Christmas gifts or?

What’s your feelings about Christmas gifts?
For me, donating or giving to charity is the best kind of pressie. 
To help an organisation or buy something that supports a cause.
I’m gonna support Läkarmission most vulnerable cause right now.
Read more here
To the ones I’m buying gifts for each year, you will be a part of my donation to läkarmissionen. 

Marlene at Fruvintage is selling her coffee and for every bag bought, a percentage of the profit will go to Läkarmissionen.

In buying a t-shirt from our sisterhood collection at FGL store you support women & children in need through Frideborgs kvinnojour.

Speak up T-shirt

Quality and useful long lasting gifts
 If buying gifts I think it’s better to choose quality over quantity, obviously. 
Maybe something you can use in your everyday life. 
I think the typical ”sock pressie” has been swapped with a phone case nowadays.

Everyone use their phones daily, for countless hours so a good case may just be ‘well’ invested money.

The case Kåsa is named after a beach area in Varberg and so is the leather charger Getterön.
A good quality case prevents your phone to getting damaged, which is great. This year I’ve been an ambassador for Holdit Brand, they are based in Varberg so I’m extra proud being a part of their journey. I can 100% say that all their products are well made and built to last. To get your order before Christmas – you’ll need to order latest on 19th of December. 

Homemade with love.
Something you made yourself is lovely to give I think. Thoughtful and fun.
Yesterday I made Wienernougat to giveaway along with some coffee.
Plus a jar ready to make a ”Polly kladdkaka”.
Just add some butter and eggs on the side.
Our eggs will be from our girls.

You can cut up the chocolate in small pieces or wrap up a big piece. Nice boths way. 

Please comment below if you wanna share your tips on gifts.


More food it is

A while ago I questioned my Instagram what you’d wish to see more of in my feed.
Almost 90% agreed for food and recipes. So I thought, ok I’ll try.
After all I’ve been a chef for many, many years..

Let’s start with a Vegetarian curry I cooked on our ‘ Utvecklingsdag ‘ a while ago. I never use measurements really , I just put in what I have at home. If you like carrots you add carrots for example.
Sometimes I may not give you an exact amount of ingredients.  Just so you know!
Always when cooking – taste it – see if something’s missing out , it’s usually more salt or some lemon. Sometimes even something sweet! Bring out the flavours more. Just try one or two times, experimenting is the best way to go.

A Mir curry the swedish way.. 4-6 ppl

2 diced onions – as you prefer
3 chopped paprika – whatever colours you like
4 cloves diced garlic 
2 diced tomato
4 tea spoons yellow curry
– fry this in a pan

Salt pepper cayenne pepper a little pinch to start with.
3 dl chili sauce 
1 lemon – squeeze on top
3 dl sour cream – I prefer lactos free, up to you.
1 can of Coconut milk
1 can of chickpeas
3 dl red lentils – simmer for 15 min. They can be soaked 30 min before you add them. 
Taste it, if somethings missing add more spices . Perhaps a teaspoon of honey? 
Top the curry with some baby spinach when ready to serve – that’s good for your tummy + it’s beautiful to add some green to all the yellow.

Your choice of rice – I boil the rice with some tumeric and cummin seeds.
Served with naan bread and some mango chutney and yoghurt, add lots of coriander in the yoghurt too, always nice. 
Voil’a easiest swedish curry ever. 

Usually for breakfast or mid day snack I make chiapudding to keep in my fridge for couple of days. Great source of energy and healthy stuff.

Chiapudding with berries and cardamon.

2 cups of Almond milk or coconut milk
6 tablespoons of Chia seeds
Lots of grinded cardamom seeds, don’t grind them to much, it’s nice if it’s a bit crunchy. 1/2 spoon..

Soak overnight  (or minimum 15 min before you eat it)
– your choice to add frozen berries in the pudding or if you add berries on top.
Good either way.

Scoop some pudding in a glas add natural yoghurt a spoon or two
Sprinkle granola, nuts or whatever you prefer. 
Slice some banana and drizzle honey on top. If you a cinnamon lover as me add that to. 


Lucia morning

My Lucia morning started at 2.30am. 
Another sleepless night. At 6.30 I went up to prepare my breakfast in front of the TV, was very excited to watch the Lucia perform as usual at SVT 1 7.00 am.

That ddn’t happen. Our internet was down and my phones wifi was so slow.
But I don’t think there was a 7.00 o’clock show thou.
Tired and disapointed I went back to bed and luckily I fell a sleep for an hour.

I enjoyed my christmas porridge and some chai tea and after breakfast I decorated some gingerbreads.

I would like to share my gran Linne’as recipe on
English gingerbreads.

2 dl golden syrap
2 dl full fat cream
350 gr casting sugar
150 gr salted butter
1 table spoon dried ginger
11/2 tea spoon bicarbonate
Flour till you think the dough has a ‘good firm’

Rest in the fridge overnight or for couple of hours.
Bake in 200 degrees. 

Vegan hot chocolate.

Heating some non-dairy milk in a saucepan with some cocoa until simmering, and then melting in some vegan chocolate, add brown sugar to taste, pour out into glasses, top with vegan cream and voilá – a taste sensation! Easy.
I topped mine with mashmallows too..

I considered two tablespoons of sugar to be perfect (one tablespoon per serve), but I like the sweet stuff, so that’s why I’m going to say ‘to taste’ in the recipe.

I had this just before my lunch, obs! 
Very nice.


Julgåva från oss

On  FGL’s instagram  we have giveaway in form of a christmas gift.
Kristin and I wanted to give something back to you guys. 
So we decided to give a little taste of our  Varberg. 

Spend the night in a boutique room for 2 people at our lovely Varberg Stadshotell Asia Spa.

I say ‘our’ cause it’s where we used to work, and where Kristin and I met for the first time. So it’s a special place for us.A 3 course dinner to enjoy in the night is included, spa sauna + a breakfast buffet.

When in Varberg you need to try out a cold dip in the sea and a sauna at Kallbadhuset, this is also included in your price – as well as a lunch at Verket located just by FGL Store. 

Pic: Kristin Lagerqvist

To end this beautiful day you get 1500 voucher to spend in our store. 

I mean, how amazing is this? I wish I could  partake.
It’s like the best gift to yourself and someone you love.

Ends 19th of december 23:59 – the winner will be announced  by the 20th of december. 
Press here to participate.

Whilst here I wanna share some more about the latest regarding FGL Store.
If you wanna recieve your order before christmas, order latest on 14th of december.
Right now there is two more sets available . 
Our polka dot skirt + duster for a fine price. Comes in the colours maroon and blue. This could be your christmas outfit? 

Merry christmas
from us 
Good Luck

This update is a payed collaboration with my own buisness FGL Store.


Right now doors are open to our new neighbours – CLART STUDIO.
Owned by our coolest friends;
Jennie – Kollijox art.
Lisa Burenius – art and more
Frida Eklund – ceramics
All these talented ladies under the same roof.
They have a ‘sneak peak’ today and next weekend, open between 11-15 o’clock. The start of next year they are moving in full time. 

In our FGL we have Marlene – Fruvintage with us today and
Marie- Axkonstochkeramik
Marlene selling her tasty coffee with a purpose – love how some of the profit supports Läkarmissionen. People who help others in need are my favourite people. Thanks for having the biggest heart Marlene. The coffee she sell is the best gift for this christmas. 

Marie – a warm, funny, creative soul to. Always loved her way of creating artwork.
At FGL we sold her blue cups back in the days, and we still get emails regarding these.
Now you can buy them through her, today at FGL or at her shop.

We put together a set of pyjama pants+shirt and robes+pants, almost sold out, few piece left. Useful for all agees – a comfy pyjama set could be something everyone loves.

Bea from Blomsterbaren from next door came in to help us trying our new dress that needs some final adjustment. 
When it’s 100% I think this could be our finest piece in next years collection.

Kristin loves Doris. She is so damn cute I don’t blame her.
Always gets heaps of cuddles like this, she’s a real queen and knows how to look extra cute while we eat. Treats for Doris if she’s lucky.

I’m not in the store today, resting in our sofa.
Will decorate little bit more and might do a quick visit in to the city, I woke up at 2.00 am last night so starting to feel tired now. The rain kept me company till 5.00 am and after that I feel a sleep again, till 7.00 .