More greens to the people!

We ended the week with an after work .Both me and Kristin have been so jet laged, but that didn’t stop us –  The release of our Sisterhood collection had to be done.
Which turned out to be a huge success! T H A N K S  to all of you!

We wanted to celebrate a little with friends yesterday so FGL Store turned into a living room full with friends.
So many nice souls came by – life always feels extra special having sweet conversations with friends.

Karolin’s super happy because she’s moving down under in three weeks time – Lucky her! She surely will be missed here. But I know what great adventure awaits her, so I am more excited because of that, loved my years in Sydney!

We had no casserole for the soup or even a blender 30 minutes before everyone came -Kristin had to go and buy some stuff. Typical us!

When cooking to a bigger group of people I enjoy making a soup, especially if you don’t really know how many is coming. Soup is perfect for these occasions because it’s always nice to have some left overs! Tastes even better one or two days later.

Yesterday I made my personal fave.
Green Pea Soup with a Herb creme

  • 600 gr frozen green peas
  • 2 diced onions
  • some fresh chili
  • 2 cloves of garlic

Fry all this in some butter/oil for 2-3 min. Add:

  • 8-10 dl water
  • veg stock
  • 1 squeezed lemon
  • salt & pepper
  • 2-3 dl sour cream / cream whatever you have really

Simmer for 10-15 minutes. Blend it all – Voila! If you have some white wine, add that too!
With this I made a herb creme as it gives the soup an extra touch of flavour

Herb Creme

  • 3dl sour creme/ or mayo / use what you have in the fridge
  • 1 squeezed lemon
  • some honey
  • salt & pepper
  • 1 clove of garlic
  • Fresh mint / chives / parsley don’t be shy! use a lot.

Boil some eggs, cut in half and serve with the soup! Don’t forget the levain bread.

Check Krisin’s blog for another recipe from today’s hang out!


Linneá my farmor & Mentor in life

Meet Linneá, my ‘farmor’ and she turns 100 at the start of June.
One more powerful lady you have to look for. All my life we´ve been sharing our stories over cups of coffee. At 3pm obviously. Important to drink a cup or two at that time!

When I grew up she took me and my sister Karolin to Europe every year. Twelve trips all together, last one to Tunisia, when Linneá was 89 years young then. That’s 10 years ago, and she still keeps saying how wonderful it was.
In the end memories are all we have and  I’m so grateful for those we have created.

Besides being the best travel companion, ‘Farmor’ -translation fathers mother- has always been a great mentor in my life.
Kind words, positive thinking and being involved in everything I’ve done. She taught me that I can do anything I want to!

Everywhere in her home there are memories from different harbours they travelled to. Linnea and her husband were sailing during the second world war.

Gran is full of stories from back in the days! Long before the war started.  You could sit for hours and  listen to them.

The ship Anita illustrated in the picture below was the one in which they sailed with during the war. 1939-1940.

My grandad had permission to go home for two days during that time, for his own marriage.
They got married 1940 in June.

Newly weds, then off he went, to return after six long months at sea.

Back then they could only get updates via radio, news paper or written letters. To pass time Linnea would sew and knit whilst waiting for her husband, Bror.

The green curtain in the picture, was made from that time! Still going strong. Talk about having a story untold.

A Swallows meaning -is an enduring symbol of a promise to return. 

Pictures of her mum and dad and auntie hang on the wall.
Linneás Auntie Hilda lived in Chicago for years, but came back to Sweden cause she and her best friend Britta opened a bed & breakfast together in Frillesås, they had it for years. When they retired they moved into the city and shared an apartment. Imagine back then, two women living together. Little did they care.
I’m really glad they stayed together until the end!

Linneás is very well known lady in Bua. The oldest too I guess. Since her memory is like no others, she is really special to this village. All her stories about everyones relatives and how this village was built up by the local families.
She always says that anyone can come by for a cup of coffee, so please do.

I can only finish with saying I love you lots, – your grand daugther Miranda.


Sisterhood Collection

8th of March. International Womens Day.

It was meant to be today – the release of our new collection Sisterhood,
Last week when planning, we simply said Thursday next week will be good, enough time to finish it all. Turned out it is International Womans day! How fantastic, it feels extra special!

The collection is very close to our hearts.
FGL have been working very hard for the past 6 months to make this happen.
The tee’s have their own power names, such as Speak UpBe strongFreedom to mention a few.

We want to share with you what we believe the right to freedom is for all women.

-It is to not be afraid of being physically and mentally abused and raped in your own home.
Everyone is entitled to feel free – without fear.
Everywhere – but above all in your own home.
This is a right and at the same time stating the obvious.

Therefore, at FGL Store we have created a collection to draw attention to this taboo subject.
Above all, to highlight the problem in our society. We want to share knowledge, encourage civil courage and commitment. This is our way of reaching out to people.
Violence in homes must be prevented and stopped.
Together with Women’s Shelter in Varberg, we aim to highlight the information below.
Our thoughts are that many would like to help out – but don’t really know how.

If you hear or see a woman being physically assaulted, call the police immediately. You can remain anonymous. Simply reacting when you hear or see something that worries you, may save someone’s life.

• If you suspect that a woman is being abused – reach out a hand. Offer support.  Be prepared to be rejected. But on the day she needs to escape a destructive relationship, she’s likely to contact you.

• All women need an escape plan for the day that they have enough courage and strength to leave. You can call the women’s shelter and ask for advice if you are unsure about how to get help for an abused woman.

• The Women’s Shelter always needs volunteers.  It could be to take calls from the hotline 3-4 times a year or give your time when & where the Women’s Shelter spreads information.

• The Women’s Shelter is always in need of cellphones, ipads, diapers, hygiene articles and basic supplies plus somewhere to store these items.

• Most importantly, they need housing – so women have a chance to start a new life.

• Maybe companionship is something you can offer. Have a coffee or go for a walk.


With all our love,




Tomorrow will be extra special.

Tomorrow, on International Women day, we release our Sisterhood Collection. It feels extra special this time as we have put further thought into this project.

End of summer 2017, Kristin and I spoke about wanting T-shirts in our store. We had few thoughts and design ideas. Then over lunch we started to put thoughts into action, lucky us to have a friend who is a design illustrator. GREAT! Lots of love to you Jennie! You helped to make it happen !
One day later we visited Jennys studio, she had few sketches of our ideas and it was love at first sight!

We have been in India a few times now and have seen many poor women. WE NEEDED TO START A PROJECT! With a damn good cause! Time to take action – The Sisterhood collection was born.

The whole Autumn there has been so much truth regarding #metoo. Peoples incredible pain has now become general knowledge after so many brave women spoke up about their horrific experiences.

These are some of the reasons why we wish to help women and children in need.
Yesterday we met the three ladies behind Kvinnojouren i Varberg  
Starting from tomorrow – with every purchase from our Sisterhood Collection 10% of the profits will be donated directly to them.

Head over to Kristin to read about her own story, thanks for sharing. You are a very brave and strong woman!
More information tomorrow about this subject and how you can make a difference!
Thanks for reading,


Days spent at FGL Store

Still a bit unreal to have your own place, like FGL Store. We’re so in love. Everytime we sit and work in the store we always say how lucky we are to have this place!
The energy you get from being there is great. Must be the blue colour, or something in the walls.

FGL is our baby, the feed back we get is massive – thanks to our great costumers.
It means a lot.
From the start to the finish line, products are made with so much love and respect in Jaipur, we are very proud to be selling such beautiful things. Slow fashion as it’s best.

As creative producers, passionate about mother earth, it is a privilege to promote ethical choices without sacrificing quality or esthetic.

We wanna create a basic wardrobe that lasts for a long time.
Not something you throw away after few months because you are tired of it..

We need to re think when it comes to consumption in our everyday life.
When being conscious about the small things, you soon make big difference in the long run.
Almost all our interior in FGL is vintage. Weekly visits to the vintage shops have filled our shop with all the furniture we need.

Do you have tips regarding being conscious? I’m happy to hear all about it,  sharing is the best.

All the best,


a winters day

Jetlag slowly disapearing, the mornings are the worst.
My Monday was a good one, got a lot of things done. Always working with a to-do list so I don’t forget anything. But! In all the hurry yesterday I seemed to forget some important papers in the local super market!
Luckily it’s a small village and a kind soul sent me a message regarding my bank paper that was left in a trolley, hahha! oppss.

Right now I’m listening to Mogli on repeat. Feel in love in with her music when watching the documentery  Expedition Happiness on Netflix,  A must see according to me.

My best purchase from Los Angeles, The Future is yours- sweater. The blooming dress is coming this spring in FGL Store.

Our Sisterhood collection will be released this week. Today we’re meeting up with 3 women who are working for change. Our collection will support that cause. So excited for this coming project!

Found Mini eating away on the apples I left outside for our birds, I have lots of bags in the barn with fruit I saved from work. Perfect to put out in each corner – the wild birds enojoy it as well.

Our hens don’t like this weather at all. They longing for the spring now, I can only agree. I keep telling them spring is on it’s way. Cheer up!




I love creative strong women who follow their dream. It’ always inpiring.
Especially the ones who mix dreamy stories with pictures.

Sally Mustang is one girl I’ve been following for a long time. It’s about yoga, travels, everyday life, art, love & being 100% true to yourself.
Her pictures and stories are always fun and creative.
She’s giving me a dose of Australia daily. Thanks dear! She updates her instagram everyday, and right now she’s in Bali.
One day I will join one of her yoga retreats.

Pictures from Sally


Another inpiring soul is Andrea behind Earthyandy. She’s living in Hawaii with her family and she’s sharing the most amazing vegan recipies and lots more! Her pictures is breath taking, so so colorful! Look here ! I can’t get enough.
She’s really inspiring me to become a better version of me.
Thanks for sharing about all the good stuff Andrea. ( I wanna live in Hawaii too )

Lucky me Kristin bought me some Activated charcoal when she were in Sri Lanka so I’ve been making this bad boy smoothie a couple of times.

Black Pina Colada Detox Smoothie

1/2 cup coconut water

1/2 cup coconut milk

1 cup pineapple

2 frozen banana

1 tsp activated charcoal

1 cup ice

1 head dino kale or 1/2 cup baby kale (optional)



Pictures and reciepies all from


Here is some fact´s about Activated Charcoal:

-What is Activated charcoal? It is a potent natural treatment used to trap toxins and chemicals in the body before the body can absorb them internally. When using activated charcoal for natural healing choose a product derived from coconut shells or other natural sources.

The first time I had ever tried activated charcoal was when my friend Jenelle who runs Well’n Proper Juice Company brought some over when one of us had a cold.  She made an activated lemonade which tasted just like a refreshing lemonade! The first time she brought one I was nervous about it but the second time after doing some of my own reading I was excited to drink it!

One of the most popular activated charcoal uses around the world is in emergency trauma centers around the world for the treatment of poisoning and drug overdoses. Now more than ever people are benefiting from using it for a number of reasons including the reduce bloating and gas, lowering cholesterol, treat bile flow problems safely during pregnancy, and even prevent hangovers. (I was just talking to a lady the other day that said she and her friends ALWAYS use activated charcoal to skip hangovers and swears by it). That is a pretty good sign that its does a good job soaking up junk in the body…”

I always gets very inpiried by the simple tips. & the natural ones.
Here is a reciepe on lentil soup that I  have done few times to.

Vegetable Red Lentil Soup


2 cups small lentils (I prefer red)

2 russet potatoes (chopped)

1 med white onion (chopped)

2 carrot (chopped)

5 celery stick (chopped)

2 cloves of garlic (chopped of crushed)

1 ½ bay leaves

1 ½ fresh dill

2cans stewed tomatoes

10 ½ cups vegetable stock

1 bunch fresh parsley or cilantro

1 tsp pepper

salt and pepper to taste or use lemon ( I use lemon)


1) In a large soup pot put a tablespoon of water and add onions, garlic, carrots, potato, and celery. Saute until vegetables are almost tender.

2) Add the diced tomatoes with juice, bay leaves, parsley, lentils and the stock.

3) Bring to a soft boil stirring occasionally until the lentils are soft, reduce heat and simmer

4) add fresh parsley and dill at the very end for most flavor and freshness!


Enjoy your Monday, I’m making us a lentil soup as we speak!



Lyckan house to rent

Our house is called “Lyckan”, it was built 1850 by my grandmas grandparents.
Through 2016 and 2017 we renovated the entire house. I have never painted so much in my whole life. Jake and I, did a lot of work on our own and along the way we had help of carpenters too.
Jake is a handy man, all the things he hasn’t done before he “youtubes” you can literally find everything you need to know on there.

Summer 2017 we extended our house and made a new entrance and a master bedroom.

The bedroom downstairs.

We have the ocean a few steps from our house. With many different spots for nice swims. Jake has been better than me taking opportunities swimming.

Summer is getting closer and for those of you who want to spend your summer close to Varberg our house is available.
Last summer we had visitors all the way from Netherlands & Norway, love how the internet reaches out to so many!
We will rent out weekly starting  1st of July.
Sunday till Sunday.

Our house is located in the left corner above the boat, metal roof.

A big plus is if you like chickens, you will need to look after our girls whilst renting our house. To give fresh water and food everyday and maybe spoil them with some treats every now and then – you might get more eggs! 

Interested? Then you can email me for more info 

Missing the sun already..


Stuck at Heathrow airport due to snow blizzard all over the U.K.
About 24 hours ago I was lead under a blue sky updating my last blog post.

I really really love a warm climate.
Howbout you? what do you prefer? any tip on how to survive the long winters in Sweden? I struggle every year.
Starring out the window now and it´s the greyest grey.

I am over the moon of how many visitors I had these past days, it means a lot! You are now my colleagues, if it wasn’t for you I wouldn’t be here.
Is there anything special you want me to write about ?

I will update you with stories from our home, the renovation we’ve been through, our lovely ladies (the chickens) Yes, I’m a crazy chicken lady.
Next week I will fix up our walk in closet into a office so I will share all about the process .
Off course there will be many behind the scenes of our lovely FGL Store too.

It’s been great spending some time in L.A the past few weeks, thanks to everyone who made it very special! See you soon,





When me and Kristin are taking photos we never really plan the shoot before hand.
It’s always spontanous, we find a corner or a wall that goes well with the colours of our clothes.

Hair is messy, nail varnish might abraded, some times we don´t even wear make up.
But that’s ok.  Everything is not perfect. The beautiful is the simplest of things.

We have been working on a new collection of tee’s called SISTERHOOD, soon to be launched in FGL Store.  In five different designs.  Our great friend Jennie Blomqvist illustrated the prints for us.
When buying a T-shirt you will help and support women in need.
More about the project next week when we release the collection.

This is from one morning in Venice.


I’m boarding the plane home to Sweden as we speak.  See you again when I’m back home.