We’re moving out

So it’s happening. Another move.
Let’s just say it’s rather busy days this weekend.
We’re moving out and we’re renovating Linne’as house at the same time.
A lot to remember right now!
Gonna feel so nice once we’re out.

Doves felt rather brave yesterday and visited our neighbours.

We’ve been so lucky with the weather the past week. But on Saturday morning it poured down.

The hallway is the only corner that’s not messy right now.

I try between naps to pack as much as I can. To be honest I’ve been doing this for weeks just because I knew it would take a millions years to get done.

Another amazing thing is that Karro been home for few weeks. She’s been living with us for a while. Nice to hang out she’s been away for a year in Australia.

The other day Mollie Minott was at FGL Store all day due to the event
Ett mjukare Varberg.
Mollie said as soon as she walked into our shop she felt – This is my style of clothing. Was very happy to hear that, such a nice feeling knowing people appriecte your work.
She loved the Varberg set’ so she was wearing that for the gig later in the evening.

Kristin touched everyone with her story. She is so brave and strong! A real role model! I’m speech less.
It was a great evening, and probarly Varbergs most important evening this year!

Markus & Mollie warming up.

A soon to be kitchen.

Karro was impressed by the hatch Jake done in the floor.
A laundry hatch straight down to the washing machine.

Can’t wait for the result when the floors are sanded.

Old radiators all over the house. The plan is to go with different colours in each room. Lists and radiators will match the wall papers or the paint. So many decisions right now!

The girls house.
Did you see my storie today when Mini was in the front seat of our car? She’s the best hen in the whole world.

We’ve been packing stuff all day, it’s a lot to empty one barn, a garage and a house. 6 hens and 4 doves! HA!

Everything is possible thought, you can’t being lazy that’s all.
Next time when I’m updating here I’m living in our summer house.
So excited for this.


Working together

This update is a collaboration with Scorett official.

Kristin & I collaborates with Scorett official this spring, and we’re super happy about it.
Scorett is based here in Varberg and it’s started back in 1997. Nice to work with a local company.

Varberg is a fantastic city when it comes to entrepenours.
Simulurly minded people who are happy to support one another. Team work is the best work.

Kristin wearing a sneaker from the swedish brand Läeder .
Läeder by Nature stands for an sustainable design.
Their knowledge about great craftmanship runs in 4 generations and they honor the tradition of working with leather construction that has been practised since 1000 years. They are experts with a sustainable production .

Hedda Felt Vegan. ( coming later in May )
The slip in’s I’m wearing are vegan friendly. Made of recycled pet bottles.
Y E S – this is so good!
Love when things are re:used.

We spent our day together in the heart of the city, just by the water front. Varberg is a small place indeed and we’ve got some magical spots.
Glashyttan is one.
We stopped by and enjoyed a cup of coffee and to heat up.
Lucky us it was pretty warm inside cause we were frozen into our bones.

Coastal winds can be super fresh and on the day we were working we were with those winds.

Just after we left we found a field of flowers.

You find all our shoes right here.

Another stop was our favourite spot, Damernas.

Did you know a dip in the ocean every day is very good for your health? If you want to improve your life on all fronts, think about taking a dip in the sea. It will be one of the best decisions that you make, the feeling afterwards is great!

It increases your libido your immune system, it’s good for your circulation, it reduces stress + a lot more.

Kristin never say no to a cold dip in the sea.
In Varberg we have a lot of stops a long the promenad. You can easily go for a swim on your lunch break.

I’m very curious to see if any of you handed in shoes in any of Scorett’s stores?
The shoe reuse project is such a great thing! Tell your friends about it so we all can help others in need !

Here is the full video we made the day of the shoot.
Hope you like it!


Spring time+new hair

In proud collaboration with Schwarzkopf Professional.

Days are finally warmer and it feels like Sweden is in bloom.
Even I feel hopeful. My favourite season has just started.
This time a year I’m keen for a change. My hair was in an awful state.
Dry, dark and in need of some care.
Ida + Schwarzkopf Professional certainly is the perfect combo.

It’s a lot of hair too.

This visit was a bit different to last time cause Finn was with me.
He was super happy during the whole time. Karolin was with us as well so he was well looked after. It would of been hard otherwise spending 3 hours at the hair dresser.

Finn enjoys the mirror. Always gets super excited when he see him self.

This time we bleeched my roots and gave my hair a cool blonde look, with some purple roots.


Using fibreplex whilst lightening protects your hair from breakage.
It minimising hair breakage by up to 94%. 
Fibreplex sets colourists free from the fear of compromising hair quality during the chemical process.
I remember when I did high lights back in the days, mid 90’s, you could almost garentee you would ruine your hair doing high ligths!

My hair has never been as strong as it is now. Fibreplex has given it so much strenght! It’s unreal.

I always use Blondeme’s Shampoo + conditioner.
Once a week I leave in the conditioner for 10 min to give my hair extra strenght. My hair truly loves Schwarzkopf Professional and so do I.

Check my instagram stories for more pictures and updates.

From my phone

I just thought I could share some photos from my iPhone. Last weekend we met spring in Gothenburg .

Finn looked like a member in Peaky blinders. 

Love How light it is nowadays. We’ve been spoilt with a lot of sunshine ! 

Like these shelves a lot in Artilleriet.

I saw my self in the tea cup one morning.

Spent some time in Mary’s studio since I opened a Shopify for her.

Another Sunny day in g b g .

Starfish baby finn

Those Reno days started again. 🥰

This floor was a lovely suprise upstairs and downstairs! 

I was meant to do this update last Monday but my wifi has been down at home so everything has been so delayed.

Oh! You need to visit my friend Kristin latest post. It’s a very important one!

Wishing you a lovely weekend!


my day at work

It’s not boring going to work on a Saturday.

Shop is always busy and today was extra special cause
Maja & Maika was joined us.
Elisabeth started her buisness last autumn making dish cloths and beeswax wraps and been busy since the start.
Shop was full from 11 o’clock and many was very curious of Maja & Maika. I understand why cause it’s great products!
No one likes aluminum/plastic foil nor dish cloths unless they are sustainable and non plastic!
Elisabeth makes these at home in her kitchen.

When we posted on FGL’s instagram on Thursday, Elisabeth sold out within couple of hours and had to make a new batch in the middle of the night in order to have some for the pop up today.

”Beeswax wrap is a natural and reusable alternative to plastic and aluminum foil. The foil is made of cotton that has been treated with beeswax, resin and coconut oil. The beeswax and the anti-bacterial properties of coconut oil give the foil a very good ability to keep your food fresh.
The beeswax foil is easy to clean so you can reuse it. Hand wash cloths in cold water with a mild, environmentally friendly detergent. Let them air dry or wipe with a towel”

I think this is something every house hold should have at home, plastic should be banned.

On Saturdays we have coffee and cakes available for those who wants a cup. It’s popular by husbands waiting for their ladies. ” -just gonna try one dress at FGL ” ten dresses later..
so coffee is well appricieted.

The cutest visitor today for sure.

Bringing Finn to work is great, FGL’s visitors = mamas.
So a very happy baby getting a lot of attention.

Bea – had to buy our blue Apelviken jumper.
– I just need to treat myself.
Good choice, Bea!

Bea is one of the two owners of Blomsterbaren just next door to us.
Always lovely to visit them. A blooming shop.

Thanks for today ! You all made my day.