Our square at Brukstorget.
You need to visit if your in Varberg.
Welcome to Blomsterbaren.
Every week we see the girls next door, I usually run in to heat up my food and always get taken all the beauty in there.

Shop is full of decoration and inspiration.
If you are lucky Doris might be in there too.

The latest news is that we’re gonna get new neighbours at the start of next year.
Our girls Lisa B Jennie K and Frida E. = Clart
Stands for clay and art. Just what the trio are together.

A more creative corner you’ll have to look for in Varberg.
My little baby will have so many mummas around. Lucky me.
2019 will be very special.


Can’t wait!






Down memory lane


Let’s go back about 5 years. I was scrolling down a long way in my feed this morning and I thought it would be fun sharing some memories with you guys.
It’s only screen shots but that’s ok I hope.

Pic 1 From our time in Australia 2012.
Here I am together with my sister in law celebrating Australia day.
Pic 5.
When a lock smith had to come and undo the garage door, I accidently left the keys inside the garage.
Embarrassing cause we lived in a van in Jake’s brothers garage at that time. Lan lord ddn’t even know we stayed there. OBS!
Pic 6. The van. Our bedroom in the garage, gosh I loved living like a gypsy. So damn free.
Pic 9. We were always playing monopoly. / Mir 1-0 Jake
Pic 10. Jake & I at a festival +49 degrees in the sun that day. It was so hot my legs were in pain from the heat.
Pic12. Sydney opera house and me drinking my last coffee before heading out to Thailand.

This screen shot above is mostly Bondi beach, litterally just outside our door step.
More festival pictures. Autumn 2012.

My first week back in Sydney seeing my man after 7 months apart.Can’t explain that feeling really. Happiness is an understatement.
Pic 1. I had a mint green cruiser seen in the first pic to the left.
Pic 2. Jake and the van, when it died just outside the mental home.

We were stuck for few hours, weird feeling.

Pic 5 to 9. Autumn vintage market with lots of cider in the sun.

Start of 2013.When our travels started.
We started off in Bangkok. Remember how much fun it was to be back.The need for harem pants were really big, this time I saved all orders in my journal so I could manage to keep track on every request.

So many wanted them in the same colours for kids and grown ups. Fun memories..
After Bangkok we headed up to Chiang Mai and adopted an elephant each, for one day only. Great day. Amazing and huge animal.

We spent 2 weeks in Cambodia. Many hours spent on the bumpy roads there.
Insanly hot weather, and a lot of poor people.
We went shopping in the supermarkets and bought as much as we could and handed out food by the roads. It was very corrupt, the police stopped us and said we had no lights at the moped, which was a lie, cause it was working but he forced us to pay money. If I don’t remember wrong he wanted U.S dollars. We payed. Couldn’t do or say anything really..

Back in Bangkok again – shipping harem pants like crazy, even got updates from Sweden with kids wearing them. SO cute.
We mostly went shopping at the night markets, ate delicious food, treated us daily with massages, sun bathing at the roof top pool. Nothing much but enjoying life.

You can’t travel forever so in April I got back to Varberg. 300 pants shipped with the post. Sat outside my apartment selling them on Sundays, and brought a few to the hotel. The spa ladies were thrilled.
I got a job as a restaurant manager at Spis & Deli.
It looks like I ddn’t wear anything else but those pants. Haha!

Kristin had a few as well, black elephant pattern and orange/red coloured ones and purple flower patterns if I don’t remember too wrong.

Jake where back home in England for a while since he’s been away for 3 years.
Lucky me he came to me in Sweden over midsummer, and then he was back here mid july.
He decided then he’s gonna move over. So he left England for me. Shit I’m a lucky gurl.

Said and done, in August he came and stayed.
5.5 years later we’re expecting our first baby.
Lots of things happend since and I’m forever grateful for all the joy it’s been.

Cheers for what’s next.



trying again..


Gonna be completely honest with you. Last week I started three different post that I was planing to finish, but the energy was not there fully.
It was both high and lows and I was drained.
I’m trying again today and hope my focus is back.
When I woke up this morning it was so beautiful outside, crispy air and -5 degrees.

Mornings like this are my favourite.
I went out to let our girls out. They don’t mind the cold weather at all. Our viking hens. hahah!

We keep our doves in the barn as well and we have two new members born last week; baby doves, the sound from them is so cute.

I’m soon heading into the city to our beloved FGL Store and after that I’m gonna see my midwife.
Not many appointments left now. Exciting. Hospital bag is ready and so are we.

Before I finish this post I need to tell you about upcoming weekend.
Jenny & Jens will join us at FGL. Great artwork.

& after closing time the have a workshop for kids, few tickets left.

”Workshop för barn, med illustratören Jens Brandt Grönberg”

Datum: 1/12 – 2018 Tid. 15.30:00-18:30

I december får du som är mellan sex och tio år chansen att vässa dina rittekniker tillsammans med illustratören och grafiska formgivaren Jens Grönberg Brandt.

Den 1 december håller Jens Brandt Grönberg en workshop för barn som älskar att rita. Jens har varit grafiker och illustratör i över 20 år och jobbat med allt ifrån reklam och konst till läroböcker.

Genom individuell handledning vägleder, stöttar och vässar han varje deltagares kunskap, önskan och inte minst inspiration.

Deltagarna ritar sina favoritmotiv och får hjälp och enkla tips kring saker som hur man till exempel illustrerar ett särskilt ansiktsuttryck, fångar en känsla eller ritar ett knepigt perspektiv.

Inga dyra material eller skärmar krävs, det är back to basics med papper och penna som gäller.

Begränsat antal platser. Allt material ingår och under kvällen serveras smörgås & dricka.


Enjoy your Monday





reaction to all this consumption madness

Isn’t time to say I have enough?
I find it so strange that we still have ‘black friday’ ‘summer sales’  ‘christmas sales’ ‘singles day’ ‘mid season sale’
Vulgar shopping days – which trick us to overuse – resolve each other. After this Black Friday we all shop like crazy in order to give away stuff for Christmas and the day after christmas eve:
Christmas trade begins – which is expected to hit new record in Sweden with 79.7 billion kronor spent.
79.7 billion!

I’ve gotten texts and emails regarding the ‘black friday sale’ for days.
I can scroll by and delete, which I do.
But wanted to share how I feel about it all. It certainly makes me sick.

It’s time to re think. This week I’m gonna focus on giving more than usual, I wanna help others in need. Gonna go through my wardrobe and rinse out once again. Even thou I’ve done that for the past 6 months, sure there’s more to give. Food wise, we have enough to make meals for each day without ‘buying’ lots more.

If you have the need to spend money, please invest in planting a tree, that truly makes a change.
Here’s a link to Läkarmissionen. 50 sek will last to plant 10 trees. Amazing right!?





Throwback 13 weeks


When I thought I was getting a ‘bump’ in August it was just a tiny one, if you compare to now.

It’s a little bit harder to come up from the sofa, or in the mornings when I wake up.

This photo is taken 10th of August. I’m in week 23.

Just after the way out west festival, I remember how much the baby was kicking during the shows.
Music seems to create a lot of movements.

The picture below is the last day of week 36.
Mama bear is feeling heavy, not so flexible doing my yoga anymore but I’m gonna continue cause it’s so good, gives me a strong mind.

Now I’m off to see the accountant, just finished all paperwork. Some more is coming for december but feeling so relieved now when I’m all done up till now. YAY!

15th of November I’ll be spending all afternoon at FGL Store.
Hope to see you.