Funny Swedes

To get a Swede social in winter time you organize a 15- o’clock fika.
We never miss out on a ”kaffe & kaka” .

Marlene Kristin & I had a meeting before we opened. Marie came with her brand new pottery, we all we’re amazed over the plate with blue roses.
Busy talking about this and that so I forgot to take photos really.
Today was only about being social and hang out.
15-o’clock fika is the best.
To describe a fika for a non swede is like what a cold beer in the pub is if you’re english, or perhaps a ginger kombucha if you’re an american.
That’s what a fika is for a swede.

Everyone loves Fruvintage11kaffe. Fine coffee beans with a good cause, you support läkarmissionen if you buy a bag! Such a fine gesture.
Always nice to hang out with lovely Marlene, so gentle and thoughtful.
Finn got a gift from her – his very own kånken bag.

Marie were selling ceramics like crazy and looking after Finn.
You can visit her shop if you wish to buy online.

I do think the rose plate will be the new best seller.
Tiny semla buns from our dear neighbour, konditoributiken. She made so many semlas, both swedish and icelandic! Both were a treat!
First I was unsure if we were going to finish all of them, but we did!

Such a nice Wednesday afternoon.

I love how Kristin always goes all in! Stripes with stripes! is the new black!

Michelle & Bea busy talking secrets 😉 .
Thanks for coming today, loved it!


15 o’clock coffee

Hello there!
It’s wednesday already and that means an open shop.
Today is a special day cause Marlene & Marie are joining us.
We decided to open FGL a bit earlier than usual so doors will be open from 15 o’clock.
Marlene is selling her fruvintage11 kaffe and Marie her pottery.
Konditoributiken who is our neighbour at brukstorget has given us Semlas for the coffee today, lucky us!
I really hope to see you at the store sometime today.
You can’t miss out on a 3kaffe!

On the sunniest day last week we released Apelviken jumper – and the respons has been lovely. I hope that you will love these sweaters as much as we do, so comfy! An over sized jumper is always very useful.

Lovely little Finn boy.
Always with me while I’m working. Talk about slow pase nowadays, but it’s perfectly ok, cause who needs to stress 2019. Not us.
What could take an hour takes about four hours, haha!
But like my friend said the other day;
Becoming a parent means let go of your own ego. It’s not about you anymore.
I totally agree.

At FGL we got the best sofa for feeding Finn.
..or to have a cup of coffee and enjoy the atmosphere.

See you at 15 o-clock.

Baby things.

Parental life is starting to feel more easy going, becoming parents has surely been a game changer beyond belief. So fantastic and so challenging at the same time.

Many of you have been asking me if we bought much before Finn arrived. Answer… not really, just the ‘basics’. But we did buy non-essentials not knowing that they’d be useless in the newborn stage. At the beginning it all felt like a big blur, you need this, you need that, honestly there is so much choice. But I have listed below what I deem to be my ‘newborn essentials’.

The Pram. Good idea to do you research and buy one a month or so before your due date. Where will you be using your pram the most (trekking, city streets), frame shapes, tyre types… prams that are eco, prams that have storage, prams that are lightweight and easily transportable. Just ask yourself a few questions before you hand over your money. Jake an I were looking through different sites for second hand prams, which is a very good idea as you don’t have them for so long. One Sunday we were out driving and passed a baby store that happened to have a big sale on so it turned out to be cheaper than a second hand one.

Here is a list for what I found useful the first few weeks.

  1. carry sling – for the first few weeks when baby is tiny.
  2. breast pump if you get sore nipples the pump is a life saver.
  3. A flask to keep warm or cold water in. During our days in hospital I used it as my water bottle since it kept it cold. Now we give Finn formula at night we keep the boiled water in it. I bought our one from Twist and shake.
  4. Fat cream for sore nipples, you will need it!
  5. Nipple covers, yes! saved my life, best thing ever.

6. Dummies – buy tiny ones, for newborns.
7. Bottles – in case your baby doesn’t latch and you need to feed with formula from the start.
8. Covers for your nipples, they leak!
9. Cotton blankets, all sorts can’t have to many. They quickly get dirty. We’ve found polyester makes Finn sweat.
10. Car seat – Besafe izi go
11. A good quality baby carrier – Baby björn.
12. Baby bouncer – Baby björn.
13. Perfume free washing powders and stain remover
14. A soft night light, so you can see your baby but also able to sleep
15. Ear plugs!

The breast pump I had to borrow from my friend one night (in an emergency), when I couldn’t feed Finn due to the pain. It was horrible, so buy one just in case. Breast feeding at the start does hurt and so many get very sore nipples. Can recommend a decent pump.

Number 6,7,9,10,11 we bought before hand, the rest has been picked up along the way. If we have baby number two, I would have all these ready! 😉

Regarding clothes, I would recommend organic cotton. It’s the best for their skin. Newbie and Polarn & pyret is two Swedish brands that make all their clothes from organic fabric. You don’t need a lot in the start. Finn was 4.1kg when he was born and could wear size 50. I think 4 sets of pyjamas and 4 sets of pants + body vests is enough to use for the first weeks. Wrap bodies are the best since you don’t have to pull it over their heads, and its much easier to get them dressed.

This body Finn had in the hospital. Seeing it makes me so nostalgic even if it’s only 9 weeks ago.. such a magical time.

Don’t buy many clothes – hopefully you will get a lot of pressies for your baby, and those kind people tend to buy you clothes (because they’re so damn cute!).

It would be great if you found this little insight helpful, its not too scary.
Please leave a comment if you found it useful, likewise comment what essentials you would add to this list. Happy shopping.

m xx

This week

(this update contains collaboration with Holditbrand)

We’re on the last day of February already, can’t believe it. Time goes by so quickly. The hardest months of the year is done. Puh!
The week has been warm and sunny. We’ve been out walking more than before. So nice. The light outside gives us much energy.

Kristin and I released a new Jumper in FGL. It’s very nice and already very popular.

Finn was the cutest. Lots of smiles in the day. Had to steal Kristin photos cause I forgot my camera at work – how silly!
The sale in our shop is going strong still – ending this Sunday morning 8am. Check it out if you havn’t already.

Got updates from my friend Olof who’s in Japan working away with Holdit. They are very popular over there which is so cool I think. A company based in Varberg who’s popular in Japan.
Holdit’s new collection of cases Tokyo is inspired from just Tokyo.

I’ve been an ambassador for them since may last year. Right now on my instagram stories you can buy the cases I’ve been working with . I thought I can sell them and give money to charity. Helping others in need should we all do a bit more often – very important.

These are two of my favourites – if you would like to buy a case you help me raise money to children in Kongo to get a whole days treatment in the hospital for only 60sek. Thank you läkarmissionen for making a change in the world.

I’m hoping to raise enough money for at least 20 children.
Check my instagram for more pictures and information.

Lucca the wireless charger is my new favourite. I just put my phone on the Qi charger and it’s very quick to charge up, what’s really good as well it’s when the phone is 100% charged it stops giving your phone power which means – you save energy.

Thank you and good bye February – I’m very excited for what’s waiting in March.

How is it being a parent?

For some time now I wanted to share my thoughts about the parenthood.

Last week I felt very strongly that dad is very welcome to be a stay at home dad! I would like to be able to work, go to the toilet without any stress. Perhaps eat my breakfast little bit longer than 2 minutes. Or eat when I start feeling hungry without a baby crying after you. The thought of going to work and just be you, felt kinda good just then. but that was last week.
I’m slowly getting used to not being able to do so much during the days now. It’s baby Finn that decides the pace for sure.
I don’t know if I can get used to the messy home you get having a baby though, it constantly chasing me: The mess! gosh it’s a pain in the ass.

I’m very grateful having a job that is mainly online otherwise I would of gone crazy. That is my freedom, I can sit at home working whenever finding time.

I really need to keep my mind busy. Soon as Finn is a sleep or dad could take over for a while I try to do a little bit of ‘me’ time. Some days harder than others but it does work out.
Luckily we get enough sleep in the nights cause he only eats around 2am-3am and then again around 5am or 6am. Very happy for the sleep I get.

Becoming a parent is the hardest thing I’ve ever done.
In the start everything was easier. Whilst in the hospital you got all the support you need and nurses are like the most amazing people ever.
let me share how it been for us.

This is Jake and Finn strolling out for the first time from the hospital end of december in 2018.

First few days at home were fine, we took it very slow only us three.
So much happiness.
I think by day 3 I started to get really sore nipples.
It got worse day by day and in the end I had blisters and it was bleeding.
P A I N F U L !
Worse than giving birth and I never heard about this before. ( the hard things people don’t really share so much about )
So now you know if it’s new to you as well!
But luckily there is something as magical as nipple covers. They look mega big when first seeing them but they do work. So have these ready just in case, otherwise you end up like me crying like pig soon as feeding.

Week two.
Finn started to cry a lot during 10pm & 2 am. That was kinda tough not knowing what to do when he didn’t stop crying, bless him.
Daily calls to the midwife to ask what the hell we can do about it.
In the start all sorts of thoughts goes through your mind, fever?
stomach ache? cholic ? What is wrong!
Never thought it was hunger, ( cause I feed like every second hour A LOT as well hmm hungry baby )
Luckily with some formula he fell a sleep straight away, anyway long seven days till that was sorted.

Week three.
I started to go through the whole birth experience in my head over and over.
I was slowly taking it all in I think. Both happy and a bit taken.
At this time I had the chance to let myself feel exhausted not for long though cause all of a sudden Finn started to get rashes in his face, lips, cheeks, around his eyes for head, it was just growing.
We used fat creams but it didn’t help, we went to see the doctor and she said it’s eczma. This morning it was spread down on his throat to.
We came home with two different creams to use daily, one was containing salt, so rubbing Finn with that was horrible – he was screaming so much I felt like the worse person in the world. Imagine how much that burned on his skin! The eczma continued to spread all over his belly.
Few days later it was all gone. Thank god it disappered.

Week four and five.
Started to feel like we were getting some sort of rutine and nothing stressful happend, puh!
Jakes parent came to visit us. All the love and support we got from them are priceless. Feeling super happy and super sad at the same time when you thinking and wishing for us to be closer each other. With a baby life changes, love and support from your family means a lot.

Week six and seven.
Finn is bit more upset towards the evenings, soothing is the only thing that helps. Carry him close to the chest till sleeping. God forbid if sitting down it’s walking that helps.
Mr Finn do not settle if we’re not moving. Whats was new for this week is that I feed without the covers – so feeding don’t take up to 40 minutes anymore, which makes it all a bit more easy going.
Since becoming a mom all I’ve done is feeding. Eat and drink a lot of water when being a milk machine ladies. Highly important!

Week eight.
Eight weeks today 27th of February. I’m happy we’re here now.
The first few weeks has been hard. fun. heaven & hell. stressful. lovely. tiring. exciting. life changing.amazing. High & lows.

There been days I felt fuck I can’t do this anymore. I’m not a good mom! Will I survive?. What was I thinking when saying I wanna be a mummy and so on, it’s not only cozy days let me tell you that.
And it’s alright saying out loud that being a parent is hard.

Last week when being super exhausted I shared on Instagram about my feelings, and with that I’ve got the most amazing feed back.
Hallelelua mamas – I love you for sharing your emotions with me! I’m not alone. It’s bloody ok to say being a mom is freaking super hard!

Last week I also felt it was more hard than it has been this week.
It really is like a roller coaster ride with one million feelings at once.

We’re very happy and in love with our Finn boy and today has been like the most easy day we ever had so it’s almost like I forgot how hard it was last week.
Wonder if I’m gonna be one of those mom who says in six months time that the baby bubble is the most cozy time ever?! Cause the brain do tend to forget those hard times, ask any mom who has kids over 6 months old. I can almost garentee you she says only the good and lovely things with a tiny baby. HA!
I wanted to share my feelings with you and how it’s been so far, and if I forget myself I can go back and read this one day.

He laugh so much now and talks a lot too. It melts our hearts! Seeing how hard he tries when making sounds and how happy he gets each time it’s the cutest.
Finn boy you are so loved, thank you for giving us so much joy!
( I regret saying I sell you on the market the other day )
That was in my weakest moment I guess 😉 .

It’s a cool journey becoming a parent. Far from easy. The best thing you ever gonna experience for sure. Life will never be the same-only better. Less sleep but you survive.

Things I’ve been thinking about since Finn arrived:
How can you ever wanna drink alcohol ever again? Dealing with a hang over with a kid? OMG.
Might just be me but I get so sick from drinking, and the thought of a bad hang over + a kid to look after. I could never. Perhaps I should treat myself to a 8 years non alcholic drinks.

This update got pretty long, I hope you made it to the end cause I really wanna know about the hang over part.