My summer

Me and Finn are outside everyday. Not too hard now when the weather is unreal. Sweden is surely one of a kind when the sun is out. 30+ degrees and everyone is soo happy. The park is a home for everyone.
We started this morning with yoga.

Klarisha always makes each class extra beautiful. Today was outstanding. I was watching, and even started to cry. Tears of joy though.

The class ended with live music . Rafa. Thanks for giving everyone your time and music. So great!

The went by so quickly, it was busy from start till finish. Finn was happy as always. Loving every minute in the park our little man.

by closing time 2 girls came by.

too cute right?! Looks like best friends since forever.

Thanks for coming to Farfars.

We had some fun – and when the girl disappered around the corner I found their camera on the ground.
Thank god for social media nowadays, it’s not hard to get in contact really.
Camera will be back to her tomorrow morning.
If you wonder where I am this summer I’m in the park or in FGL store.

I think my blog will have a holiday for a few weeks time now. Can’t find any time to update, the little time I have spare I wanna enjoy as much as I can so I say,

Happy summer see you in august!


our livingroom

This summer we spend all our time outside. Cause Jake opened a summer cafe and me and Finn don’t mind spending some time outdoors, not at all.

Kärleksparken aka ” the lovepark ” is truly a hidden gem.

Let me share photos from the past days.

Here’s the real Farfar (grandpa) with his Lycka. (happiness=finn)

The buns are from Limabacka bakery, they take the flour from the local wind mill. So it’s very organic & local.
Kladdkaka seems to be many people favourite! Thank you for liking my cake!

Yoghurt granola & berries is a must! Topped with honey as well.
The Granola is made by me, if anyone wonders.

We started with a shaker salad yesterday – Farfars greek salad! Yum!

Farfar is located just by this – pinch my arm! a dip in the sea is never a bad idea if you ask anyone from varberg.

This summer first yoga in the park happend yesterday. This Thursday 4.30 Annelie is having a class, so please join in! 100 sek and bring your matt or borrow a blanket from us.

The class always finish with ginger/lemon tea.

We got the best people around us for sure. So many beautiful souls coming by everyday! our hearts are so filled with love.

Aussie – Orange, lemon, beetroot,ginger & carrot

Mango – Mango, banana, yoghurt & honey

Farfar – Pear, lime, ginger mint.

That was all from our livingroom for this time. Hope to see you here!


My today

My monday started early with making loads of granola for Jakes café.
Then me & Finn got ready to leave to FGL. Shop is busy now before midsummer and we sold out on the Rose duster already.

On our desk Kristin left me a card. She’s travelling Europe for the next couple of weeks, so jealous. Europe at this time a year is magical.
The card said Super mom – it made me so happy! Thank you so much mama, right back at yaa! Enjoy your travels to the fullest. I’ll be sending you few pictures from your garden so you don’t miss out on too much.

Imagine how a card could make you feel so happy. 

Our kitchen was extremely beautiful with flowers that was in perfect bloom according to me. I like when they are a bit over bloomed like above. So much to give still you know.

Have you seen our latest addtion in our jewellery collection? 
Swallows. You cannot have to many. 

Michelles was looking cute as always. She truly makes our FGL extra special, you should join in on Michelles next breath work class.
Read more here. Just in time to get in the right mode before ‘semestern’ ..
” Semester ” is almost like a holy word in swedish.
In the summer almost all swedes have their semester all of July.

Finn was such a good boy today again, he loves being in the store. A guess it’s all the space and everything there is to look at. Now when he’s crawling it’s a new game indeed. I tried make a den with some pillows but that little man climbed right over.

Madde moved back from Stockholm. Now she’s busy with looking after her field of flowers, that soon are ready for self picking out in Stamnared.
She also have courses now and then. This Thursday you can sign up to a flower wreath course just in time for midsummer – perfect if you ask me. Today she said there where a few spots left.
Between all this Madelene will help us in the store as well, so happy for that!

My favourite piece – the two swallow necklace. You can wear this necklace double as above or make it long. Such a fine piece.

Alright team, hope your monday was a good one. I need to sleep, 11 o’clock already.

Crashcourse with Martin

Me & Finn took the train to Gothenburg and met up with
Johanna Jennie & Marlene. We were going to Martins course later in the afternoon so we decieded to meet up earlier in the day.

Palmhuset i GBG. such a beautiful place. A must visit ! Right now lots of flowers were in bloom to.

It was 23 degrees and very hot for the first time.
Jennie travelled all the way from Örnsköldsvik and I think they just got rid of their snow!
Always inspiring meeting up with collegues since we all work ‘alone’ – Behind a screen everyday.
But like always there’s not enough time, it’s to much to talk about.
All of a sudden the clock was almost 4 so we had to leave.

Martin invited us couple weeks ago and I felt straight away I needed to join in. Learning more about social media are always good! I feel lost sometimes when it comes to Instagram, right and wrongs, likes, no likes and so on. Puhu!

3 hours of inspiration. Lots of new inputs and do’s and don’ts. If you work with social media I really think you should book yourself in on a course.

To grow your social media, be active, like & comment always and use your platform everyday.

Thank you so much for our afternoon together!

Off course, there’s always time for a 3selfie!

Finn was so happy through the event. Made me so happy!
He’s so curious and stayed awake almost the whole time.
Not so quiet in the car home tho..

When at home the sky was on fire and I think we might see some sun tomorrow as well.


Week 35 preggers.

  • Hormones are high and low. jes!
    It’s easy to feel a bit lonely, don’t know why but thoughts and emotions come at me at as snow boll, straight in my stomache. Boom, here you go lady! Oh sweet thanks. ;/
    Sometimes I wonder why Jake don’t ask more about it all?
    But how can he know of all the emotions I’m going through.There is like a million thoughts a minute.
    If you are a ”soon to be dad”  there can never be to many hugs. Just be extra freaking amazing ok?
    Emotions are like the worst roller coaster ride for your lady  so just check in every minute ok? hahah!
    – I know I speak for all ladies out there with a bump.

  • Over all I’m still going strong. I can’t do to 8h work days no more, 4h is enough.
    My head and body gets pretty tired. I was at FGL Store on Saturday and luckily I had Lizette by my side, it was very busy. Talking to a lot of people and running around on concrete floor isn’t great. We did 6.5h and I felt tired..but it’s so much fun.
    Slept like a baby in the sofa on my Sunday ..
    Less work,  more rest from now on.

  • I gained 10kg which isn’t much at all, feel ‘big’ enough when getting up in the mornings. Especially after yoga too. Stiff like a fridge, (weird saying in Sweden)
  • I love fruit more than ever before. Glad that’s my craving.
  • I bought one pair of mama jeans, I guess my wardrobe is a bit ‘oversized’ so that’s good.
  •  I do yoga and breath work daily . I hope this will help me a lot through birth. Strong mind so far,
    will see how I will react during labour, but hopefully with deep breathing  I manage to control some of the pain.
    I’m excited for the next step – to enjoy my super strenght and bring a baby to this world.
    Will be the most powerful thing ever.
  • Have never been so excited for christmas before, baby brain delux. Time to decorate, it’s november so it’s not toooo early. (says only me)
  • We bought a pram and the rest.I did a Q&A on my instagram yesterday and I’m overwhelmed by the response, so many of you got involved. That is so much fun.