More food it is

A while ago I questioned my Instagram what you’d wish to see more of in my feed.
Almost 90% agreed for food and recipes. So I thought, ok I’ll try.
After all I’ve been a chef for many, many years..

Let’s start with a Vegetarian curry I cooked on our ‘ Utvecklingsdag ‘ a while ago. I never use measurements really , I just put in what I have at home. If you like carrots you add carrots for example.
Sometimes I may not give you an exact amount of ingredients.  Just so you know!
Always when cooking – taste it – see if something’s missing out , it’s usually more salt or some lemon. Sometimes even something sweet! Bring out the flavours more. Just try one or two times, experimenting is the best way to go.

A Mir curry the swedish way.. 4-6 ppl

2 diced onions – as you prefer
3 chopped paprika – whatever colours you like
4 cloves diced garlic 
2 diced tomato
4 tea spoons yellow curry
– fry this in a pan

Salt pepper cayenne pepper a little pinch to start with.
3 dl chili sauce 
1 lemon – squeeze on top
3 dl sour cream – I prefer lactos free, up to you.
1 can of Coconut milk
1 can of chickpeas
3 dl red lentils – simmer for 15 min. They can be soaked 30 min before you add them. 
Taste it, if somethings missing add more spices . Perhaps a teaspoon of honey? 
Top the curry with some baby spinach when ready to serve – that’s good for your tummy + it’s beautiful to add some green to all the yellow.

Your choice of rice – I boil the rice with some tumeric and cummin seeds.
Served with naan bread and some mango chutney and yoghurt, add lots of coriander in the yoghurt too, always nice. 
Voil’a easiest swedish curry ever. 

Usually for breakfast or mid day snack I make chiapudding to keep in my fridge for couple of days. Great source of energy and healthy stuff.

Chiapudding with berries and cardamon.

2 cups of Almond milk or coconut milk
6 tablespoons of Chia seeds
Lots of grinded cardamom seeds, don’t grind them to much, it’s nice if it’s a bit crunchy. 1/2 spoon..

Soak overnight  (or minimum 15 min before you eat it)
– your choice to add frozen berries in the pudding or if you add berries on top.
Good either way.

Scoop some pudding in a glas add natural yoghurt a spoon or two
Sprinkle granola, nuts or whatever you prefer. 
Slice some banana and drizzle honey on top. If you a cinnamon lover as me add that to. 


Lucia morning

My Lucia morning started at 2.30am. 
Another sleepless night. At 6.30 I went up to prepare my breakfast in front of the TV, was very excited to watch the Lucia perform as usual at SVT 1 7.00 am.

That ddn’t happen. Our internet was down and my phones wifi was so slow.
But I don’t think there was a 7.00 o’clock show thou.
Tired and disapointed I went back to bed and luckily I fell a sleep for an hour.

I enjoyed my christmas porridge and some chai tea and after breakfast I decorated some gingerbreads.

I would like to share my gran Linne’as recipe on
English gingerbreads.

2 dl golden syrap
2 dl full fat cream
350 gr casting sugar
150 gr salted butter
1 table spoon dried ginger
11/2 tea spoon bicarbonate
Flour till you think the dough has a ‘good firm’

Rest in the fridge overnight or for couple of hours.
Bake in 200 degrees. 

Vegan hot chocolate.

Heating some non-dairy milk in a saucepan with some cocoa until simmering, and then melting in some vegan chocolate, add brown sugar to taste, pour out into glasses, top with vegan cream and voilá – a taste sensation! Easy.
I topped mine with mashmallows too..

I considered two tablespoons of sugar to be perfect (one tablespoon per serve), but I like the sweet stuff, so that’s why I’m going to say ‘to taste’ in the recipe.

I had this just before my lunch, obs! 
Very nice.


More apple pie to the people

The weather lately has been unreal. Warm days over 20 degrees.

Can promise you our girls are enjoying it to the fullest.

Our newest member is Marge a dwarf cochin, she is the cutest. So tiny.

What I also wanna share is our FGL Dinner this Thursday.
Unexpected conversations with beautiful souls.

Kristin & I will share our story from the start up until now – the FGL saga. How is it to start a business with no real plans or intensions of growing big.
We said from day one – let’s open a pop up store. Five years later we’re still here, it never was just a ‘pop up’ shop.

Together we’ll enjoy a nice meal, discuss around the topic of courage for the night.
Courage – what does that entail for you?
If you’re joining in our FGL evening, we are happy to offer 20% off everything in the shop.

Yesterday I was working from home – managed to finish everything quickly so I had time to go out in the garden. I mowed the lawn – trimmed our apple tree.
And then…

made the best apple pie ever. With white chocolate on top.

Found the recipe over at Underbara Claras blog.
I had to swap a few ingredients, but turned out pretty damn good.
In fact the best apple cake I ever made. If I don’t say so myself!!
Glad I was stalking Clara a year back in her updates… hahaha!

You’ll need:

6-8 small apples

200 g butter

1 tablespoon whole cardamom kernels ( them easily)

2 dl light muscovado sugar / raw sugar ( I took caster sugar )

1 1/2 dl whipped cream

1/2 dl of wheat flour

1/2 dl potato flour (I never had any so took 0.5dl more flour)

1/2 teaspoon baking soda

4 dl oatmeal ( I used whole grain oats)

100 g white chocolate

Cut the apple into slices and lightly fry them with a small amount of butter.
Grease a form and add the apples.
Melt the butter in a saucepan and finish by mixing the cardamom kernels.
Add the sugar and cream.
Mix all the dry ingredients and pour them into the sugar and cream.
Spread the mixture over the apples and grate white chocolate all over the pie.

Bake for about 30 minutes at 200 degree heat.

Thanks Clara for sharing such a lovely cake recipe.
To everyone who reads all the way to here, please please, you have to make one!

…just let me know what you think!

through another lens

Hi October!

Autumn is certainly here. I’m so grateful. Love all the colours and how it smell outside. Crispy mornings are the best ones.

This picture is from a very sunny morning, just before my 20 min yoga. Found a really good 20 min class on youtube. For morning and night.

One night I treated myself to a long bath. Jake both cooked and made me this warm bath after a really long day at FGL Store. My back were so sore, I could barely move. So this peppermint bath – truly made my day! Thanks hun!

And then I fell in love with this washing line. How cute.

I’m usually a light sleeper but now during my pregnancy, I’m like hawk – I hear everything. Some nights Jake snore a bit toooooo much. I go crazy!

& there was week 30.
Can’t tell if I’m wearing pants ,can you? Belly is big now.
When I do my yoga, it’s a funny feeling when my belly touches my legs, hello there bump!

An old favourite of mine: Chia pudding with heaps of cardamom:

2 cups of Almond milk or coconut milk
6 tablespoons of Chia seeds
1 table spoon of oats
+ Lots of grinded cardamom, it’s best if you do it yourself so you get bits and pieces, don’t grind to much. Soak for 10min in the fridge.

I use frozen berries and some natural yoghurt with my chia pudding.
Top it with banana granola, nuts seeds -whatever you want. Such a great meal. Easy to prep and have ready in the fridge to for a few days.

Such a pleasure to go to the hair dresser . This is before.

this is after.  always happy with the result, Thanks Ida ! & thanks Schwarzkopfprosweden.


All at once

Thursday 16th of August. Talk about doing everything at once.

At 10.00 am FGL had an interview with a magazine which comes out next Thursday.
We talked and talked and shared the whole story about FGL, from the start up until now.
Often Kristin and I say we tend to talk to much?
Sometimes it feels that way… Maybe not weird yesterday because the interview was all about both of us and FGL Store. Fun!

Also told them when we work, everything goes fast. All at the same time, yesterday was not an exception.

Rose hip soup was on our to-do after a quick shoot and after we’d finished packing.
Started picking the rose hips, took some photos, had lunch, packed orders, time went very quickly. Then we needed to buy the remaining ingredients for this soup – tots forgot about that until it was time to make it.

All this in 30min, just before we had to be somewhere else…


Instagram stories, photos, soup in the making, more photos, some cleaning up and that was a wrap.

Here’s the recipe guys.

600 g (4 cups) fresh rosehips
2 litres (8 cups) water
50-100 g (½ cup) sugar or honey or both
1 tbsp cornflour (cornstarch)


1.Cut each rosehip in half then scoop out some of the seeds, we kept most of it cause we were in a hurry.
2.Put the skins in a pan, add the water, bring to the boil and simmer for about 30 minutes until they are soft.
3. Poor it all into a strainer and push through so the seeds disappear. and the meat goes through,
4. Boil it al up again – add the sugar or honey or go 50% 50% . We added enough so it got little bit sweeter.
5. Add starch. Let it cool down..

Serve with whipped cream and chunks of a Mazarine cake, Oh man so yummers!

It was truly delicious and it’s really healthy to..
( don’t add the cream and the cookie on top if you wanna be Just healthy, )

Some facts:
There were two important reasons for the popularity of ‘nyponsoppa’
Firstly, many Swedes were very poor years ago (large number emigrated to America in the hope of escaping poverty) and rose hips could be picked for free.
Secondly, rose hips contain a lot of the vitamins C, D and E, calcium and a load of antioxidants. In the winter months, in a country that can be bitterly cold, they were regarded as an essential part of everyone’s diet.