Farfars Lycka Vår foodtruck

Nu är vi i full gång med att fixa med våra underbara foodtruck.
Vädret verkar vara fint en tid och nästa vecka serverar vi våra första juice kaffe med dopp och förhoppning om Lunch.
Jag tänker att jag ska lösa Soppa nu i Juni. Fre-Sön. De är de tänkte dagarna det skall vara öppet, om vädret är ok.
Eller kommer ni ändå?
Nu i coronatimer kanske allt blir annorlunda, och man är sugen på tur och kommer till parken oavsett.

Vilken (farfars) Lycka att får hänga i denna underbara park i Sommar! Nyp oss i armen. Det är alltså jag miranda som kommer styra skeppet i sommar, Jake går på pappaledigt och kommer mest jaga runt på Finn i parken och bada tänker jag.

Jag längtar extremt mycket efter yogan. Det är något visst att yoga under träden och samtidigt höra havets brus.

Alla pass avslutas altid med te.

Du kan även köpa frukost. Start från tio och den finns hela dagen. Det gillade jag så mycket i Australien att deras frukostar fanns tillgänglig hela dagen på många cafe. Så även på farfars såklart.

Hoppas ni följer oss på instagram FARFARS LYCKA, där finns updates om tiderna, yogan, osv! Häng på!

Ses den 29e Maj kl11. Då blir det kaffe med dopp och mycket annat.



Long time no speak, again!

I’ve been working so much with all the news that’s coming every week to the shop.
Being more grateful than ever that I run a web shop. You guys are so used to having me online so it’s nothing new for FGL customers. That’s very nice in times like these.

Let me show some of the news.

Look at him, Wilfred 6years old. Such a happy chap wearing Polly the parrot shirt. Finn wear this size too, but it’s very oversized. Cute anyway!

Another massive thing for me and the store is that these shirt are Unisex.
Clothing for men ! Clothing for kids ! Clothing for women!
I finally reach one goal! Clothing for all.

If you follow me on IG you seen that I’m obsessed with Swallows.
For a while I’ve been searching for a potter who makes swallows, and their they where, so I am more than pleased with selling these.

I mean look at them. They came online late last night, sold out within few hours.
Don’t worry! I placed an order already this morning, since they are painted by hand it will take maybe two weeks.
Do you want to reserve a pair?

Bottle opener in brass from Bali. Mermaids & octopus. Very stunning.

Karro my sister was the model for the day. Here she’s wearing the green palm tree shirt.

Limited edition of bags. Couldn’t resist. Hand made in Bali. By the little company that makes the shirts.

If you want to take part of all the news please sign up on FGL newsletter,
I always update there first.

Enjoy your sunny Sunday,

Thank you for ..

For the bottom of my heart.
Since last night I recieved endless amount of love!
You guys are amazing and T H A N K you for reading my updates, giving me likes, sharing, caring sending private dm’s!
This community is the best.

For you who haven’t seen; I created a campaign last night.
‘ Build your wardrobe with FGL ”
cause I know there’s many who support FGL that wish for a whole wardrobe from the store.
The chosen items are very reduced in price just because I want, and wish to sell as much as possible.

and the reason is that FGL’s production team needs work soon as India is back to normal, meaning no more lockdown.
They lost weeks of work.
With the campaign ”Build your wardrobe with FGL’‘ helping me to raise enough funds and place larger, more consistent orders with my team and
help them pull through the year. 

You will be giving a family in India the 
opportunity to go to work
and earn a rightful living.

24h into the campaign I sold more than I ever done before.
Grateful is not enough to describe my feelings right now.

We are in this together so Thank you so much for you support these days. Your not only giving lots of people work, I get to work with my biggest dream! FGL is here to stay.

All my love to you,

My week from my Iphone

Hi lovelies,

Thought I share last weeks photos from my phone here.
It’s been such a magical week and I feel more alive, the sun has been out and about everyday and my body got the defrosted from the winter.

Weather has been stunning. So hot! Even burnt my face being outdoor so much.

Glad you like the maroon sofa as much as I do. It really fitted in well with the blue walls.

Spent few evenings packing orders and redecorate FGL Store.
More spacious now.

More walks in my village Bua.

Started with #11kaffeLive last on instagram.
Drinking coffee alone is the most boring thing I think so started to send LIVE whilst having a cup 11 o’clock.
Thousands of lovely people joined in with a cup and Marlene aka @Fruvintage joined in one day, @Hannesmauritsson two times.
My sister and friend another day.
I love this community so much. Drinking coffee with you is so much.

Baked few cakes as well. Yummers. Better get warmed up cause soon Farfars lycka is opening again.

My garden gave me the most beautiful bouquet of flowers.

After work on Saturday we went for a lunch at Hattaviken located on Getterön. Nice place! Visit if you can.

All photos are taken by my Iphone I hope you don’t mind.
We are in the last week of April and Im so thankful for what April has given me so far. Hope you feeling fine to!
All the best,

Taking things for granted

I think we all take things for granted.
It’s very easy to forget how blessed we are in life. Always striving to move forward. Do better. Do more. All the changes. Meaningless really when you think about it. Corona has got me thinking and feeling a lot.
Same for you ?

The pandemic makes sure we can’t run around like headless chickens anymore, we cannot run in 3000km an hour.

-S L O W the f DOWN
/ Covid-19

Small things matters more than ever before.
Scary times indeed and we need to be careful against one another.

I feel extremely grateful for not being ill or having anyone close by that’s been sick or lost their life to corona, Yet.
Hoping that you who reads this are safe and sound.

I’m gonna spend my weekend planting flowers, feel the sun against me skin and cuddle Finn and Jake. Wishing you a good one and stay safe.