Postcard from Spain


Greetings from Spain and it’s absolute amazing here.
Today we took the ferry to Isla Tabarco. Such a little hidden gem.

It took 20 min to get there with the ferry.

I said to Jake that I could easily spent the weekend here. Absolutly nothing todo really. Such a tiny island you could walk around it in 20 min maximum.
Places like this gives you so much tho, total relaxation. Not much tourists either.
Suits me well.

Meet my new friend Eva. Such a gorgeous girl. I first seen her when she pulled a cats tail so I called the cat over. But he ran away quickly – me and Eva had a selfie moment together haha! had to take a photo of this cutie.

This was our view whilst having a lunch. I can tell you I enjoyed every minute of it.

1st of June is an extra special day  cause my gran Linne’a should of turned 100 years old today if she still was with us.
We had a cake and few beers to saluté her for sure.

Shorts and Duster comes from my shop. Favourite outfit accually.

Enjoy your weekend,


Bristol-Simular to Berlin

hi team,

Days goes by so quickly and all of a sudden we left England for a sunny Spain. Thought I wanted to share photos from my walk the other day.

Strolling along Glouster road. A street full with art and funky shops.

It reminds me a lot of Berlin.

Such a cute little shop. I regret not buying the moon necklace in there since I lost my one…

Just after this place a stopped in a café for a lunch. Soon as I walked in there the first song played was ‘Gypsy’ with Fleetwood Mac. I called my lovely sister in Sydney and talked about things. We have common love for FWM so I thought I needed to give her a ring.

England is so cheap compared to Sweden. Two avocados for a pound is 75% less of the price . If you lucky you get two for 4 pound at home. All fruit and berries is also around a pound . Great for a veggie lover like me.

Many houses looks like this.

or like this .. in the city anyway.

This was the end of my stroll for this time.

All the best,


Brad & Abby


You may of read my previous post, regarding our lost bags. Here’s the update… They reached us much faster than expected, 1 hour before the wedding started actually –
VERY happy for that!


The Fletcher family travelled to Devon for good friends, Brad and Abby’s wedding. We stayed in Finlake Holiday Park. Set in the beautiful English countryside, Finlake has log cabins and static cabins. Surrounded by green rolling hills, forests and the sound of the wildlife, you can understand why this is a popular place to spend an ‘English Summer Holiday’.

An English wedding is different to those in Sweden.
We all met up on the Friday. More and more people arrived and the first night was like ‘a warming up party’ before the big day.
It got a bit late for some but I went home early. What was really fascinating is how the English always feel fresh no matter how many drinks the night before.

Wedding day started at 1pm located at the The Great Barn.
Even before the ceremony started I cried, walking in the the stunningly beautiful venue. Everyone looked so gorgeous and seeing the groom, that was enough to set me off!

The venue really was something else. Renovated barn, traditional oak wooden ceiling, courtyard and garden in full bloom, the out houses were from another world, take a look.


After the amazing couple said yes we were taken out in the garden. Same time as this the sun decided to join us. It was just the perfect day, drinks and nibbles and sunshine.

In England you can either get invited to both day & night, or the evening.
I think at the end there were up to 150 people.

Ladies – from the left Cassie, Becky and bridesmaid Kate.

The groom and his team.

The bride. Simply GORGEOUS!

Abby’s mum & Joel. Looking good.

Me and my Jake.

Grandad was happy. He smiled all day and all night, we had a long talk about his whole life. I love stories! 87 and a champion!

The Fletchers .

4pm we went back inside the barn.

I love how so many wear hats – makes the wedding extra cool for me.

Dinner, speechess, and dancing throughout the night.
Abby & Brad got both rain and sunshine on their wedding day,

I know in Sweden we say it means good luck to have that on your wedding day.

I’m still a bit taken by how everything could be soo perfect.
Start to finish.

Amazing people and lots of smiles, plus lots of new friends for me! Very grateful to be there.

Thank you for everything, Mr & Mrs Horman.


Mirie ( my english nickname)

when things go wrong

Hello Everyone,

Yesterday felt like the longest day.

The morning started well, Jake and I left early to go up to Landvetter airport. 12 days of holiday ahead of us. I was ‘selling’ Jake Arlanda airport, telling him how nice it was, our stop over was 2.5hours, until next flight. Planned for us to have a nice relaxed breakfast whilst doing a bit of work before we arrived to England.

It totally changed when we found out bags were missing! As we had a few hours things would hopefully work out anyway.

Unhelpful baggage services sent us to terminal 2 first, then off to terminal 5, where a man said go to terminal 4, then back to terminal 5. Everyone sent us in different directions – between the terminals we ran, in total 6km, like mad people.
Personally I have never experienced such chaos in an airport before regarding baggage. When we managed to get through there was a very slim chance of us getting onto that plane – nor our bags. I felt angry and sad. One lady, our saviour, said – I’ll check you in. Such a star, she give us the smiles back!

Stressful start to say the least, with no food in our stomaches. Time was now 11. Glad to be sat on the plane!
However, half way through the flight a poor man had a heart attack. We diverted for an emergency landing in Amsterdam.

Such a horrid situation at the time with the helpless man fighting for his life. Heartless people started taking photos of the whole situation. At this point I was so angry. Like how can you not show any respect? I wanted to scream, cry and throw those phones and people off the plane. The stewardesses handled it very well. Credit to those girls. Bless the man who was fighting for his life and hope he’s well today.
On arrival, Thursday afternoon, we learned that our luggage never left Sweden.

Absolutely speechless at this point- HANGRY as hell and tired. But what can you do really.
We’re going to a wedding this weekend so that makes me the most upset, I was so happy for my outfit I bought…

Everything works out in the end, and it’s only material things but a day like this with such highs and lows, handling all sorts of feelings, you kinda get to know yourself a bit more. Stress is not for me.

Enjoy your weekend!

We’re on our way to the wedding venue.


East London

Continuing our Saturday, Jake and I strolled through the East of London, stumbling across the cutest of places, A Portuguese Love Affair.

My love for porcelain is huge. Hand made things always inspire me the most. I wanted the shoal of sardines, a big fish pot, a cabbage head made as a big bowl and lots more. If only my bag was three times bigger, I wanted everything.
The lady who owned and ran this store came from Portugal. I’ve always wanted to visit Lisbon, so stopping by this store took us there for a brief moment.

These swallows I bought for me and my dear friend. Plus the bowl below.

Columbia Road felt like a scene from Peaky Blinders, in my mind  anyway.

Happy with my purchases, we walked further on and stopped in a pub on the corner for one.

Meet Honey. Another cute pub dog. Gosh I love London now. Dogs everywhere. Think we fell for each other.

Passing through Columbia Rd took us up to Ace Hotel, and luckily it was comedy night .
The night got late as we met up with an old friend. After a few stops here and there and we ended our night in a Sky bar over watching Tower Bridge and the rest of London.

You gotta make the most of it whilst you can.