Ett mjukare Varberg

Ett mjukare Varberg – which is about highlighting and talking about the challenges of today’s youngsters in our digital society and how we – adults and young people – can help create a softer Varberg to live and grow up in. You will gain new knowledge and inspiration and our goal is a full Arena Varberg.

Lucky us in Varberg area that Kristin Anna & Jonas wanna highlight some of the problems we got in the society. They invite us for a free night to take part of valuable information, book your ticket here. It’s free of charge so it’s available for everyone. Great initiative. So proud of them! Below you can see the program for the night.

Programs – during the evening you can listen to:
Hampus Nessvold – program manager, actor and artist – and one of Sweden’s foremost lecturers and current with the show “Take it as a man”, directed by Mia Skäringer. Hampus blends seriously with boundless humor and talks about macho culture, questioning gender norms and the importance of letting boys grow up to be gentle men.

Ungdomsjouren Tigerlilja – tells about the challenges they face in Varberg, how they support young people on a daily basis through their on-call activities and about the different needs of girls and boys.
Anna Rask Sanchez,psychotherapist.
Based on the latest research combined with a solid experience of practical work with individuals and organizations, Anna takes us on a quick visit into our brain and gives us important knowledge about how our brain is doing in the digital world – about opportunities and challenges with our constant digital presence.

Mikael Bergman, a surfing life coach who loves to create softer men. Mikael has solid experience of working with young people who hare lost in the sociaety, young people with diagnoses and drug problems. Mikael will share practical tools about motivation and drive, about stress, anxiety and joy and how we reach out to young people.

– Music from Mollie Minott and Land of Trees.
A favorite duo in reprise from “A softer Varberg” at Brukstorget this spring. The magical duet they lake together, “Shallow”, we will never forget. Mollie Minnot and Land of Trees put tones on the evening’s theme and drill straight into the heart.

Baby björn

This is a payed collaboration with Baby Björn.
I can’t believe it has been over 6 months since we started our collaboration together.

Here, let me tell you how it all started.
One day I received an email regarding the collaboration. The amazing Baby Björn team were thinking it could be the perfect timing, as I was pregnant and they where hoping for pictures to be taken before our little boy was born.
I read this email 8 days past my due date… I was very happy for the email and replied straight away, basically wrote back saying ”if you think the bed could be here by tomorrow, it would be great, because I may give birth any second now!”.
Said and done, Finn’s bed was boxed and in our hallway by Friday afternoon, and luckily I was home to receive it.
It was the weekend before Christmas and it was possibly the darkest day of the year. Felt anxious that I wouldn’t be able to deliver the photos they asked for.

Saturday morning surprised us with it’s bright and warming rays so we were able to take the photos, with me still pregnant.

I loved every step of my pregnancy. Began to struggle with the lack of sleep.
Seeing these photos makes me so happy and emotional, that feeling just before having your baby is like no other.

and so little did I know here, what was about to come.

Great to get the final piece of the baby puzzle for Finn.
A bed for him to grow up with.
The excitement here was truly unexplainable.

Time flew by and spring was here, welcoming our baby boy. Already growing too fast. Finn is a happy, happy chappy, which we are so grateful for.

In the beginning we moved this bed into our livingroom and used it in the afternoon when he slept for a bit longer during the days.
It’s lite weight so very easy to move around and change its location.

It’s a lot to think of at the start of becoming a parent. The list is rather long.
A good and safe bed is near the top of the list for sure.

This bed is adjustable so when Finn starting to stand up we can lower the ‘floor’ so he can’t climb out. The fabric that covers the bed is made of a breathable mesh so you can have peace of mind if your baby starts to roll over.

Having a bed that lasts for a long time feels good.
Finn can use his until around two years of age.

Good luck with your purchase to your special baby, we got both the bed, their bouncer and Baby carrier from Babybjörn.
Good quality that last long and are safe is the key for sure.


Back in business

A long paus on the blog. I needed that.
To be honest I have been hard finding the right energy to post anything.
Even on my own instagram as well. Been stuck and feed up on posting things about myself.
Lots of things are happening around us and to document and share every move I havn’t really been up for it. But finally, today is the day for a new update.

I wanted to share my love to our company FGL Store and the people who makes it possible for us.

Few news coming into FGL Store this weekend.
Our best pieces so far, I think.
The pattern, the colours are something completely different to earlier.
Unreal amount of hours has been put into every piece.

14 different screens are used to get this amazing print.
6 artisans printed 100 meters a day, it took 15 days to complete only the printing.
Let me know if you can find something this well made from another store?

FGL is so unique guys, I need to pinch my arm 3-4 times daily to understand what we do here. We are ahead of everyone else.
Natural dyes, wooden blocks that are carved out to make our pattern,
By HAND ! The fabric is dried outside in the sunlight,
it’s a hands on production from start till finish.

Thank god for being a slow fashion buisness, who has no worries about being ”trendy” or work with ”spring” ”summer” ”winter collections. A long lasting wardrobe should be on everyones mind.
I get so tired and sad of all the sales around us. Daily texts and emails about 50% of the sales price?! sad isn’t?

FGL piecec are here to stay.
and you will see the same collection next year.and probably next year.
Easy as that.

Thanks to myself & my partner Kristin and our team in Jaipur that are very talented, we have something really unique.

The shirt and dress seen in the pictures above will be available by this weekend.
Read more about the production here.


(This update is a payed collaboration with my own business FGL Store).
All photos are taken by Jenny Brandt.

Visit Varberg

Yesterday when I was working at FGL Store, we had a visit from a gang who’s been enjoying Halland for 48h. They travelled to the west coast with the MTR train. I followed their journey on stories, well jell from their visit at
stedsans in the woods. We really live in a nice county, Halland. Time to enjoy the places next door.

But anyway, back to the visit. This is how it look when influencers are at work. Snap!

& Smile.
It was nice seeing you all, but it was to short. Hope to meet again soon, Marlene, Jasmina, Sebastian, Anna, Anja, Alexandra!

Alexandra looking cute in our polkadot dress.

When others wear our clothing it always makes me so happy. Almost like I seeing it for the first time again.
Blooming blue dress suits you well Anja.

I got few messages during the wednesday when Kristin and her son Otto were fixing with the fridge. They made a little cafe’ corner. Varbergs smallest café. So next time in FGL you can have a fika if you feel like it.
So cute.

Madelene & I was lucky cause Jake popped in with a Park juice for us both.
As per usual Finn was a sweetheart. My little man, he surely loves being out and about. No one is a stranger and it’s more fun if it’s alot going on.

Starting to be a bit hard having him at work cause he crawls everywhere. Not the best with concrete floor.

A little reminder about our sale on Bua dress. 20% off ends today 23:59
& the whole of July we are open Wednesdays to Saturdays at FGL store! Hope to see you in the store peeps!

also. Farfars Lycka is closed today Saturday due to snoring boring weather. It’s gonna rain all day. We save our energy for the sunny busy days ahead, which means: We could keep open much longer if we are closed on days there’s no people around. Enjoy your Saturday.


The pink caravan

The pink caravan named Farfars Lycka.
Let me tell you why we named it Farfars Lycka.
All Grandads I know love coffee and cake.
Farfar is Swedish for Grandad and Lycka means happiness.
At the end of last year we were lucky enough to became parents, so Farfars Lycka felt right as Finn is our Farfars happiness.

We are open today between 11-18. I hope you follow us on Instagram to get the latest news regarding on opening times and whats going on.
Friday, mummy group and baby date at 11 o’clock.
Saturday, there will be Yoga and Tea at 14 o’clock.
Tuesday, next week Baby massage under the trees 14.00 followed by Yoga and Tea at 16.30.

Finn & Michelle.

It would be so much fun to be in the park this summer. Not just coffee and cakes, activities too.
If you know anyone who would be interested to do anything with us – let us know.

Kärleksparken is surely a special place. Nice and quiet. Finn loves it under the trees and sleeps so well outdoors. I’m glad this is our living room this summer.

This weekend we will have buns from Limabacka bakery. I love how it’s all made locally and the flour they use is taken from the local farmers and even the flour is made in the mill just 2km from us.

Greetings from the owner Therese.

As you noticed, Finn is always with me wherever I go. Our happy boy.
Now I’m going to taste the elderflower cordial I made few days ago, it’s finally ready. I thought it could be nice in a juice.

Strawberries, apple, elderflower, lemon & grapes perhaps. We’ll see what we make with it. Any suggestions?

See you in the park!

Open today from 11 and how long the weather let us.. hoping for sunshine.

Friday 11-18 o’clock
Saturday 11-18 o’clock Yoga&Tea under the trees at 14.00 Bring your own mat.

Sunday 11-18.00

and the rest of the summer as long it’s not to much rain or wind.