FGL Clothing

Here is a sneak peak on the new material from the last shoot.
Johanna Backman is the photographer. She also edited the photos.
Fun to let someone help us to give FGL a new look.

Fideli. Beautiful inside out.

The fort in Varberg is an amazing place. Visit if you haven’t before.

We worked with different models as well.

Different in size age & look.

This beige lounge shirt is soon with us. Goes perfect with the blooming lounge pants.

See more on our website. Hope you like the change that’s made.

A get to know me better update

time for a “get to know me” or fun facts update.
I’m born and raised in Bua, Sweden. A fisherman’s daughter.

Just found a ”happy birthday card from my 5th birthday” from Mia & Filip only 31 years ago, & we’re still friends. I was fortunate to have horses from 8 years until I was 19 years old. My first job I picked strawberries 8 years old, and I did this for 3 years, then Filip & I started baking cinnamon buns every Friday and Saturday at the summer holidays, which was golden! We sold over 150 buns in less then 2h. Best payed job ever.

During high school I studied restaurant/hotel business ~ I became a chef. For 15 years I Worked in many different kitchens, hotels, preschool, school, luxury yacht & hotel restaurants. My choice to become a chef was the best ~ it has taken me around the globe working and for travelling.
During these years I’ve met the best and most amazing people. I have lived in Sydney Australia, sailed around the Mediterranean Sea for 4 months, also loved my life living in Malta. Being outside your comfort zone gives you so much back. Love new cultures and meeting new people. There have been many turns to Bangkok, when my lifestyle created a clothing brand (to make long story short) I got the demand for the pants I wore on instagram so then I started sending these across globe.

this was when I was traveling in Thailand and it surely was a start to something bigger. Even better was that I met my partner in Thailand and that same year I packed my bags once again for a new adventure with him in Australia.

We now live just outside Varberg with our son Finn, 6 chickens, 4 peacocks doves. Our hobby is house renovation, we have renovated three houses in six years. I hate the winter, so long and dark. January-February are the longest. I love animals, the sea & Finn to the moon five thousand times and a little more. Think I could be better on looking after my self first.
I put that on my todo list. Who are you? 

Thanks for taking part of my story
Warm wishes Miranda

This is us

FGL store, our baby turning two years old this week. 2 years as a physical store, 6 years online! Wowza! Hooray. Celebrations right here. h

From now on we’re gonna be better to talk about our business.
Share all the good things we stand for and what we do differently to others.

We’re going through a massive change.
Change might might not be the word, more structured perhaps,
Structure to help us to become better.
With structure comes balance and balance is surely the key.

We’ve been working for 6 years now and time flies.
What I think we could do better from now on is to ask for more help,
Kristin & I have always been doing everything on our own.
Start till finish line.
We can surely be better asking for help, things that ‘steel’ our time in order to be better on what we do the best.

This year I felt super grateful and proud over the journey we’ve done . From where we started till where we are today.
FGL is known worldwide, still a tiny company but with huge potential to reach more people. What we do is unique and more deserve to know about us. Our clothing is clean and good for your skin, easy as that.

Emma & Jenny two common friends, Not only friends, we are working together right now as well.
They will give us the right tools and guiding us through this project.
Med Jenny #kreativstruktur & med Emma #strategi&företagskultur

A ‘normal’ business would work with one coach at a time but FGL has two -it’s too completely different ones, and it just happened to be at the same time. I tell you more into details next time.

Working with coaching is tough, they ask you questions you sometimes don’t know the answer for straight away, they give you home work, and gives you new prospective on things. Really interesting.
We need that for sure.

Probably not going to be fun all the way through but I’m sure it will give us a lot of tools that will be spot on.

To be continued.. x

All photos taken by Jenny Brandt Grönberg.

Apple pie

I love everything with apples.

Got a very nice recipe I would like to share. I made it in the summer for Farfars Lycka and it was very popular. so here we go since its the season for apples as well I thought it was a good time to share it.

150 g butter
2 dl of sugar
1/2 cup light syrup
1/2 dl cupcream
3 dl oats
1 1/2 dl flour
1/2 teaspoon baking powder
1 tsp salt
600 g of apples

Melt butter, add sugar, syrup and cream. just melt the sugar. add the dry ingredients on top of the apples.
200 degrees - 30 min in the oven till brown and crunchy.


Last weekend I turned 36 years young.
Had the most amazing day. Woke up in Kusthotellet, felt like a queen when checking out due to 24h total relaxation.

Look at the flowers still. From Marie’s garden. Amazed how they still bloom to be honest.

Fresh flowers and lots of seeds from Mary cat. Can’t wait to have a blooming garden.

Kristin gave me seeds from her garden as well. Home made Kombucha, a soap and a stone egg.

Thoughtful gifts indeed. Thank you!

This little fellow took his first few steps the day before his 9 months day.
He’s crawling super fast and stands up all the time.

Giving mom something todo don’t you finks. Love you to the moon baby Finn.

Excited for this coming week. October is always beautiful full with storms and colors.
I think I should make a promise to myself;
Few dips in the sea, more facials masks and yoga. Sounds like a good plan! Join in.