Christmas gifts

Christmas for me is to help others in need.
I support organizations such as Läkarmissionen and Christmas time I support them extra.
– Like giving a safe birth to a mother.
– Plant trees
– The need for water, donate so more people get the chance to drink clean water.

My heart hurts so much thinking of how many people suffers around this globe. We all can do better to help!

Read this;

”With a rainfall limited to a short rainy season and with only a few water sources, daily search for water is the highest priority for the rural population of Niger. Most often, the heavy responsibility of collecting water for women and girls falls. They have to go very long distances which is not only difficult and sometimes dangerous, it is also time consuming. This means that it becomes difficult to catch up on studies or vocational training. The water that the women collect is often contaminated, sometimes it can even be deadly. In these cases, women face an impossible choice – a safe death without water or possibly dying due to dirty water. When a village in the world’s poorest country Niger receives a well that provides clean, fresh water, it will be a huge change. Especially for the women and their daughters, but in practice for everyone in the village. Including the animals. With your gift, we can ensure that some of those who still lack water get a well drilled.”

This is their reality, their everyday life. HELP OUT IF YOU CAN.

I drink water everyday from the tap, I shower, I water my plants.
We are so privileged. Got damn it, we take it for granted!

”Tree planting improves the climate and you get wood, wood or fruit that the family can use or sell for money. And the trees will be of long-term benefit and enjoyment for future generations as well. In Ethiopia, logging and climate-unsustainable farming practices have long been a problem. Grazing livestock and firewood for households has gradually led to a depletion of the soil and in many places severe soil erosion. Now we are trying to find ways to make sustainable and climate-resistant solutions. In the Awassa region, Läkarmission supports a tree planting project with different kinds of trees, both fruit trees and other varieties that are especially suitable for the region and the climate here. Tree planting means a lot to the people of the area and is an important part of helping vulnerable families cope with their food supply”

The basic cost for 15 plants of a fast growing variety is SEK 50.
I just bought 45 plants – for the cost of ”eating out once” .

The more I read up on Läkarmissionen website the more I question my own lifestyle and the greed we all have who live in countries like Sweden and the rest.

I gave birth to our son Finn last Christmas and had a very long birth experience. Over 16h in labour, and Finn was not coming out. My body was so tired and our baby was stuck. Lucky us, that we have the best hospitals. It was never a danger for us but it would of been for the women in Kongo.

”The infant mortality rate in DR Congo is one of the highest in the world.
At the Panzi Hospital you can also ensure that poor women can give birth to their children in a safe environment. Here is care for premature babies and the opportunity to give caesarean sections when needed. A gift that saves lives. The Medical Mission was involved in building the Panzi Hospital about fifteen years ago – in the midst of a burning civil war. Today, Panzi is a concept throughout the region. Many people walk for days to seek care and help at the hospital.
For only SEK 150, you are involved in helping a woman give birth to her baby in a clean hospital and under the supervision of a doctor, instead of at home.”

As a very privileged mother I feel this is the least I can do for a mother in need.

Few weeks till Christmas peps, perhaps donate money this year instead of buying material things.
Make a change for someone who needs it more than you.
Truly, you can change a lot with just little.

Thanks for reading this far. & thanks to Läkarmissonen who works hard and changes life.

New look over at FGL

It’s the 3rd week in November and we had a shoot outside.
I don’t need to explain how cold it was, but we made it! Mollie was an absolute star who survived in all those photos being barefoot and bare legs.

Kristin just finished all the editing, and right now I’ve been updating our Facebook shop.

FGL has a completely new look, all photos are taken in Varberg, we’ve been using different models and even had a different photographer cause it’s usually Kritin or me.
The newest members in FGL collection are the beige lounge shirt and the bird robe. They are both incredibly gifts for yourself or someone you love this Christmas .

The lounge shirt is lovely with jeans open or closed. Our match it with our blooming pants and feel cozy at home.

Thanks to Mollie, Merry, Johanna, Ellen, Fideli, Kristin, Therese, Jenny and Jake for these days! You guys are great.

Now I’m gonna sort out the winner in the competition we had the other day. 2 lucky couples will be drawn – and get notified latest tomorrow.
Thanks for joining in guys.

Till next time. xx

(payed update with my own company FGL Store.)

From my trip the other week

Hi guys,

Let me share pictures from my trip to Malta end of October.
If you haven’t visited. Go if you have the chance.

In 2009 I’ve got asked to work on a private yacht. Guess if I said YES or YES?
I packed my bag and left. Best decision ever made. That changed my life to the better.

I worked as a chef for almost a year. Loved it! Hardest job for sure. But goddamm it, I got myself some experience – a taste what our world can offer outside our comfort zone. I was 26 years young at that time.
10 years has gone by. I can’t believe it! a lot has happened since then. Being back on the island I once loved on gave me so much energy. Amazing memories, my happy place.
My camera broke just before our trip, so its only photos from my phone.

Exactly here I used to work, in Tax biex.


Malta is a historical place. Lots todo see and eat. My favorite in the Mediterranean sea. We stayed in a Airbnb this time and it was so nice. Email me if you wanna get some more info.

It’s not gonna be 10 years till next time. Hopefully February march 2020.

Till next time


Right now

hello team,

Back again from a lil trip away. I visited my old home in Malta.
Loved every minute.

But I’m not gonna talk about that right now cause I wanted to share what’s new over at FGL store. I spent this evening updating our FB page with changing all photos in our shop -almost done.

Do you like our new photos by the way? All photos are taken by Johanna Backman who by the way is the owner of Lugot jewelry.

If you order right now you get a free soap as a gift.

Our skin care serie is on 50% off due to short date.
Use before end of February I think. Great product cause they are all natural.
check them out right here.

Great to work with new faces at FGL.
Thanks to lovely friend who helped us out. Hope you like the new look.
We’re soon done with the whole collection, fingers crossed for some more warm days to come. Few products left to shoot.

Now I’m gonna enjoy the last hour of this Sunday in the sofa.

Thanks for now,


FGL Clothing

Here is a sneak peak on the new material from the last shoot.
Johanna Backman is the photographer. She also edited the photos.
Fun to let someone help us to give FGL a new look.

Fideli. Beautiful inside out.

The fort in Varberg is an amazing place. Visit if you haven’t before.

We worked with different models as well.

Different in size age & look.

This beige lounge shirt is soon with us. Goes perfect with the blooming lounge pants.

See more on our website. Hope you like the change that’s made.