My week from my Iphone

Hi lovelies,

Thought I share last weeks photos from my phone here.
It’s been such a magical week and I feel more alive, the sun has been out and about everyday and my body got the defrosted from the winter.

Weather has been stunning. So hot! Even burnt my face being outdoor so much.

Glad you like the maroon sofa as much as I do. It really fitted in well with the blue walls.

Spent few evenings packing orders and redecorate FGL Store.
More spacious now.

More walks in my village Bua.

Started with #11kaffeLive last on instagram.
Drinking coffee alone is the most boring thing I think so started to send LIVE whilst having a cup 11 o’clock.
Thousands of lovely people joined in with a cup and Marlene aka @Fruvintage joined in one day, @Hannesmauritsson two times.
My sister and friend another day.
I love this community so much. Drinking coffee with you is so much.

Baked few cakes as well. Yummers. Better get warmed up cause soon Farfars lycka is opening again.

My garden gave me the most beautiful bouquet of flowers.

After work on Saturday we went for a lunch at Hattaviken located on Getterön. Nice place! Visit if you can.

All photos are taken by my Iphone I hope you don’t mind.
We are in the last week of April and Im so thankful for what April has given me so far. Hope you feeling fine to!
All the best,

Auktionskammaren in Varberg

18months ago, Lisa, my friend at Derome Bostad contacted me for a fun project.
She had an idea about a building called ”Auktionskammaren”, which Derome is planning to convert into apartments. Lisa wanted me & Kristin to be involved in this exciting project.
This is one of Varbergs more interesting buildings with a very long history behind it.

It’s time for the old factory building to undergo its next transformation.
Derome will hold great caution and respect for the cultural-historical values.
I just love old buildings that come with history.
I will share more about this.

But first a tour of the place.
Welcome inside.

Derome will create 18 new homes, 1 apartment will be decorated and designed by me & Krisin.

The best parts of the existing architecture should be restored and older details in the form of joinery, skirting and architrave, forging rails and old plaster forms will be preserved.

From being a marmelade factory to an auction chamber – and now finally to new homes, it will be great to show you and guide you through buildings next journey.

When I was about ten years old I remember being here when it was an auction chamber and it was so crowded. Full of old treasures and look at it now – empty and ready for its new chapter.
I’m very excited to be part of this journey. Below is a video we made to give you a feeling of what’s to come.

Hope you join us for this amazing project, I’m so excited!
Can’t wait to share the next step and our choices for the apartment.

Sign up to take part of the latest news regarding the apartments and ongoing project. This will be the dreamiest place to live in Varberg.

This is a payed collaboration with Derome Bostad.

Taking things for granted

I think we all take things for granted.
It’s very easy to forget how blessed we are in life. Always striving to move forward. Do better. Do more. All the changes. Meaningless really when you think about it. Corona has got me thinking and feeling a lot.
Same for you ?

The pandemic makes sure we can’t run around like headless chickens anymore, we cannot run in 3000km an hour.

-S L O W the f DOWN
/ Covid-19

Small things matters more than ever before.
Scary times indeed and we need to be careful against one another.

I feel extremely grateful for not being ill or having anyone close by that’s been sick or lost their life to corona, Yet.
Hoping that you who reads this are safe and sound.

I’m gonna spend my weekend planting flowers, feel the sun against me skin and cuddle Finn and Jake. Wishing you a good one and stay safe.

A day by the ocean with Finn

Finn 16 months sure knows what he wants.

He loves peeak a boo right now.

Finn is very much can do myself baby.

Downward dog no problems.

Beach was a lot of fun. Sand was warm. Amazing.

We are lucky who have this as our back yard.

My mommy said to smell the flowers so that’s what I do all the time now.

We love summer days.

Hope you are well out there.


summer feels..

Days are getting warmer and finally it was time for a shoot outdoors.
Me and Karin met up in my house yesterday, I was in a right mess due to mr Finn. He had just been eating on a dish washing tablet, G R E A. T mom.
I’m sure I’m not the first one who panic over that, luckily Finn just had a nibble and was just fine.

So we started off with a coffee first thing together. Marie looked after Finn so it was rather Easy going.

The other day I was done on the beach and felt this was the spot for FGL’s lookbook.
5 min from where we live.

Funny enough these dresses are called Bua dress. Comes in blue beige and black.

I can’t say how many thousand times I’ve been hanging out just here.
”Fyren” the place to hang out when growing up.

Magical is one word to describe the beauty.

The location and the product was spot on.
The Blue bird robe is FGL’s most popular piece. Printed with blocks and natural dyes.

Läjet blouse comes in two colors. Blooming & Black.
Taking this photo a lady asked
– Where can I buy this beautiful piece??
– In Varberg or online, welcome by!
That made it extra fun to get cred seeing the piece from a distance. Just want I want people to feel when seeing FGL’s pieces.

I love that FGL is not Only Blue anymore.

& next week the limited collection Tropical arrives and that will be something completely new. Stay tuned!

Karin is such talented photographer. With the most gentle heart. We met first time in 2013 when I was in the shoot they had.
At Brukstorget we are neighbors, just around the corner from FGL.
Karin and her husband has a studio, store with games, tiny cafe’ , office space’s. Don’t Blink & First Player. A very social place to go for a coffee and board games. Or perhaps a shoot with your kids!

We were very lucky with the weather. Sand was hot and just a little breeze.
I don’t know if it’s just me but I’ve fallen in love with Sweden a bit more than usual. Like I’ve opened my eyes a bit more than before. I like it.

Enjoy your day,