Ok, lack of sleep is getting to me now. Waking up at 01.20am for days in a row is beginning to make me very tired. Waiting for the alarm to ring for Jake so I can say good morning and wave him off to work. Also we say: hope the baby comes today.

Week 42 is here. Had an appointment with my midwife this Friday, and she organised a visit to the hospital for me to pick up some sleeping tablets,
But, they haven’t helped.
What I need to do every day instead, is to go to bed during the day and force myself to sleep for an hour or however long I can.
Till this day in my life I have never been able to have a nap during the day. I hear the wind, the foot steps, almost zero chance of me sleeping during the day.
That is now history. Life is about to change!

My sleeping pattern now is my new life. This is how it will be, which is ok. I need to adjust and change. Luckily we soon have a baby to love and cuddle through the nights, which I’m looking forward to.

So, yesterday I listened to meditation & hypnobirthing – it helped straight away. 1 hour kip- HALLELUA !
Midwife also said,
Miranda let go of the control of wanting to know. You simply can’t know anything about ‘whats going to happen’ ‘when or if it’s close’ – Trust the process – just be.

I remember back to a couple of years ago, when I went through personal training in Florida, my biggest fear & strongest side : is just what happens if I don’t know all the answers.

I found out there and then in 2014 I had a strong need knowing, and I don’t really enjoy not knowing what’s next. Turns me into a control freak. For some reason, knowing the next step has always been very important for me.
I’m much better now, but hearing my midwife say that and giving me a hug took me straight back to my coach in Florida. Shit I must trust the process. Let go of planing, just be.

Puh – I done what I got told. Went to bed, stayed in bed till I was relaxed enough, listened to meditation… slept for one hour. Said I couldn’t see my sisters family due to being so exhausted. I slept. One step in the right direction anyway.

What I don’t think I will do is to drink a hot chocolate in the middle of the night when waking up, that was the midwife tip!
When you wake up at 03.00am make your self a cup of hot chocolate and go back to sleep!
I couldn’t think of anything worse, SUGAR at 03.00 am? My body would stay awake for 24 hour more with that boozt…

Naaaa I think she meant green tea.

For the first time last night I felt really sick, joint with very bad heart burn.
Tiny feels of contractions but only tiny.
Feeling sick, thought I was one step closer, but he’s still not here. Might have to call this boy Santa.


First snow

Woke up this morning to snow. 
Always a special feeling the very first day it arrives. Perfect timing for a white Christmas. Unfortunately it won’t stay that long, but still it’s so beautiful.

My Christmas porridge on the table outside. Once a week I cook a full casserole.

Our girls were not impressed by the snow. They stood by the barn door and wanted me to give them their food there. 

Marge, Alice and Mini.

Varberg Stadshotell in it’s prime.

After letting the girls out I took the bus into the city to see the midwife. It seems to be a few days away before our baby is ready, she thought. We’ll see, any day is the perfect day.
101,8 % on my pregnancy exactly today.

With love M


Christmas gifts or?

What’s your feelings about Christmas gifts?
For me, donating or giving to charity is the best kind of pressie. 
To help an organisation or buy something that supports a cause.
I’m gonna support Läkarmission most vulnerable cause right now.
Read more here
To the ones I’m buying gifts for each year, you will be a part of my donation to läkarmissionen. 

Marlene at Fruvintage is selling her coffee and for every bag bought, a percentage of the profit will go to Läkarmissionen.

In buying a t-shirt from our sisterhood collection at FGL store you support women & children in need through Frideborgs kvinnojour.

Speak up T-shirt

Quality and useful long lasting gifts
 If buying gifts I think it’s better to choose quality over quantity, obviously. 
Maybe something you can use in your everyday life. 
I think the typical ”sock pressie” has been swapped with a phone case nowadays.

Everyone use their phones daily, for countless hours so a good case may just be ‘well’ invested money.

The case Kåsa is named after a beach area in Varberg and so is the leather charger Getterön.
A good quality case prevents your phone to getting damaged, which is great. This year I’ve been an ambassador for Holdit Brand, they are based in Varberg so I’m extra proud being a part of their journey. I can 100% say that all their products are well made and built to last. To get your order before Christmas – you’ll need to order latest on 19th of December. 

Homemade with love.
Something you made yourself is lovely to give I think. Thoughtful and fun.
Yesterday I made Wienernougat to giveaway along with some coffee.
Plus a jar ready to make a ”Polly kladdkaka”.
Just add some butter and eggs on the side.
Our eggs will be from our girls.

You can cut up the chocolate in small pieces or wrap up a big piece. Nice boths way. 

Please comment below if you wanna share your tips on gifts.


Julgåva från oss

On  FGL’s instagram  we have giveaway in form of a christmas gift.
Kristin and I wanted to give something back to you guys. 
So we decided to give a little taste of our  Varberg. 

Spend the night in a boutique room for 2 people at our lovely Varberg Stadshotell Asia Spa.

I say ‘our’ cause it’s where we used to work, and where Kristin and I met for the first time. So it’s a special place for us.A 3 course dinner to enjoy in the night is included, spa sauna + a breakfast buffet.

When in Varberg you need to try out a cold dip in the sea and a sauna at Kallbadhuset, this is also included in your price – as well as a lunch at Verket located just by FGL Store. 

Pic: Kristin Lagerqvist

To end this beautiful day you get 1500 voucher to spend in our store. 

I mean, how amazing is this? I wish I could  partake.
It’s like the best gift to yourself and someone you love.

Ends 19th of december 23:59 – the winner will be announced  by the 20th of december. 
Press here to participate.

Whilst here I wanna share some more about the latest regarding FGL Store.
If you wanna recieve your order before christmas, order latest on 14th of december.
Right now there is two more sets available . 
Our polka dot skirt + duster for a fine price. Comes in the colours maroon and blue. This could be your christmas outfit? 

Merry christmas
from us 
Good Luck

This update is a payed collaboration with my own buisness FGL Store.

welcome out little baby

Week 40.
I’m more than ready. I think.

Full of excitement and joy. It’s still a bit unreal in a way.
As if we’re we’re getting a baby any day.
Such a blessing.

The other day I got my new camera. A Canon 6D.
So I experimented with taking some pictures.
Thought it would be a nice memory to have some of the bump fully grown.

I hope Jake are willing to teach me some tricks with the camera, cause I learn ‘by doing’ not reading things. The most boring thing.
I think there will be some tips on youtube as well, best channel to find out about stuff.

40 weeks – 99.3% in..
Let me share the latest regarding my pregnancy.

Sleeping is very uncomfortable, stomach gets pretty hard if I stay to long on one side, so a lot of turning throughout the night. With ten pillows all over the place, supporting my back, stomach, knees. Waking up almost every night at 3am – sometimes already at 2am.

Trying to eat extra iron, broccoli, lentils, beens –
& when I remember I take a tablet just in case.

Thinking a lot about breath work, getting so many tips regarding just that. With the right technique pain will be less and I will get a smoother experience. Many has said to go through the contraction without fighting against the pain, to focus hard and say good bye to each one on cause it’s one step closer a baby..
( will tell you all about how it went after my experience )

I’m overwhelmed by all the lovin you guys give me through messages on IG, FB. My heart is full.
I feel I have a big ‘mama community’ on social media.
Many of my closest friends live far away and Jakes family are in England, so your support means a lot.

I’ve been lucky being able to work till now, my days pass by so quickly. My pregnancy has been very good. No cravings, no feeling sick, in the beginning I was a bit more hungry, got pretty HANGRY if I ddn’t eat in time.
My hormones might been a bit upset with a Jake sometimes, sorry love!
It wasn’t me speaking if I was a bit cattish.

Gonna see my midwife today, must be the last visit? I said that the last time, I might not see you again, hopefully I have a baby by the 10th of December. Not baby yet.
Jake has put his bets on today. I had 4th of december.

I think I gained closer to 15kg in total. I was under 10kg for agees.. but the last weeks baby grown a bit more.

Thanks for reading,
if you wanna heart it, I would be so happy.