slow slow pace

Kristin & I certainly getting better on taking it a bit more slow nowadays.
Today was spent by the ocean for a tiny shoot.
I can’t complain on anything with my job!

We’ve worked together for some years now, time does fly cause this spring it’s already 7 years! We were employed at the hotel in Varberg back in the days, and that’s where we met.

Our tiny city Varberg, you are some kind of beautiful aren’t you ?
Don’t let the sunny photo trick you, it was freaking bloody cold!
Our fingers turned blue almost!

Outside FGL our biggest collection was delivered.
We are so excited to work with this the next couple of weeks.
Such a fine collection, softer colours – & not only blue!

After all these years in front of the camera I swear, there must be 10.000 photos of me shutting my eyes. Above is one anyway.
The next couple of months we’re booked up on many fun projects together.
Today we started with one of them and it’s gonna be released by next week.

I felt so happy and strong today for the first time in a long time.
I wrote last week about the high fever and feeling low –
On thursday morning I ended up in the hospital for few days due to a nasty infection which they couldn’t locate. I was surely looked after, almost spoilt. Varberg hospital is great.
Fever is gone and I feel like I’m getting back to my normal self again.

A day spent with Kristin and our FGL surely made me both happier and stronger. Yes!


The summer house

Welcome to our little cabin in Sanddamm.
Few years ago we renovated this house from the 1960’s.
Jake spent every night after work renovating this house. Within 6 months it was almost finished. Here is a little sneak peak how it looks today.

The hallway – I wish we had this wallpaper on more than just the hallway, all over the livingroom would of been nice. Will 100% go with this design on our next project. Love it!

Left off the entrance we have our small but functional bathroom with a shower and toilet.
I found the cabinet second hand. We chosen to go with tiles 2/3 and a wallpaper which I’m very pleased with. Gives a soft look and it’s easy to change the feel of the room.

Anna who lives here now is an interior designer. I love her style.
She also run the boutiqe Decolective in Spinneriet Lindome, make sure you visit!

We have two small bedrooms an open livingroom/kitchen.

In the bedroom to the right we have Harriet the wallpaper in green.

The house is 65 m2 in total. 50 m2 upstairs and 15 m2 downstairs.
There’s a utility room and spare room, perfect for storage.

Five minutes walk through the forest and you’re on the beach.
I love our little house. We’re moving in for a while in May.

Living here makes me feel like we’re on a holiday.
Glad Jake spotted it on the market that one sunny day back in August 2016.

Baby things.

Parental life is starting to feel more easy going, becoming parents has surely been a game changer beyond belief. So fantastic and so challenging at the same time.

Many of you have been asking me if we bought much before Finn arrived. Answer… not really, just the ‘basics’. But we did buy non-essentials not knowing that they’d be useless in the newborn stage. At the beginning it all felt like a big blur, you need this, you need that, honestly there is so much choice. But I have listed below what I deem to be my ‘newborn essentials’.

The Pram. Good idea to do you research and buy one a month or so before your due date. Where will you be using your pram the most (trekking, city streets), frame shapes, tyre types… prams that are eco, prams that have storage, prams that are lightweight and easily transportable. Just ask yourself a few questions before you hand over your money. Jake an I were looking through different sites for second hand prams, which is a very good idea as you don’t have them for so long. One Sunday we were out driving and passed a baby store that happened to have a big sale on so it turned out to be cheaper than a second hand one.

Here is a list for what I found useful the first few weeks.

  1. carry sling – for the first few weeks when baby is tiny.
  2. breast pump if you get sore nipples the pump is a life saver.
  3. A flask to keep warm or cold water in. During our days in hospital I used it as my water bottle since it kept it cold. Now we give Finn formula at night we keep the boiled water in it. I bought our one from Twist and shake.
  4. Fat cream for sore nipples, you will need it!
  5. Nipple covers, yes! saved my life, best thing ever.

6. Dummies – buy tiny ones, for newborns.
7. Bottles – in case your baby doesn’t latch and you need to feed with formula from the start.
8. Covers for your nipples, they leak!
9. Cotton blankets, all sorts can’t have to many. They quickly get dirty. We’ve found polyester makes Finn sweat.
10. Car seat – Besafe izi go
11. A good quality baby carrier – Baby björn.
12. Baby bouncer – Baby björn.
13. Perfume free washing powders and stain remover
14. A soft night light, so you can see your baby but also able to sleep
15. Ear plugs!

The breast pump I had to borrow from my friend one night (in an emergency), when I couldn’t feed Finn due to the pain. It was horrible, so buy one just in case. Breast feeding at the start does hurt and so many get very sore nipples. Can recommend a decent pump.

Number 6,7,9,10,11 we bought before hand, the rest has been picked up along the way. If we have baby number two, I would have all these ready! 😉

Regarding clothes, I would recommend organic cotton. It’s the best for their skin. Newbie and Polarn & pyret is two Swedish brands that make all their clothes from organic fabric. You don’t need a lot in the start. Finn was 4.1kg when he was born and could wear size 50. I think 4 sets of pyjamas and 4 sets of pants + body vests is enough to use for the first weeks. Wrap bodies are the best since you don’t have to pull it over their heads, and its much easier to get them dressed.

This body Finn had in the hospital. Seeing it makes me so nostalgic even if it’s only 9 weeks ago.. such a magical time.

Don’t buy many clothes – hopefully you will get a lot of pressies for your baby, and those kind people tend to buy you clothes (because they’re so damn cute!).

It would be great if you found this little insight helpful, its not too scary.
Please leave a comment if you found it useful, likewise comment what essentials you would add to this list. Happy shopping.

m xx

Lately + news


Snow! Winter is finally here. I do prefer when we have some snow and minus degrees. Otherwise it’s mostly grey days.

Our hens haven’t been outside for days, they think it’s too cold. Even Finn and I have stayed inside since the weekend. The poor boy had eczema last week which spread quickly almost all over his body, bless him. Thank god he’s better now.

Received a lovely flower bouquet from my friends over at Holdit. So kind!

My Mary knocked on our door Saturday night with a special delivery from Stockholm. Selma buns from my favourite bakery Vetekatten. I mean, how amazing is she? I felt tired and low on Saturday night because lil’ Finn has been upset for some time due to his dry skin.
To get my favourite cake on a Saturday night cheered me up for sure.

Krickelin in action shooting our new serie of skin care products.

Last Thursday we took the bus into FGL for few hours of work. Happy to say these products above have now launched.
Bare origin skin care. 100% organically pure, cold pressed or wild harvested ingredients. I love the hemp seed oil, it is a healing herbal oil that can help address dry skin with problems like eczema and psoriasis.

Multitasking away. Phone and photo moment right there.

Finn completed his first day at work.

Yesterday Holdit released their new collection of phone cases called Tokyo.
They got the inspiration from their trip to Tokyo last year and these are the result from the journey.

I’ve been working with Holdit since early last year, these cases might be my favourite so far. The black 3-dimensional surface is very nice. Reminds me of buildings in Japan.

This update is payed collaboration with Holdit & FGL store

& here’s the recipes

The other day when I updated regarding gifts I never shared the recipes.
So here we go. 

Wiener Nougat
200 gram dark chocolate – melt over a water bath
200 gram nougat – when chocolate is melted, add chunks of nougat stir till melted
100 gram flaked almonds – roast in a pan till golden colour add in the mix above.
Put baking paper in a form. Place in the fridge for few hours – when cold ready to cut.
I did a few big bars and smaller chunks wrapped in paper.

Polly Kladdkaka 
3 dl sugar 
3.5 table spoon cacao
1 3/4 dl flour
1 tea spoon vanilla sugar
pinch of salt
2 dl polly chocolate

To write on the note.
175 degrees
Melt 100gr butter and add 2 eggs
Mix with the ingredients above.
Bake in oven for 15 min.

everything I had in my drawer treat
Use what you have at home.

Dark chocolate 70% + 80%
White chocolate
I melted over a water bath:
Chopped almonds and walnuts.
Roasted these with coconut flakes and in the melt I added some mini marshmallows to.
Put in whatever container you think will be good, leave in fridge for few hours – cut up when it’s hardend. 

If you wanna add some flavour I’d say orange cest would be nice. 
Cinnamon could be lovely. Use your imagination.. no rules. 
Everything with chocolate is a T R E A T !