you never regret a swim

So they say..

I don’t really enjoy being in the water cause I get to cold. Even if it’s +25 . I’m the most happy whilst being next to the water.

Almost every time I need to explain myself why, cause so many think a swim is the best thing in the world.

As much as they enjoy being in the water I love being warm in the sun.
There’s occassions when I have a dip tho, start of the spring. when it’s +5 in the air and water is freezing cold. Now we’re talking about a happy mind after a dip like that.

As a child I had to many ear infections, caused by being in the water. One dive, 3h later an ear infection. SO that’s a big factor too.

Spending time in the sun – no problemo. There is never a too hot day for me.

‘Classic midi briefs’ – from Lindex official.
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Hello & welcome to me!

I love my Monday mornings cause I start my day with updating my Instagram saying
-Hello & welcome to me, I’m Mir. What’s your name? & where are you from?
Comment below.

All the hello’s from all over the world makes my so happy and excited. Some days I’m so fed up with the shallow side of social media. This is just the opposite though, a smile and a hello. I truly love it. I need to feel and be inpired and this really puts a smile on my face, Thanks for effort !

What’s happening this week is:

  • two collaborations needs to be approved before Wednesday night.
  • Decide the autumn collection for FGL Store.

Thursday: Flying to England for a wedding, next stop after that: Spain.

A holiday has never felt so welcome as now. Time for time out.





What a lovely Sunday. Started my morning in Gothenburg with my hair dresser, Ida, in her saloon Bonbon.
They had a lecture in colours and I was invited to be the model. How lucky!

Ida co-owns two saloons in Gothenburg, called Bonbon.
Eleven hair dressers work across the two places. I always leave with the biggest of smiles and the blondest of hair.
Scwarzkopf products = miracles. I use the ‘Blondme’ products.

This is the before picture.

Rebecca & Ida are working together and talking through the whole process. That’s why I really enjoy being a model on days like these, hair dresser language is hard, fast, but very interesting. They always speak in numbers …
8-11.6 together 6.46 yadaayada.
(This is not the correct mix, I made that up, but it really is like Greek!)

I always take a full bleach as a start.

This is my favourite part – rinse out massage. T R E A T.
After this they put a toner in – I always go for a cold colour.

2.5h later my hair looked like this.

Thank you very much. My hair is alive again after a looong dark winter.






What I changed in my life lately is the ‘bad habbits’. Or I should accually say changing, cause I’m still working on getting better.
Running your own buisnesses it’s really easy to work all the time. The weirdest part is that I’m the one doing it to myself, even if I have the power to not to.

All the years I’ve been working in places, it’s been within certain hours. 7-16 or 15-24, the boss I had back then didn’t tell me to do -a little bit more work just before bedtime did he! Why do I do it now when I can decide for myself. It’s not healthy at all.

Schedule. Schedule. Schedule. The key. So is long lists, if I’m not done with my todo’s in the  afternoon I can do it the following day… not till late in the evenings.

Bad habbits:

  • To check your phone first thing in the morning, like 6am.  Like why?  no thanks.
  • To read Emails/Questions just before getting in bed. Great to give your brain More to think of just before sleeping. NOT REALLY.
  • To always recieve whatsapps/msgs/or to check IG 100 times a day. Check them within certain hours.
  • To choose work over exercising and taking care of your body.

New habbits:

  • Create office hours. To give yourself the respect you deserve.
  • Book in time for training in your calender so you can’t blame ‘work’ .
  • Follow your todo list.
  • Don’t feel bad for not working as much as you used to do.


I’m working everyday to get better, be smarter, be healthier, and not feeling guilty over Not working as much as before, (full time job + 2 buisnesses) old bad lifestyle I guess.
If you have any tips, advices just hit me up! Always happy to hear your story.

Much love to you,






My week has passed by like crazy. Sitting here thinking of everything that has happened over the past few days… time flies when you’re enjoying it.

Monday – Meetings and FGL Store.

Tuesday – Organizing for my grans funeral.

Wednesday – FGL Store.

Thursday – Started my morning at Oken’s Hotel. Met up with Finnvedens säljkraft and we started our morning with a nice breakfast. Then onto a day full of inspiration! Varberg City joins forces with the local businesses in hope to motivate and encourage it’s people with everything from politics, health and general being. So we spent most of the day there soaking up knowledge, very nice! Kristin and I also met up with Emma Knyckare a women we both admire greatly. Looking forward to our future collabs..

Friday– time for another early social breakfast, Handelsbanken invited their costumers to breakfast, with guest speaker Johanna. Johanna gave us coaching regarding health and living.

Verket made us a very delicius breakfast.

Full of inspiration we continued to the beach for a shoot.

A very important one too, We wanted to speak up and show our support reagarding Sara Danius. This had to be done in a hurry, but it’s how we usually work anyway — 200% speed.
Luckily the sun came for a visit and gave us 18 degrees. I had three dips, and I loved it.
+8 in the water. F R E S H .

Come 3 o’clock I had my final meeting – great fun to plan the future with great people.

Back to our store by 4.30 to meet up with Jake who was doing some work there. So that’s where I ended my work week. Love my job.

ps. I also done a rinse in my wardrobe, check out my sales here. 





Almost 90 days since…

Hi hello bonjour,
Already Wednesday! Can’t believe how fast the weeks passing by.
Is it because of spring and the longer days we have now?
The time flies indeed, cause it’s already my 3rd month as being ‘my own boss’ HOORAY!

It’s still a bit unreal, to own my own time. It’s still weird on the 25th every month,
cause no monthly pay comes in as it has done before. But it’s ok.
Another thing that has been on my mind for a while is that we all work too much and too hard. For the cause of what? All my life I’ve been working more than 100% I can easily say 200% if I look back on my past. Shit! No thanks. Never again.

Time to enjoy more.
I’m so happy and proud over my decision to leave the full time job to only focus on my two buisnesses.
( It was kinda hard to juggle it all the last years. Renovations, full time job, +run two buisnesses, all at once..)  Woman please!

Feeling more free than ever. More balanced .. and happier.
If worst come to worst and I’m not getting enough work. I will become a fisher woman, told dad yesterday he has to teach me everything he knows being a captain/fisherman.
He was laughing but I said it’s my back up plan..

Thanks for reading, commenting, heartin’ it and all you do ! I’m beyond grateful!
So thanks again,




Me & Kristin met up early and continued packing heaps of t-shirts. So happy and excited with our Sisterhood collection. Speaking to Kimberly who works for Kvinno Jouren in Varberg, she said they have eight new volunteers since FGL launched thw collection! It means a lot!

In the afternoon Emma came by, we were going through the lecture for our up coming event. She also helped us organise the T-shirts. Thanks for that!

A day to remember. Bless my little gran, Linnea, who sadly left us. She’s lived a long and happy life. Two months shy of 100 years old. Trying my best to stay strong, so grateful for the love and laughter we had together. She will be forever missed.

The days after Wednesday have been hard, there have been ups and downs of course.
Unfortunately I missed our Lecture Thursday night, but I heard it was great. Great feedback on how well Emma & Kristin presented it all. We are planning away for new dates so keep your eyes open for updates.

Spent the day in FGL Store. Thanks to all lovely costumers who always makes it so special.
There is a sale on right now, -30% off our Polka dot dresses. Don’t miss out!

Felt like a ‘lazy Sunday’ when waking up. The clocks have gone forward and we’re nw officially into spring time.
I’m soon going to pack my bags for few days in England.

Enjoy your Sunday.


This update contains advertising for my own buisness.

Internal jokes

Justin Bieber ddn’t show up in Joshua Tree either, had my hopes up for a long time.
I thought I might bump into him while visiting LA, but no luck.
Internal jokes about inspiring people and how we’ll met up one day, did put a big smile on our faces though.

It was very cold in Joshua Tree, kinda hard keeping a relaxed face during the long shoot.
Whilst freezing my ass off my facial expression turned pretty serious from time to time.
Soon as that happened Sofia told me Justin B were there starring at me, so it was an easy switch. HA!

How silly but it worked.


You can’t really get enough of love and laughters, so whatever makes you smile.
Very excited to launch the spring/summer collection. It’s golden!




During the years 2011-2012 I was travelling the world. Spent a year in Australia and ended up working in Thailand for a while. I was sharing my photos in Instagram, not very popular back then but I had a few followers.
People asked where my pants were from. Since they were in every photo, basically never took them off!
I started to buy the pants and ship them home. It was no harder than that.
All Bangkok sales men and women told me ”you should buy it for good luck”
More and more people asked about these pants so I sent hundreds home to Sweden.

After arriving back home, I began working as a chef in Varberg’s Stadshotel. I was able to sale the pants in the hotel, and through the hashtag (#mirandasinstabyxor)

Some of my friends were travelling and when they were in Bangkok I told them where to go and send me more, the demand for the pants was growing.
I knew I could do something bigger with this. Since I loved travelling and spending hours
in the markets it was always going to have potential.


Everyone in Stadt hotel told me about Kristin and how we have to meet, ”you will love her”,  ”she has painted her clock yellow” and how she writes like a ”famous author” . They said that her blog was so dreamy to visit and how you would get lost for ”at least an hour” if you start reading it.

Have to agree to what my colleagues said, it was a dreamy world, Krickelin.
I worked as a chef and Kristin was a waitress. One day she asked to take some photos of me whilst working, ”your tattoos are cool and it’s for the hotels blog”, she said.

– ok. I felt a bit awkward, because the boys I worked with were giggling away. hahaha!

Our daily talks lead to more photos and hang outs.
Kristin fascinated me, a creative soul that also works just by ‘feeling’.
Hopefully Kristin felt the same about me, we lived very different lives and were fascinated by one another.

In a blog update back in 2012 I wrote;

‘Idag har jag tänkt lite på vad fint det hade varit och ha någon som
kommer hem efter jobbet, kramar om och säger att han saknat mig.
Att kunna kramas när man vill liksom..  Ta vara på det ni som kan!
Lite kanske för jag varit hemma hos Kristin,  hon verkar leva sånt
där liv som jag en dag vill ha. Rörig 3- barns mamma som pusslar ihop vardagen
och ibland glömmer saker. Hon är fin den där Krickelin. Fota kan hon med.
Jag fick äran att vara med på lite bilder’  7th of aug 2012.

After the summer of 2012 I left for a new adventure. To meet up with the man I feel in love whilst travelling the winter before, he lived in Sydney. I packed my bags and left, 8 months later we moved back to Sweden.
More pictures were taken with Kristin, with hens, with horses and me dressed in Kristin’s wedding skirt in a abandoned house.

We didn’t know it at the time, but it was the beginning of our journey together. I was still selling my pants through instagram and Kristin had her blog and photography.

Eventually we came together with our own specialities and started a mutual company on those grounds that would be named For Good Luck and later FGL Store.








Me, Kristin and Emma have been planing away for our up coming lecture next week. It’s amazing that our event sold out straight away! So excited for it all! Working with like minded souls is always fun,
Kristin and I have done a DISC analysist test with Emma recently and it was not a chock that both were dominant yellow. (+ a mix of the other colours, more about that next week)

Yellow Personality Tendencies

  • Optimism
  • Enthusiasm
  • Makes good impressions
  • Verbally articulate
  • Likes to help others
  • Creates entertaining climate

Yellow Personality Weaknesses

  • Following through
  • Overestimating results
  • Misjudging capabilities
  • Talks too much
  • Acts impulsively
  • Jumps to conclusions
  • Over commits
  • Acts first, thinks second

Here is some more facts regarding DISC Theory:
‘Human behavior is not cut and dry or black and white, which is why DISC theory consists of a combination of these DISC Personality Styles.

It’s possible, but rare that someone only has Dominance within their Personality Traits, but more likely that they have Dominance as the highest factor, with Steadiness as a secondary factor, and a little bit of Influence as a third.
Taking into account someone’s primary, secondary, tertiary and even absent personality traits allows us to see the unique blend of their DISC personality types and how this affects their every day actions, preferences in different environments, communication with others, ability to organize, reactions or avoidance to conflict, and more.
By understanding someone’s DISC personality blend, we can take proactive steps to placing that person in environments where they’ll feel comfortable and empowered, approach them in a way that they’ll react positively to, and better understand and predict their actions and reactions in general. Human behavior is complex, yet predictable’

It’s the “color palette of the personality”.
The DISC Theory research that Marston conducted in the 1920’s continues today to give us great insight into human behavior and DISC Personality Types.

I have about 40 pages to read about my ‘DISC’ personality, I can only say I’m looking forward to getting a better understanding of myself, a tool for life. This is what we will discuss next week on our event.

I stayed a bit longer after we closed tonight, such a nice office space.

A lot more events coming up so check our site out,  FGL Store. We released a workshop with Lisa Burenius. I can tell you a bit more about that tomorrow.