Out in the woods

Let me share how a lil walk can look like with a toddler.
We stopped for a quick smoothie, and Finn loves Froosh more than anyone.

& then mom took some.
Yeah right he says, gimmie my smoothie back.

Short after he was smiling again.
Right now you can get two frost when buying one if you sign in right here.
Good deal init?

Our family loves FROOSH. Best ”mellis” for sure.


this update is a payed update with froosh official.

A get to know me better update

time for a “get to know me” or fun facts update.
I’m born and raised in Bua, Sweden. A fisherman’s daughter.

Just found a ”happy birthday card from my 5th birthday” from Mia & Filip only 31 years ago, & we’re still friends. I was fortunate to have horses from 8 years until I was 19 years old. My first job I picked strawberries 8 years old, and I did this for 3 years, then Filip & I started baking cinnamon buns every Friday and Saturday at the summer holidays, which was golden! We sold over 150 buns in less then 2h. Best payed job ever.

During high school I studied restaurant/hotel business ~ I became a chef. For 15 years I Worked in many different kitchens, hotels, preschool, school, luxury yacht & hotel restaurants. My choice to become a chef was the best ~ it has taken me around the globe working and for travelling.
During these years I’ve met the best and most amazing people. I have lived in Sydney Australia, sailed around the Mediterranean Sea for 4 months, also loved my life living in Malta. Being outside your comfort zone gives you so much back. Love new cultures and meeting new people. There have been many turns to Bangkok, when my lifestyle created a clothing brand (to make long story short) I got the demand for the pants I wore on instagram so then I started sending these across globe.

this was when I was traveling in Thailand and it surely was a start to something bigger. Even better was that I met my partner in Thailand and that same year I packed my bags once again for a new adventure with him in Australia.

We now live just outside Varberg with our son Finn, 6 chickens, 4 peacocks doves. Our hobby is house renovation, we have renovated three houses in six years. I hate the winter, so long and dark. January-February are the longest. I love animals, the sea & Finn to the moon five thousand times and a little more. Think I could be better on looking after my self first.
I put that on my todo list. Who are you? 

Thanks for taking part of my story
Warm wishes Miranda

Födelsedag & Staycation

Hi team,

Last week or it could be two weeks ago I said I was back here, but been so busy the last couple of days and it’s hard to find time to sit down for myself .
Will give it try tonight to share about my birthday weekend.

Really wanted to go away for the night so we were booked into Kusthotellet in Varberg. Like the best gift to yourself to be honest.

”Staycation” is truly magical. No travel time, it’s quick and easy to get to when you spend time in your own city.
Varberg is beautiful place indeed and sometimes it’s easy to forget that the beauty is right in front of you.

Let me share some photos of our day and night.

Kusthotellet is a spa hotel located in Varberg only 52 steps from the water front.

Finn was very pleased checking into this hotel . Never seen him soo excited being away from home before.

There where no stop’in him.
Happy baby – very happy parents.

Just after this photo was taken I took my robe and went down to the beach for a dip.

It was 15 degrees in the water . Felt very fresh and ready for a massage shortly after.

Havn’t been this spoilt since my last birthday. Well deserved, cause mama feel rather tired. ( haha, parenthood. )

It got dark during our dinner so I didn’t take any more photos more than these two.
A Lovely 3 course dinner was served and Finn was fast a sleep just before the mains came out.

Treating yourself for a night in your home town hotel is very nice. We said to do this more often. It was very nice to see Finn so satisfied as well.
Made it all so easy. Kusthotellet has a big playroom so Finn was in paradise. New toys to play with is the best!

The next morning I woke 36 years young. We had a yummy breakfast to start with, followed by spa for the 3 of us.

In the mornings kids are aloud in the spa between 8-10. Perfect, cause Finn loves water.

All 3 of us had so much fun and we could relax even with a 9 months old, since the hotel offered things to do for Finn as well it made it all so easy.

Playing in the pool makes you tired, indeed – Finn past out when we were back in the room.

I wouldn’t mind staying here for a couple of days more to really stress down. The walks around Kust is the best in Varberg. Between the walks you can have a dip in the sea and enjoy the sauna afterwards.
Or perhaps an hour in the gym. Options there.
It’s a beautiful walk into the city center and close to a few restaurants by the water front as well which makes it to the perfect location.

With this I would like to say, treat yourself with a staycation! So easy and fun to explore your own city as a ”visitor” .

Wanna see some more from Kust, just click here.

Thanks Kusthotellet, we see you soon again! xx

in between all

Weather has been so good lately I barely believe we’re in Sweden anymore. But after all it’s summer!

Finkel is enjoying him self in the pool. His smile says it all.

This has surely been a busy week so far. A LOT has been accomplished already.
I’ve made 13 brownies, 40 pieces of snickers bars, 3 batches of granola – so we can serve breakfast all day in the van .

snickerbars coming up

I have prepped so I can make chocolate bolls tomorrow morning first thing.
Ordered all the fruit & veg we need for this weekend.

There is so much to do in order to get the van ready. All good fun, we are forever grateful for Jakes dad helping us out every day. Thank you!

Since we renovate our own house to, it’s all a crazy mess. Busy heads and full focus, and non stop work!
Got a bit upset when our painter didn’t show up in 3 days. High stress levels then, but now it seems we are back on track .. fingers crossed! cause we are suppose to move into the house by next week you see.

Everything is truly possible.

I’ll update again tomorrow, lots to share from our house and all the happenings this upcoming weekend.


Summer house lovin’

Mr Finn is loving a bath nowadays. In Bristol we went twice for baby swims and after those times Finn is rather confident being in the water.

It’s very easy to have a bath in the kitchen sink.
He likes that much better than the thing we bought for him to go in the bath.
Our little boy is growing fast. 5.5 months already! stop the time please!

This picture though, he is so pleased being in there. Such a little munchkin.

He was so cuddly after last nights swim, usually he have 200 % energy.

In the photo above you can see my new tattoo. Tiny one, I just had to add this to my collection!

It’s not the best focus on this photo but I liked it anyway.
Baby feet can be the cutest.

We lived in our summer house for 5 weeks already and we really enjoys it out here. We have a fox that comes for a visit every night
( I give him left overs ). Don’t know if that’s good or not, hopefully we save a cat or two cause this fella seems hungry.

Few times a day the fasan comes for a visit as well. A very proud and pretty male, he’s looking for a misses but no luck just yet. He surely let us know he’s around, jieses he’s loud!

Sanddamm is a beautiful place indeed.