens barn insamling-

A while ago I got asked if I wanted to be an ambassador through my social media accounts, to help raise awareness of Världens barn.
For me there was no doubt.  OFF COURSE!
Couple of years back I was travelling in Thailand for work and if I can I’ll try my best to help others in need.
Everyone can contribute in some way.
”Once, when I was in Northern Thailand, I was so taken with the beauty of a little girl. Her laughter and joy made me realise how miserable and unhappy many of us are, and yet we have everything.
I couldn’t sleep that night, so I updated my personal Facebook status, in hope that more people could help those children”
This message alone lead to :
29 shares, 45 comments, 76 likes & 
13.900 SEK to the orphange.
All because of the experience I had earlier in the day. 
So with this said I know sharing awareness and help other makes a huge difference, few years back I could give the children in northern Thailand 13.900 SEK. Just by update my Facebook status. I’m so lucky to have such loving and giving friends and family around me.
– Dear friends, family and followers.
The yearly campaign of @varldensbarn (Children of the world) has started, it’s where we get together to collect money for children all over the world, that need it the most.
•The smallest amount can make a huge difference, and save the life of a child. Living in Sweden is such a privilege, we don’t know how it is to be hungry, cold or lonely. We all can afford to help out those who need it the most.
If we ALL help to contribute it will be a huge change for many.
I am so thankful for any kind of contribution to this important campaign. The 22nd of September it is my 35th birthday and I have decided to give money instead of celebrating with lots of food and friends this year. For me it feels better to help others, so my birthday gift this year will be a donation!
Think of something you could easily skip and make a donation instead. Could it be that coffee? Or that sweater that you already have ten the same of in your wardrobe?

When I got asked to share awareness regarding Världens barn I read up more about how they work with aid agencies, just reading the sentence that 15 000 children under the age of 5 years, die every day, through poor conditions… It’s heartbreaking!
There is so much injustice in this world and these poor children suffer.
By sharing this in my social media I hope I can get more people to help out!
Thank you with all my heart, it means a lot to me that you’ve read this far, and thank you for making my 35th birthday extra special and meaningful.

Click here to come to the donation.

Prego mama

These last months have passed by so quickly. Already in week 27, soon 28.
I’m getting ‘bigger’ each week that passes and in total I have gained 7kg.

Yesterday Jake and I visited the midwife and she measured my stomache,
then listened to the baby’s heart beats,  bless our little stinky it’s growing big.
Such a magical journey this.

Walking around with a ball of a stomach, crazy curiosity, sometimes  wonder how it’s even possible? but more than anything, an overwhelming excitement to meet this glorious little person you’re about to cherish for the rest of our lives. It’s a wild thought to think we all start from the same place






Feeling stronger than ever and I’m so excited for all there is to come.
Feels like our whole autumn is booked for different appointments, breast feeding courses, mama groups, blood tests and measuring this stomache!

Yesterday my stomache measured 25cm for my pelvic bone to the top of the bump?
Blood results was perfect, weight good… All good. Happy mama! I stopped drinking coffee as it gives me too much pain . No cravings from what I know.

There have been some of you who asked what clothes I prefer to wear now when I’m pregnant.
Here’s few tips from my shop, comfy is always nice.

LA Shirt comes in blue & black. One size.
So comfy, nice with jeans, leggings, boots whatever. A knitted sweater on top can be cozy.

10pm dress – comes in different colours. One size.

Varberg Duster & Pant. Perfect set.
Duster is one size and pants come in the sizes s/m & m/l.

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