Yesterday it was +16 degrees. Hallelelua moment! (for us Swedes)
Working away in the garden with only t-shirts on. I planted some seeds. Mostly sun flowers and climbing plants which I forgot the name of now… I’ll update you when they are in bloom.

It’s been such a cold spring up till now,  yesterday was perfect. Weathers looking great for the next couple of days too. Happy and grateful. I think the whole of Sweden is doing the ‘happy dance’ thanks to this sunshine right now.

Mini our lovely hen is always around, basically on our feet in hope to find food from the old plants being ripped out. The most beautiful, hungry and cuddliest hen ever.

I really appriciate this time a year when everything is ‘ahead’ of you.
Yesterday Jake and I spent some time getting the boat ready in time before summer starts. Very exciting. First wash is done, now onto the rest… paint, polish, paint, make curtains, fix the holes in the cushions, the electrics, get a key for the ignition? Fingers crossed we have it ready by June.
I want it to be our summer home in July. Couldn’t think of a better way to enjoy the summer to the fullest.

You know when it’s Spring alright as our ladies refuse to go to bed, to many bugs to eat, dust baths to be had and make sure their favourite spots are still there from last year. Nice to see them so busy. They’re the best pets you can have!

All the best




I often get many questions regarding our dreamy green house.
So it’s time to share just how we made it. Spring is here, so it’s a perfect time for you to start building one.

At first: Start collecting lots of different sized old windows. Blocket is your best friend, or if you’re very lucky, know someone who just bought an old house.
Our friends did and my cousin as well. So we were lucky.
We drove along way to get the old double doors, but so worth it. The doors plus different windows are what makes the whole green house so special.

What you need to plan is how big you want it to be and what foundation you want. We rented a digger and dug down about 50 cm to fill up with ‘makadam’ afterwards.

We chose these grey blocks. Two layers up, which is 40cm high.

Now the fun part starts, at least it was for me. To play around with what window go where. Jake is very handy so he built the frame as we were planning.
There are a few gaps so we just put some wood there. Since the top part is made of old wood it looks very nice to have the back wall in the same.

Another tiny gap Jake filled with bamboo, it’s now a home for the leaf cutter bees.
We also made a hatch in one corner, so we could open if it gets to hot in there. Our tomato plants loves that.
The wood that was used was mostly left overs from our old deck.

If I don’t remember wrong I think we spent in total of 6000 sek.

Wishing you all good luck and please share your pictures with us. I created the tag #visomharväxthus when we were building ours,
I think it’s about 1000 pictures tagged in there, so there is plenty of inspiration.



I can sence the spring in the air these days..

Some leftovers from summer -17.

Eucalyptes & Lavender. Can’t get enough.
Even the girls are happier when the days getting longer.

Mini, Alma & Donna. Below is our Rooster.
Smallest of them all.

Donna the rockstar hen always put a smile on my lips, her hair is to funny.