Another throw back

Our first years as parents needs to be presented by a picture bonanza.
OUR FINN HUH, he is the best.


Here we are, so fresh as parents. We barely knew nothing about sleepless night, and the rest. ( thank god you don’t ) hahah!


Finn baby met his grand parents for the first time. We had a fun lovely weekend together. I remember Finn was smiling a lot, and giggled with the toy crab. We were out walking in a snow blizzard …

The baby björn team came with their crew and Finn & I was their models.
7 weeks old, you did amazing baby boy!


Finn were always with me at FGL Store, looking back I kinda feel bad bringing him with me. But he always loved being in the store, it’s very big and love all the cuddles he gets from the girls around me. ( the guilt you feel as a mom is weird, you feel guilty for anything almost)

He’s damn cute!


We started to renovate our new house but living in our summer house.

My sis Karro came home from OZ! LOVE


Liz my cousin helped out on a day whilst doing a job.

I was lucky one day – met up with the girls in Gothenburg and Finn came along for a crash course, here he is with amazing Marlene. Gosh she is one magical woman!

Thank you May, you were pretty special.


We went back to England. Finn’s first flight. Went so well, he made it very easy for us sleeping.

Loves a bath outside. And look who’s with us.

Pops came for a week he first planned, he stayed for 3 weeks. In June we opened Farfars Lycka, we were soooo lucky with the weather the opening weekend.

gosh I miss those sunny days early summer. We were spending so much time in the park under the trees in the sunshine by the ocean..

I think I’ll pause this post and continue tonight.

Please share you best memories from the year 2019 in my comments.


year 2019, let’s look back!

Last month of the year so I thought we could look back on what has happened in 2019 work wise.

First out was Holdit. I was an ambassador for them for 9 month time. This was my last post. Fun to be a part of a Varberg company!

In February I worked with Boråstapeter x Newbie to promote their new collaboration together . The collection was so nice, and soon there is a new collection coming.

Off course there was a lot of updates for my own business too.

The Peony dress was a success.

March came and it was a new collab this spring with Scorett. I love Scorett! They do an awesome job when it comes to sustainable shoes. Their work shoereuse is incredible! Also how they promote how to look after your shoes so they last for long.


Round 2 for Scorett collaboration.

For almost 2 years I’ve been working with Schwarzkopf and Bon Bon hair salon in Gothenburg. This was the first time Finn was with me and lucky Karro was there to look after him.

When I see this picture of my long hair I miss it a lot. Blondme products are surely magic for a blond hair.

May came a long and it started to be warm and very green outside. LOVE May. I had the honor to share about Lindemans alcohol free wines. Which suited me so well. I rarely ever drink any alcohol anymore. Since being pregnant last year and don’t enjoy it anymore so being able to share about Lindemans collection of non alcohol wines was fun!

Started to shoot for Derome. The project is very delayed so you will so more of this by next spring.

Not every collaboration is shared on my blog, smaller jobs only at Instagram so just sharing them I posted on the blog.

Already 6 month in 2019.

Arla products – About supporting fresh cream / milk since the cows are out and about 24/7 in the summer.

The first release of the collaboration with Baby björn came out. Had done this job already in February, the release was when the bed came out.

July! omg. We had the best summer due to this caravan. I spent everyday under the trees in Varberg with finn and Jake, since our little cafe was there. If not here I was in FGL. During the summer we extended our opening hours so if not in the park you found me in my store.


September came and it’s my birth month.
I was mostly working with FGL. Tried to slow down with working too much.

October you beaut.

Smaller jobs posted on my IG.

Froosh was one of them.

Over at FGL I had Madelene to cover for my shift in the store most of my opening hours.
Great for a mom with a 10 month busy baby. & great cause Madelene wanted more hours in our store too. = WIN.

October was extra special due to a holiday to my fave place. Malta.

November froosh smoothies – twice! 100% my best smoothie that I always buy for an in between meal. Their smoothies are just fruits, nothing else.

December been few updates from our store FGL.
Still chance to get your delivery in time if you order tonight or tomorrow.

Look at these sets we put together. They been popular – perfect gift set.

& that was about it. 2019 been busy. I’m feeling grateful and happy about all collaborations I’ve done.

The last week of this year is going to be slow. Only family stuff and some FGL time, in a weeks time we fly out to England to celebrate Christmas.

Alright me lovers, talk soon. or next year!
All my love to you, thanks for following me here. xx

Not so much to report

Hallo team,

How are you this November? To be honest, Im kinda tired.
This darkness is unreal.
I have a lil secret to it though.
It’s basically against the law in Sweden but this is worth it.

START DECORATE in early November to get some extra light since we barely have any day light this time a year.

Outside and inside! Don’t be shy either, and don’t listen if your neighbor seigh about it. haha! I stopped years back.

You got to love a crappy phone picture right!
This is from my Saturday at FGL.
I popped into Jennie next door who made signs for us.

I’ve been thinking of a new business logo for my Miranda Rebecca, and I hope Jennie wanna make it. Ill ask next time I see her.

Have you seen #kollijoxpoetry before? She is to good my Jennie. Always makes me smile.

I need to tell you about my latest finds as well.
Bedside tables, a mirror, bed frame and a cabinet – all made by hand in Varberg in 1700 something. How cool! I LOVE Marketplace in facebook. Lucky me Ive seen the post 1 minute after the lady posted it.

On the Sunday we went to Tjolöholm Christmas market and Finn met Santa for the first time.

Less than a month away till Christmas now.. excited much!


it’s not all rainbows and sunshine

It’s been over 10 months since Finn entered our world.
As much as I do love being a mother I find it hard many days as well.

I did’nt know how hard it was to miss out on sleep. From last September I started to have bad nights sleep, and it’s not better now when Finn wanna eat few times each night. Read this the other night and thought it was spot on in every word.

To the new mom – 
I know you’re struggling, things you’ve never considered hard have suddenly become close to impossible- like leaving be house, eating a hot meal, sleeping, taking a shower, finishing a sentence or a thought. .
I know you worry, worry like you never have before, worry if you have time to go to the bathroom, worrying if you can sleep when the baby is sleeping, worrying if you’ve dressed the baby right, worrying about the fact that breastfeeding wasn’t all that easy as people made it seem, worrying if you’re doing motherhood right. .
I know you’re tired, tired of asking yourself all these questions, exhausted from the lack of sleep and alone time you used to have just a minute ago. .
You’re probably in need of rest yourself, in need of love and comfort, giving birth is like getting hit by a car, the hormones that comes after are probably even worse. .
So I want to tell you that it will get easier, you’re doing great, we all ask these questions, we all feel overwhelmed, it’s not all rainbows and sunshine like you might have been lead to believe. .
But in a year or two you’ll have a little person who tells you thank you, thank you for loving me like only you know how, thank you for holding me thank you for putting me first, thank you for everything you’ve done, you did it all right. They will tell you in everything they do, how they look at you, how they tough you and how you are their safe place, forever.

Believe in yourself, it’s supposed to be hard, that only means you care.
Text credit: saracelina.


Out in the woods

Let me share how a lil walk can look like with a toddler.
We stopped for a quick smoothie, and Finn loves Froosh more than anyone.

& then mom took some.
Yeah right he says, gimmie my smoothie back.

Short after he was smiling again.
Right now you can get two frost when buying one if you sign in right here.
Good deal init?

Our family loves FROOSH. Best ”mellis” for sure.


this update is a payed update with froosh official.