East London

Continuing our Saturday, Jake and I strolled through the East of London, stumbling across the cutest of places, A Portuguese Love Affair.

My love for porcelain is huge. Hand made things always inspire me the most. I wanted the shoal of sardines, a big fish pot, a cabbage head made as a big bowl and lots more. If only my bag was three times bigger, I wanted everything.
The lady who owned and ran this store came from Portugal. I’ve always wanted to visit Lisbon, so stopping by this store took us there for a brief moment.

These swallows I bought for me and my dear friend. Plus the bowl below.

Columbia Road felt like a scene from Peaky Blinders, in my mind  anyway.

Happy with my purchases, we walked further on and stopped in a pub on the corner for one.

Meet Honey. Another cute pub dog. Gosh I love London now. Dogs everywhere. Think we fell for each other.

Passing through Columbia Rd took us up to Ace Hotel, and luckily it was comedy night .
The night got late as we met up with an old friend. After a few stops here and there and we ended our night in a Sky bar over watching Tower Bridge and the rest of London.

You gotta make the most of it whilst you can.



Broadway Market

Saturday markets are always special. I took the bus from Liverpool street over to Broadway market. You should go on an empty stomach for sure, so much choice to eat. Almost every stand.

We were strolling around and loved the big city vibe.
People watching is always fun. In England it seems like every person has a dog, so it even makes it more exciting to stroll around.

On Broadway market you can buy food, locally grown veggies, bread, flowers, juice, vintage clothes, cakes, a bit of everything.

Of course a chick meringue is a must when it’s easter!

This is my bread and butter for sure, love exploring big cities.
Jake was on the other side of town trying to get ticket to a Liverpool game so I was in the pub for a while. A very nice one to, full with dogs. Lovely atmosphere in The cat & Mutton. Est 1729.

I might of been the creepy lady who literally asked everyone if I could pet their dog and take a photo.

Even though we were meant to go back home on Friday night I think we were pretty lucky to get few days in London.
It was lovely to walk around and take it all in.
Shoreditch is a must if you’re in London! Our Saturday was so much fun!

Couldn’t beat Jake at all, usually I’m the winner when we play Yatzy. Might of been because I was just focusing on all the dogs I had to pet. We we’re both drinking ‘Cat and Mutton’s’ Cloudy Apple cider, so tasty, not sweet at all.

The English styling is beautiful. This place really had me, everything was spot on. Till next time.


Greetings from London

Little did we know that we were gonna end up in London for 48h.
We got evacuated from Stansted due to a fire at the airport.
Just before midnight we checked in and after that we went out for a walk.

I only been in London once before. I hope to see a bit more this time. Someone said not to miss out on Notting hill & Shoreditch area.
You gotta love Instagram, it’s the best way of getting inspiration whilst in a new city.

On my way to Broadway market.
-If you got any tips please share.

Enjoy your Saturday!




Jake and I have been away all week in Bristol, England. Lovely days with his family and friends.
The day we landed it was a lovely spring day, but it’s been rather wet since.

When we were in the city it rained a lot so I couldn’t take any photos unfortunately.
If you visit Bristol make sure you visit the Mshed area, nice little shops in containers and restaurants on the harbour side.

Banksy, the street artist, is from Bristol and you can find some of his graffiti here. The streets are full with amazing art. Nice to wander around.

My favourite area is Clifton. Next time I’ll visit The Ivy Clifton Brassarie.

Another restaurant, Kings Arms, is a lovely place also in Clifton.

Allison Weaver the owner has recently renovated and opened her second place, The White horse. We went there yesterday and food and the atmosphere were great. Lots of choices for vegetarians, which always feels special when some effort is put into the veggie options as well.  Unfortunately her dogs weren’t there but usually they roam free. An animal lover like me really enjoys that.

‘Both you and your dog deserved to relax and unwind, and in the The White Horse in Hambrook in the southernmost corner of the Cotswolds, you can both do just that. Have a great meal, enjoy an ice cold beer or a glass of wine, kick back, relax and enjoy the wonderful atmosphere in this great dog-friendly Cotswold pub’

Picture belongs to: manorcottages.co.uk

Always a pleasure England, now we have to go home to our ladies. Thanks to everyone who made it so special.



When I travel I always bring some ‘essentials’ in my carry on luggage.

– An empty water bottle, to fill up after the security checks, don’t like buying water.
– Head phones
– Downloaded podcasts enough to cover the journey
– Fresh fruit
– Pen, if you need to fill in arrival Visa.
– Overnight cream if flight is long, taken from Kristin who always has a face mask ready.

Lovely to see the blooming cherry blossoms and daffodils whilst driving to Bristol from London.
On Monday it was 16 degrees and full of sun. Spring feelings! They’re very welcome.

I hope I have time to update more from lovely Bristol, later today or by tomorrow.


Internal jokes

Justin Bieber ddn’t show up in Joshua Tree either, had my hopes up for a long time.
I thought I might bump into him while visiting LA, but no luck.
Internal jokes about inspiring people and how we’ll met up one day, did put a big smile on our faces though.

It was very cold in Joshua Tree, kinda hard keeping a relaxed face during the long shoot.
Whilst freezing my ass off my facial expression turned pretty serious from time to time.
Soon as that happened Sofia told me Justin B were there starring at me, so it was an easy switch. HA!

How silly but it worked.


You can’t really get enough of love and laughters, so whatever makes you smile.
Very excited to launch the spring/summer collection. It’s golden!



What makes you feel beautiful?

What makes you feel beautiful?
Last week that was one of the questions around the dinner table.
That made me think about making a difference for someone. For me that’s something I strive to do. Something small can make a huge difference for others. That is exactly what makes me feel beautiful. When I can make a change for someone.
I don’t like to measure beauty with a pretty face or so. It’s so much more. We are all beautiful and unique in our own ways.

I always want to help others in need, in which way I can. Everyone can contribute in some way.
Once, when I was in Northern Thailand, I was so taken with the beauty of a little girl. Her laughter and joy made me realise how miserable and unhappy many of us are, and yet we have everything.
I couldn’t sleep that night, so I updated my personal Facebook status, in hope that more people could help those children.
This will be in swedish, I hope it will translate for you guys:

November 3, 2015

”Hej. Kanske den enda o vettigaste status jag nånsin skrivit. Snälla läs!!

Mitt liv förändrades idag. Något otroligt. Jag & Kristin fick idag äran att vara med en dag på ett barnhem här i Chiang Mai. Se hela farmen där 20 barn lever, där dem odlade alla grönsaker, alla frukter, komposterar för att sedan använda till odlingarna. Precis så som allt, o alla borde leva. 
Dessa barn kom från byar uppe i bergen, där många av barnens föräldrar var syskon med varandra , vilket inte är så bra såklart. ;( bless .
En tjej var så skadad i hyn att Lillan fick tippa på tå, Huden var så tunn. tänk er att hela huden på er kropp fjällar, o spricker ÖVERALLT, det blir sår och ofta stramar huden så, att hon inte klarar att stänga sina ögon då huden spricker runt ögonen. Men tjejen hade det finaste av skratt o var så tacksam & glad för att finnas. Ett hjärta så stort att jag i detta nu skäms över hur man själv lever o ibland glömmer man hur bra man faktiskt har det.

Dessa barn, är övergivna av sina föräldrar, många med drogproblem men oxå många som inte vill ha dem pga skadan som blir av inaveln. Helt sjukt. Vi hade med oss massa leksaker, lite godis .. & imorgon ska jag donera pengar,

Lyckan jag fått uppleva idag var något otroligt. Den var äkta. Jag sitter i detta nu och gråter en skvätt, dels för hjärtat är så fyllt, men aj så ont det gör på samma gång. Ingen kan göra allt, men tillsammans kan vi hjälpas åt.

Jag tänkte be mina vänner o min familj att samla ihop en slant till detta barnhem. Snälla ni, det kommer göra stor skillnad. Det lilla blir mycket här, & jag har själv varit med och upplevt idag vilken otrolig grej det kan bli när någon bryr sig!
Om ni vill hjälpa till skicka mig några kronor via SWISH. Så sätter jag in dessa pengar imorgon kväll—-> till dem som behöver det bättre än du! 💗💗💗 mitt nummer: 07050979*

tack. When you give love, you get love”


This message alone lead to 29 shares, 45 comments, 76 likes &
13.900 SEK to the orphange.
All because of the experience I had earlier in the day. That made a huge difference in 20 children’s life. I write now and then to check in with Joy House in Chang Mai, they do an incredible job. Will forever keep them in my heart.

That is what beauty is for me, what is for you?




Fairfax Flea Market

I love finding the old and used. Always an untold story behind every piece and the feeling of re-using is awesome. Keeps the wallet happy too!

My last purchase was a vase from the flea market in Fairfax, Los Angeles. Top market to visit by the way. A must if you like vintage art, jewellery, pottery, candles, etc.
Perfect way to spend a Sunday, in the sun, according to me.

Heart shaped glasses, perfect buy for that upcoming shoot in Joshua Tree.

It’s basically crystals shops in each corner in LA. Crystals aren’t as expensive here as back home.

Just after this picture was taken I found the vase of all vases.

It took all my space in my hand luggage, heavy as hell, but so worth it.
Don’t hesitate when finding stuff abroad there’s always a way to bring it back home if you really want it. One time I brought a floor lamp all the way back from Greece to Sweden. Just a bit of subborness is needed.






Missing the sun already..


Stuck at Heathrow airport due to snow blizzard all over the U.K.
About 24 hours ago I was lead under a blue sky updating my last blog post.

I really really love a warm climate.
Howbout you? what do you prefer? any tip on how to survive the long winters in Sweden? I struggle every year.
Starring out the window now and it´s the greyest grey.

I am over the moon of how many visitors I had these past days, it means a lot! You are now my colleagues, if it wasn’t for you I wouldn’t be here.
Is there anything special you want me to write about ?

I will update you with stories from our home, the renovation we’ve been through, our lovely ladies (the chickens) Yes, I’m a crazy chicken lady.
Next week I will fix up our walk in closet into a office so I will share all about the process .
Off course there will be many behind the scenes of our lovely FGL Store too.

It’s been great spending some time in L.A the past few weeks, thanks to everyone who made it very special! See you soon,





When me and Kristin are taking photos we never really plan the shoot before hand.
It’s always spontanous, we find a corner or a wall that goes well with the colours of our clothes.

Hair is messy, nail varnish might abraded, some times we don´t even wear make up.
But that’s ok.  Everything is not perfect. The beautiful is the simplest of things.

We have been working on a new collection of tee’s called SISTERHOOD, soon to be launched in FGL Store.  In five different designs.  Our great friend Jennie Blomqvist illustrated the prints for us.
When buying a T-shirt you will help and support women in need.
More about the project next week when we release the collection.

This is from one morning in Venice.


I’m boarding the plane home to Sweden as we speak.  See you again when I’m back home.